Deleted Scenes

part two

Hey again, readers! Hope you guys enjoyed the first part of the deleted scenes. The reason I made two chapters for it is the reason you'll witness now. This part of the deleted scenes is hella long! So hope you'll enjoy! Okay, now on to our first scene. This scene was supposed to take place in the third Beginnings arc: The Sabrina Matrix Story. I believe in chapter three, when Sabrina is first initialized, this scene was supposed to be where the current scene is. Let's back space, huh? The current scene is of AndrAIa going into labor in the Principal Office, while Matrix and Enzo argue over who's going to do what.

This scene was supposed to be the "labor scene" something every funny comedy has, as well as a funny story. This scene starts as Bob and Dot help Andri out of her seat and start heading to the Medical Unit...

AndrAIa was in an incredible amount of pain. As of now, she sat into a wheelchair, as a group of energetic sprites pushed her down the hall.

"Don't worry, babe." Matrix replied, running along side of her. "I'll be right there for you. If you need anything, I'll get it. Anything at all, babe. I swear. I'm gonna start this whole thing out right. I love you so much, sweetie. I can't believe..."

The sound of his voice stopped, as did Bob and Enzo. AndrAIa had turned to look and saw her darling, but extremely clumsy, husband run face first into the door jam and fall to the floor. "User, Enzo, are you okay?" she exclaimed, watching as he jumped back up.

"I'm fine, I'm fine." he said, shaking it off. "I'll go get dressed and I'll see you in there, okay?"

AndrAIa nodded slowly. "Are you sure you're...?"

"I swear. I'm fine."

The paramedics continued down the hall with the game sprite, Dot following right behind them. As soon as they were gone, Matrix screamed in pain, holding his face with both hands.

A short time later, and an ice pack for his now puffy eye, Matrix and Bob found themselves in AndrAIa's room. Dot stood by a monitoring machine, watching as printouts seeped from the mouth. "Don't worry, Dre." Bob replied, smiling at his sister. "Matrix and I are right for you."

"Thanks, Bob." she whispered, a slight pain making her terribly uncomfortable.

"No file, baby sister." Bob said, smiling, and taking her hand. "If you feel any pain, you just give my hand a little squeeze, okay?" The game sprite nodded, taking deep breaths.

"Dot, what're you doing?" Matrix asked, walking over to his sister.

"Read out sheets." she murmured. "They monitor and rate the time and length of her contractions. Pretty cool, actually. You can tell if a small one is coming or a big one." Reading over them again, she said, "Bob, I'd let go if I were you."

As Bob turned to ask her what she meant, AndrAIa did an intake of breath. "Another one?" Bob asked.

As she nodded her head, she started to squeeze Bob's hand. The guardian also did an intake of breath, as his began experiencing horrible pain. "Ow, ow, ow!" he said, slowly sinking to his knees as he tried loosening his hand from her deletion grip. "Let go." he begged. "Andri, let go!"

"I told you to let go." Dot scolded, not turning around to view the scene.

The small binome doctor, Dr. Dell, walked in happily. "Ah, AndrAIa." he practically sang, seeing his patient ready for delivery. "How are you, my dear?"

"I'm feeling freakin' great right now, thanks!" she grunted, sarcastically.

Dell nodded, knowingly. "Yes." he said. "You might be experiencing a little discomfort."

"No Doc." Bob replied, from his painful position on the floor. "I'm feeling a little discomfort. I think she's about to explode here."

"Right." he said, clapping his hand together. "Let's go get us a baby."

"I'd watch what you say in the presence of my wife." Matrix growled, his eye turning red.

"Of course, Mr. Matrix." the doctor relented. Out of the members he treated in this family, Matrix and Dot were the only ones he called 'mister' and 'misses'. "Now, AndrAIa, how're we feeling?"

AndrAIa just glared at the doctor.

"I see." he gulped, getting ready for the procedure. "Let's get this over with." he muttered to himself.

The initialization process was not a pretty one. Several times, the game sprite had said things, bold and unbelievable things no one had ever heard from her before, most directed at her husband. At one point, AndrAIa had used so many expletives, Matrix himself had to cover his ears. And then, when she had called him over and had grabbed his arm, she had inadvertently stuck him with her nails, causing him to pass out on the floor.

Soon, after at least a millisecond, AndrAIa was too tired and in too much pain to continue. "Come on, Andri." Dot coaxed.

