Chapter 1

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"Who's that?" William stood with the other members on staff at the Grim Reaper Association, he had been in the middle of a debriefing before they got to work for the day when he was interrupted.
"That is our newest member. He is still in classes but top of his classmates so he'll be joining us from now on." Stepping away from the others he went to the newbie to introduce him to the others.
"Wasn't that other one top of his class too?" A few men laughed and shivered at the thought of who they spoke of. They all hoped he didn't pop up like he had a habit of doing.
"Well he doesn't seem as, hyper."
Looking over they all watched him talking to Will. He seemed nervous, almost a little shy.
"Everyone, this is Alan Humphries. Do me a favor and don't make him quit. I don't want any more overtime."
"Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to meet all of you." Looking around at the others he noticed one turned away. Something told him that he was someone that liked working alone and wasn't up to dealing with newbie's like him.
"Do us a favor and don't get killed out there. High marks don't mean shit out there" He watched him walk away to get to work, Alan noticed the others were watching him too, seeing what he did next. He couldn't let them think he was shy or a pushover just because he was new.
"I know that. I'm not stupid I know the risks that can occur, especially when faced with a demon."
"I'll believe it when I see it. Will, I'm heading out on assignment." Alan watched as he grabbed his death scythe and walked out. At least the others seemed friendly.

"So what's your weapon of choice?" A few people walked with him to show him his desk.
"Garden slasher, Japanese style." It seemed they approved with his choice with their nods and hearing a few say "nice."
"So who was that guy? The one that just left? I get the feeling he doesn't like newbie's."
"Nah, that's just Eric for you. He's like that to everybody at first, give him some time."
"And a beer or two."
Everyone started laughing making it hard for Alan not to laugh with them. He had been nervous starting here at first, this job was so important in the world and Eric had been right, high marks meant nothing.
"Hiiii! What's everyone gathered around for I am over here!" A few guys quickly stepped aside as a high energy; high pitch voice came across the room. Alan just blinked at the face staring at him. Did he work here to? He had never seen such red hair before and he wasn't in a suit. He thought that was as mandatory as the glasses were.
"A new face? I'm Grell Sutcliff, you're cute. Though not as cute as my Sebby- darling."
"Sebby-darling? Who's that?"
"You're going to be sorry you asked that." Another death god sat on Alan's desk while Grell started talking passionately about this Sebastian.
"Does he work here?"
"This one, sadly he is one of us. The one they call Sebastian, no, he is a demon."
"He is in love with a demon?" He was taken off guard by that, how could anyone be in love with something as vile as a demon?
"Like I said, you don't want to ask."
He hadn't been here long but there were definitely some characters here.
"Grell! Enough, get back to work!"
"Oh Will! Did you miss me while I was away?" Seeing Will in the doorway he ran off to him leaving the others and allowing a sense of peace and quiet to fall over them. It looked like now he could officially start working. Knowing there was a ton of paperwork involved with this job he wanted to start as soon as possible. This is what he had always wanted to do. He wanted to help souls find their eternal rest and out of the hands of demons. He knew it from the moment he learned about the grim reaper that sent Maria Antoinette to hell and passed judgment onto Robin Hood. It was sad knowing he had retired and they wouldn't work together. It would have been such an honor to learn from him.

