Hello and welcome! This is the start of my giant novel, the Beginnings Saga. This novel is compprised of all five stories in this saga, with some extra stuff at the end. If this is your first time reading, let me give you some background. I wrote the first story in this saga, A Mainframe's Summer Nightmare during the summer of 2001. It's a season 5 fic that features a teenaged Enzo Matrix, as he's about to graduate the Guardian Academy. All the gang is here, with the new characters of Christopher "Kit" Lan, who is the son of Bob and Dot and Sabrina Matrix, the daughter of Matrix and AndrAIa. Also featured is Alexandria Hewlett, who is Enzo's love interest. In this story, the Matrix brothers face a blast from the past a an old enemy resurfaces.
In the second story, entitled Bytes of Passage, Enzo is about to graduate from the Academy and has his 18th birthday. Featured are the characters from the previous story. In the third installment, Memories Are Made of This, the Matrix siblings face a apert of their past they had tried so desperately to hide from others and themselves. Throw in some bugs and an unruly guardian cadet and the Mainframe Staff get a lot on their hands. Featured in this story are the return of Mouse and Ray. Kit and Sabrina are older and have siblings, Jet and Nikki (Kit's twin siblings) and Chip (Bri's younger brother) And I had to add my two favorite bots, Hack and Slash. In the fourth installment, is where the saga gets it's name. The Beginnings Arcs (1-4) are just that. Beginnings. The first arc explores most of what the series gave us, with some more insight into specfic things. Season 4 of Reboot had come out while I was working on Memories, so I decided to at least go with the first movie, that being Daemon Rising, of the fourth season. That is the only reference of S4 that I do use.
In the second arc, we get a glimpse into the beginnings of Kit's life in the Christopher Lan Story (like behind the music). The third arc is also like this, instead forcusing on the life of Sabrina, in the Sabrina Matrix Story. The fourth arc takes place shortly after Memories Are made of This. I got a lot of feedback from people who wanted to see the return of Bob's father take place after the Matrix had dealt with their family past. The last storyy for this novel, is the fifth story, Survival of the Fittest. Newly completed at the time of this intro, just when the Mainframers thought they could have some peace and quiet, it's all shattered when Kit is kidnapped from school and forced to partake in dangerous fighting competition. A new character, though mostly recognized from his appearance in the third arc, is Roscoe Bettoskin, a friend who Kit befriends and who has some special feelings towards his cousin.
At the time of this intro (Wednesday night of Apr. 24th, 2002), a sixth story entitled, Elemental Force, was pushing its way through my head and on to my computer screen. This story will deal with the powers of the sprite children in Mainframe as well as a power hungry virus who wants his mits on it. So far, that's all I got, but I LOVE feedback and ideas (as most of you know) Anyway, here comes my thanks: A big wonderful thanks to Julia Cat, with whom's html I used and edited in order to bring you this. For the unabridge version of the series, as well as more stories from me and other wonderful writers, visit her site at Another big thanks goes to Dan Green, who's first two stories inspired Mainframe's Summer Nightmare, and use of his nightmare is also used. He was also wonderful at helping me in the third arc of the Beginnings Arcs. Other big thanks goes to my many reviewers here on Claire Hunter, Water Mist, Trisanna McGraw, Brenren, you-know-who, Ross&Bri4eva (a big thanks for getting your screen name from my story!), Trance, Meo, Naoko...what can I say? If I forgot you, you know who you are. I just have to say, Thanks. You girls were the ones who wrote review after review, gave me ideas for chapters or even stories and...blah!

This is for you guys.

If you have read this for the billionth time, I have added some deleted/added scenes just for you. Deleted scenes were the ones I wanted to write in to one of the stories and either forgot or didn't think it would fit or thought twice about it. The added scenes where ones I thought would be good at a certain and that had just come to me as I revised the saga. Those little extras are for my many many fans and readers. And no story of mine is complete without the...

Disclaimer: Everybody now! I do not own...not making money...these characters are mine...poor college student...have trouble getting lunch. These stories are in the PG-13 area, even though I'm sure some chapters are very G, others are not. reader discretion is advised.