"No." the game sprite cried. "I'm not pushing anymore. I'll just carry this baby for the rest of my life."

"Come on, Angelfish." Matrix soothed. "You gotta push."

"You shut up." she said, the anger she held being covered up by her tears. "This is all your fault. User help me, Enzo, you're going to pay for this. Mark my words, you're going to pay."

Finally, with more words of encouragement, AndrAIa began pushing again, this time with success. Dell presented the proud parents with a baby girl. She had her mother's skin tone and her father's eyes, as well as his loud cry of distress...

This is the Matrix chapter here. lol The next scene was actually supposed to be a chapter on its own. I was in the process of starting the third arc when I saw the idea. The idea comes from an episode of "Baby Blues", the cartoon based on the comic strip. It currently can be seen on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on Sunday nights. Anywho, this episode is about how Darryl and Wanda basically "con" their neighbor Rodney into watching their baby, Zoe, on a norm routine, as it seems only he can calm her. Watching it instantly made me think of putting Matrix and AndrAIa in the same kind of situation...

The loud cry continued throughout the small apartment, as two weary sprite sat on the ground, trying to block out the sound. Even after two minutes, Sabrina Matrix's parents couldn't understand why the baby insisted on crying all the time. And every time they checked, there was nothing wrong. She wasn't wet, she wasn't hungry, she wasn't tired. She just wouldn't stop. Matrix and AndrAIa sat in front of her crib, wanting to cry themselves. This was the umpteenth night in the last two minutes they had listened to the baby cry.

"Please..." Matrix begged, bouncing the baby in his arms. "Please stop crying for Daddy."

AndrAIa looked over at him, clearly seeing he was on the verge of tears. Though she loved their daughter with all her heart, she just wanted the child to be quiet. To stop crying so her parents could go to bed and enjoy the wonder slumber she was robbing them from. A few bounces more and the girl seemed to quiet down a bit. Both parents looked at each other, then at the baby as she slowly closed her eyes and began to drift. Matrix seemed to be ready to jump for joy, but AndrAIa put her finger to her lips.

Quietly, they both got up and leaned into the crib, Matrix placing Sabrina on her mattress. They waited a few nanos, wanting to leave, but trying to figure out how to do it without waking her. Slowly and cautiously, they started to back away from the crib and started towards the door. Once in the hallway, they closed the door silently and waited.

Nothing happened.

The two couldn't help but giggle uncontrollably as they stood by the door. They had done it. They were free! Tiptoeing back to bed, they each got in and lay there, eyes closed, welcoming lost sleep. They had only started to doze off, when a loud buzzing sound emanated from the side table. Eyes opened, Matrix turned to see their alarm clock going off. It was time for them to get up and head to work.

Depressed by the turn of events, Matrix started to cry.


"So, just to be on the safe, I think we'll just break into teams and do a bit of searching."

That morning, Dot had called the normal meeting in the command room of the Principal Office. Even though Daemon had been defeated, they still encountered a few of her guardian minions in some systems. As of now, Turbo was trying to cure the infected guardians, while trying to recruit for the next generation. Dot stood at the front, as she always had, with Bob and Phong on either side of her. A small toddler, sat on the floor next to her, coloring. Matrix sat in a chair next to AndrAIa, his head back and snoring slowly. AndrAIa, in an attempt to keep Dot from seeing her exhausted brother, had propped her head on her arm. Unfortunately, the gesture was far too comfortable and soon, the game sprite was also asleep.

"I've already vidwindowed Ray and Mouse, who are on their way to a system called Viao." Dot continued. "Bob, I'm sure you can check in with Turbo to find out if anything is happening on that end." Bob nodded knowingly, knowing he would be asking about Enzo as well. "Matrix, AndrAIa, why don't you guys assemble the CPUs for a low grade search around her for anything suspicious? Guys? Are you listening to me? GUYS!"

Both awoke with a start.

"I'll get the bottle!" AndrAIa exclaimed.

"I already changed her." Matrix pleaded.

AndrAIa was the first to realize they were not where they thought they were. Looking around at the staff and the three sprites that looked at her, she knew they were in the Principal Office. "I'm sorry." she chuckled, a bit nervously. "You were saying?"

"Are you two okay?" Bob asked, noticing they didn't seem to be all there.

"We're fine." Andri said quickly. "We're fine. You had been saying?"

"I asked if you were listening to me." Dot repeated.

"Yes!" the game sprite exclaimed, slightly insulted. "Every word."