The next morning, Alan showed up on time with the others and just sat down when Will came in. "Alan Humphries, I am putting you on as support for an assignment. Eric Slingby you're in charge."
"Yes sir."
"Fine just don't slow me down newbie."
Heading out the doors they grabbed their death scythe's.
"So what's the assignment?"
"Standard soul collection. Most are that."
"It's Eric right?"
"Yea and I'm not giving you credit or anything for remembering. Will did just say it." Was he joking with him? It sure seemed like it, there was a humor in his voice and he seemed to be smiling.
"I know, but do I get points for trying?"
"Keep trying."
They did what was needed to head to living realm and on location of the assignment. Alan watched Eric in the corner of his eye trying to find a way to talk to him.
"Oh and do me a favor, don't be stupid and allow the humans to see your weapon."
"Of course but I didn't think they could,"
"Don't say you didn't think they could see us. We are Death Gods not some phantoms."
"Sorry, I wasn't sure. Basic training doesn't go into detail about that."
This was the first time Alan had ever been to the "human world" in school they showed pictures, and models, but you never went. He tried not to look around and slow down Eric but it was hard not to. Pictures didn't really do justice.
"So how long have you worked,"
"Small talk, really?"
They walked a little further before Eric stopped them.
"Over there."
"What happened to them?" Alan stood frozen by the scene in front of them, so much bloodshed.
"Probably drugs. Humans are insane when it comes to things like that."
"But some are just children."
"It doesn't matter to them. Come on we have a job to do. I don't feel like staying late due to paperwork."
Saying nothing for fear of getting sick Alan just nodded and followed Eric to get started. A few were still alive, just barely but he could see their chests rising and falling.
"E…Eric." He wasn't sure he could do this, end their life like this.
"What are you doing Alan?" Eric brought his death scythe across two people allowing their cinematic records to play out for him and for him to decide where they went from here. Hearing metal hit the ground he noticed Alan had dropped his blade. He seemed distraught, newbie's, but he never met anyone who became this emotional. Was he crying? Finishing up where he was he went to Alan. Picking up his blade he thrust it to him while he brought his own blade across the ones Alan stared at.
"Pull yourself together. You can't cry, this is your job." Grabbing his sleeve jacket he pulled him back down the street to head back to the Society so he could drop the dead weight. He had more work he had to get done before the night was over.

Alan knew he messed up the other night, he knew what had happened was the reason Eric refused to be his partner again. It seemed he hadn't told anyone about his mental breakdown or that he started crying over the dead but seeing the looks he was given by him and the avoidance he didn't try to ask for forgiveness. He had gone out with a few other death gods and while he hadn't cried he did find it hard not to. Maybe he wasn't cut out for this job like he thought. Perhaps he should ask about being transferred to another department, one where he was no longer a reaper.
"Alan Humphries, Eric Slingby, I have an assignment for you." Alan looked up from the paperwork he was doing at his desk from the last assignment when he heard Will's voice. Taking a quick look over at Eric's desk he noticed he didn't look happy with his arrangement.
"Sir, perhaps Eric would be better off with someone more experienced."
"Do you not want the assignment Alan?"
"No sir, its fine, thank you." It was just this once; he could stay out of Eric's way and just focus on the assignment this once.
"Do some investigation on the disappearance of children near point seventy-two. Souls haven't been collected there recently though the dead keep adding up. Be on the look-out for demon activity."
"William! I don't think Alan is capable of this assignment!"
"Eric! This is my decision; Alan Humphries will support you on this assignment. If you need to question me you can stay here."
"No, it's fine." Slouching he took a deep breath before he stood up.
Standing he went to grab his weapon, he was not looking forward to his assignment, getting out of his current paperwork or not.

