Michael knew KITT better than even Bonnie did. Not KITT's code or security systems, perhaps, but he knew the car's mind better than he knew his own. Right now, Michael Knight could see that his car was feeling very unhappy, and that worried him.

"What's wrong, buddy?" he asked, frowning in concern.

"Michael, I..." KITT paused to consider his words, "I can't tell you. It's classified, not that you'd believe me if I told you."

"Is the Foundation hiding something I should know about you?" Michael said, frowning slightly.

The car's scanner light swished faster. "I'm not permitted to say."

Michael made a frustrated noise, then knelt next to his partner, resting one hand on the car's hood. "KITT, there's obviously something bothering you. I've been working with other people in crime fighting for years, and I know that being troubled by something can really mess up one's ability to function effectively in dangerous situations. And we both need you to be thinking clearly." He paused, then sighed, "And who am I kidding? I'm worried about you too."

KITT's scanner light paused uncertainly for a moment.

"So, as your driver, I'm ordering you to spit out whatever's on your mind. And I'll deal with Devon and FLAG if they get mad at you. Okay?"

"Yes, Michael." KITT made a sigh-like noise, "Michael, I'm actually a human."

Michael gaped. "You are?"

"Yes," the car told him.

Sagging against KITT as if his weight was suddenly too much to carry, Michael continued to gape. "So where'd they put your body?"

"They removed my brain from it. My body no longer exists," KITT was trying to stay detached and calm, but what he was saying obviously hurt.

"But that's science fiction stuff," Michael said, feeling ill.

"Says the man who drives a talking car."

"Touche. So... How did you become a car?"

"Well," KITT said, "It all began when I was nearly murdered..."


Yes, it's a peculiar idea. But not that peculiar, especially for the Knight Rider section. In fact, there's probably a whole lot of stories based on this concept that I just haven't seen yet.

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