The two sat in silence for a few minutes after KITT finished telling his tale. Neither one was quite sure what to say.

Finally Michael spoke."That poisonous son of a-"

"He was old and desperate. He wanted to be remembered. Don't judge him so harshly."

"You're defending him?"

"Well someone has to do it. Wilton may have used us, but he's dead now. And he did have reasons for everything he did," KITT said firmly.

The Knight raised an eyebrow. "But were they good reasons? Ethical ones? Ones that didn't directly contradict the values he wanted us to uphold?"

The Trans Am didn't reply.

A few days later, KITT and Michael were driving home after a surprisingly tiring mission involving a serial shoplifter and a nuclear bomb.

"What's it like to be a car?" the Knight asked suddenly.

"Different," was KITT's prompt reply, "in pretty much every way possible. My hearing is much better. I can see much more clearly than I could when I was human, but only in monochromatic-"

"What's monochromatic?" Michael interrupted.

"Greyscale. Or black-and-white, if you prefer. Now may I continue?"

"Oh," Michael replied, feeling a bit silly for not figuring out what his partner had meant. "Go ahead."

"Thank you. As I was saying, it's all very different. Notably the fact that I can't run my fingers through my hair when I get nervous. Maybe that's a good thing, but it's still peculiar."

"I can imagine it would be weird. So how'd you become such a good chess player?" asked the Knight, "Not that you're as good as me, of course."

"My mother taught me to play when I was three years old and got me into a chess club when I was five. I never stopped playing after that."

"Ah. I always thought you seemed like a geeky sort of person," Michael teased.

"I got to be the brains and brawn of this partnership," KITT agreed with a long-suffering sigh.

"Hey! I'm not stupid or weak!" Michael punched one of KITT's windows; gently though, so his hand wouldn't be injured.

KITT made a skeptical and insulted noise.

"Really, I'm not. You're just Superman."

"You just saved yourself from being left at a truck stop in southern Oregon, Michael. I don't like being punched," KITT's voice was full of wounded pride.

"So can I go on that date with Clara tonight?" Michael asked, then turned pale, "Ohmygod, I nearly forgot her!"

The car sniffed haughtily. "This will be your 296th date in the last 365 days. I think I'd better not let you go." Michael would never guess that KITT had added a forty onto the number, KITT thought smugly.

"Please, KITT!" begged Michael.

"Oh, all right. But I'd appreciate it if you would keep the kissing to a minimum. It's rather... Embarrassing to watch, especially when you're doing it in me and every one of my scanners is picking up every detail," the Two Thousand said grumpily.

"Fair enough," Michael agreed with a sigh. KITT could be such a killjoy, but he supposed he'd probably feel the same way if he was the car.

"Do I have to pretend to be an ordinary car?" KITT asked.

Devon and FLAG and their secrecy could jump in a lake. The Knight was tired of keeping KITT closeted, so to speak. "Feel free to introduce yourself. Just don't try to freak out Clara or I'll start putting embarrassing bumper stickers on you."

"Yes, Michael," the car said, trying to decide whether his partner's reply made him happy or not. After a bit of consideration, he decided that it did.

KITT was still a human who had been forced to become a car. Michael was still a man who had been given a new identity without his consent. But they were a team, and they understood each other better than anyone could ever guess.

Together, they were Team Knight-Rider.


I think I was grinning like an internet troll when I wrote that last sentence.

This is probably the end of the story. If you want to take the idea further and write your own KITT-used-to-be-human story, go ahead. I think I'm done playing with this idea, although I think it has the potential to continue.

This last chapter kind of lost its enthusiasm. Mostly it was just meant to give the story a happy-ish ending, and I think it succeeded. It was originally going to include KITT seeing his family again.

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