"I'm sorry."
"What?" Eric was ahead, staying on the lookout while they tried to investigate what they had to.
"I'm sorry for what happened before, for how I acted, I messed up and failed to do my job."
"Just forget about it."
"Okay, I just,"
"I said forget about it! Look, how about this, complete this one without incident and I'll forget that ever happened alright?"
Hearing some sort of explosion and someone scream they ran towards it, weapons at the ready. They hoped this was what they were looking for. Coming into a field they saw a small cabin house in flames.
"Alan, look for victims!"
"Right!" Parting ways they made it around the area searching for anyone left. No point in letting them stay in agony. Alan stopped as he found a small boy, his body mostly burned, he seemed to have blown back from the explosion.
"Anything?" Eric met him behind the house still in awe over the flames, the humans would have one hell of a time with this one.
"Just a boy." He brought his weapon up and across, it was hard to watch but it had to be done. Watching his record he saw that the boy was innocent and hard working, he came here to see if someone could help his sick and dying mother. How tragic. At least he would be able to find heaven and hopefully peace. Even as a death god he had no idea what heaven was like. That was something only angels knew and most didn't trust them. As the record stopped both looked around hearing something roaring, it didn't sound like any animal they knew of.
"Demon?" Alan looked around him for any sign of danger.
"Sounds like it. Stay on your guard." Both got ready for anything while they searched around them, the demon had to be near, probably upset over losing its prey. Something caught Alan, Eric was in trouble. Turning to him he couldn't see anything but he could feel it. There! Across the field, it was coming up fast, he had to stop him before he reached Eric.
"No you don't!" Eric turned seeing Alan lunging for something heading straight for him. Jumping back he watched Alan's blade come up leading to a well placed front assault, perfect aim. The demon fell giving Alan the opening he needed to land the fatal blow. He took down a demon in two hits, that wasn't bad for a newbie, most higher ups couldn't do that, he couldn't do that.
"Are you alright Eric? Did you get hurt?"
'No, no I'm fine. Not bad newbie." Trying not to show how in awe he was fixed his voice.
"I should have done it with one shot I know but I was worried I would strike you too if I went wide."
"Yea, don't worry about it. You'll get there. This is your first mission after all."
"Yeah, you're right." He tried to smile at what he heard, Eric was proud of him; he forgave him for what happened before. That was great to hear.
"Come on we should head back and report what happened here. See if Will knows anymore about the case for us to use."
As they headed back to the town Eric noticed Alan didn't seem as happy, or as perky as he should be right now. This mission had more or less been a success and a demon was dead, that was a good thing. They may not have found the other bodies but it was a good guess they never would, at least the disappearances would most likely stop.
"Wow, that's a scary face you're pulling, Alan."
"Yeah…the dead this time was still very young, he would have been able to fight for his dreams. If you go to that place, you will die in an accident. If only I had told him, so than he…"
They stopped as Eric could hear the emotion building in Alan's voice. Turning to him he saw he turned away so they weren't facing each other.
"Are you crying? Alan!"
Trying not to make eye contact with Eric he fixed his hair and turned away a little more. He didn't want Eric to get upset with him for crying again, he was just starting to possibly like him. His eyes went wide as something caught his attention.
"Flowers? Those are Ericas."
Following Alan's eye line he noticed the flowers off to the side, he had never seen Alan's eyes go so wide, and he never knew he had a thing for flowers. Actually he really didn't know much about him.
"Erica? That's what they are called?" He didn't know much about flowers but he owed it to his partner for saving his ass back there to care.
"Yes. In the language of flowers, it means solitude."
"People are always in solitude, from birth till the moment of death…I understand very well, no one should interfere with someone's death."
"You as a death god should not be so sentimental."
"Eh?" Turning he noticed Eric besides him staring at the flowers with him.
"What solitude? Aren't these flowers blooming splendidly? It might be that one is alone when born and when dying, but like these Ericas, there will always be other flowers blooming beside them, for all eternity."
He opened his mouth to say something only to be stopped as it was caught in his throat.
"Mister. Eric…you really like to act cool, huh?"
"You might want to try the same someday." Both started laughing as a breeze ran through them.
"The petals are soaring!" Again Alan was amazed as they swirled around him. "It's almost like snow."
"Yes, indeed." Looking over at the comfort on Alan's face he put a hand on his shoulder. He was glad to see he was feeling better, the somber mood had passed. He felt better as well making him feel better. He felt like he had to comfort him the best way he could, almost like an older brother would.
"What do you say we call it a day and get a drink?"
'Yeah, sounds good."
"And you know the rule right, newbie's pay."
"Yeah, yeah, I know. It's a good thing I'm not a heavy drinker."
Together they walked back into town joking and laughing about stories about things they had learned on and off the job. Something told them this was the start of a great partnership.

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