At midnight all the agents

Watch the watchmen from the end of the train stations

Getting knocked over and knocked up like hospital patients

And just like nothing it ends

I have regards to send

To the money she spends

On absent friends

Coming out of the experiment

Program yourself like a computer

Like The Comedian put you in the uterus of Sally Jupiter

You made you

Dr. Manhattan you're your own birth

Come to life to be the judge of all the earth

You're blue like you've been kept cold in a refrigerator

A Martian city creator

Not bad for a watchmaker

Raw, my friend, we've got him wrapped up like a package to send

We've got Jacobi

He's here presented to you, you see

Same on the both sides

Shot to death

It's fearful symmetry

The cops kicked you down

There's a puddle to fall so

You're staring in that hole

And the abyss gazes also

There's asses to kick

And bones to break up into fractions

We're breathing fire again

Each of us a brother to dragons

Who needs to watch the watchmen when we're bragging with our boasts?

We're rising again so watch it we're back like old ghosts

Turn on your heart light like ET where she came from she's seeing

Like free in Philadelphia shine a light on the darkness of mere being

Who killed Edward Blake?

A broke his finger for this topic I'm broaching

Give us some answers he said

As two riders were approaching

Let's wrap this up

End your world nice and tidy

See what I did half an hour and five minutes ago

Look on my works, ye mighty

Your society was stretched out

By now together I've it curled

So curl and sleep in a strong and loving world