"So you'll do it?" she asked.

"Do what?" AndrAIa asked in confusion. "Oh, the thing!" she said, understanding and trying to cover her slip. " want us to do. Yeah, sure, we'll do that. And just to remind everyone what that thing was...what...what was it?"

"I asked if you two would do a small search around the city." Dot repeated, now growing increasingly concerned. "With the CPUs. Infected guardians."

"Right." AndrAIa said. "Yeah, we'll do that, won't we? Matrix?" Turning, she found her husband, still sleeping. "Matrix!"

"I already changed her!" The renegade spoke, sitting up straight in his chair. Looking around, he asked, "What?"

"Change that." Dot said, looking at the two tired parents. "Bob, would you take the CPUs and do a search? Phong, call up Turbo. Matrix, AndrAIa, in my office. Now, please."

Once in her office, Dot told the two to sit, their obvious slow walk to her office indicating they couldn't even walk, more less stand. "Are you sure the two of you are all right?" she asked, leaning back on her desk.

"We're..." AndrAIa began, admist a yawn. "We're sorry, Dot. We're just extremely tired."

"User, what time did you two go to bed?"

Matrix thought about that for a few. "Two and a half minutes ago." he said. Seeing the look on his sister's face, he asked, "Oh, you mean today?" Dot nodded slowly. "Oh, well we haven't slept today. Or yesterday as a matter of fact."

"That would explain your sudden nap during training procedures." Dot mused. "Look, you guys, if you want a few more seconds, even minutes off..."

"Dot, we're fine, really." AndrAIa insisted. "It's just..." she stopped short, once to sigh and then to yawn. "She just doesn't stop crying. And every time we check her, she's fine. Completely fine! I mean...two minutes straight and she just won't stop crying."

"It could be a number of things." Dot started, but immediately said, "That aren't serious!" when she saw their faces. "She could be teething or it's colic. The only thing you can do is just find out. Maybe you guys need a night to yourselves. Bob and I are more than happy to take Sabrina if you want."

"It's a nice gesture, Sis." Matrix said. "But Enzo's coming back next cycle and I know he wants to spend time with her."

"Maybe some other time." AndrAIa added.

Dot nodded and gave her brother a smile. "Now you know what Mom and I had to go through with you." she smirked.


Another night of "how to keep Sabrina quiet" went on at the Matrix apartment. Oddly, the night actually ended a little before the second rise. Matrix and AndrAIa lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling. They knew they couldn't go on like this. "You know we can't go on like this." Matrix sighed.

"I know."

"This is ruining our romance life." he continued. "We haven' know...for a while. A long while."

"I know." she said, a twinge of disappointment in her voice. "You wanna do it now?"

"Do you?"

She shrugged. "I asked you first."

"I'd feel like a virus if I wanted you and you didn't want me."

"Of course, I want you." she insisted. "So you want to?"

"Of course I want to." he insisted. "Not being with you makes me random, you know that."

She smiled in the dark. "And puts you in a foul mood, as well." she said.

"I'll show you my mood." he said, turning towards her.

At that moment, Sabrina began to cry. As Matrix moved away from his wife, the crying stopped. Reaching for her again...

The baby started to cry. Pulling away...

She stopped.

Matrix lay on his side of the bed. "She's good." he observed.

"Coincidence." AndrAIa muttered, not about to let a freak error ruin her 'fun'. "Hey Lover," she purred. "Weren't you going to show me something?"

"I'm serious, AndrAIa." he said, looking at their bedroom door. "She's good."

"Not as good as me."

But even AndrAIa failed. As soon as she started inching closer to Matrix, their baby started crying. When she pulled away, the crying stopped. "See?" Matrix said.

"She owns us, Enzo." the game sprite replied, shaking her head sadly. "She owns us."


Enzo gave a sigh of relief, walking off of that transport and stepping on to solid, Mainframe ground. Granted he hadn't been away for that long, but still. Being away period always drove the boy mad. This was his home, his family, and not being able to see them for the amount of time he was gone was sheer torture.

But now he was home and standing in the Mainframe hanger. He waited while the sprites he loved came to greet him. So far, only Phong and Bob walked over to him. "Hey, Little Man." he said, then laughed. "You're really not that little any more, huh?" Enzo had changed slightly in the minutes he had been gone. He had finally hit his growth spurt, though he still wasn't as tall as Bob or even Matrix for that matter. His hair was getting slightly longer, though he had a small braided ponytail in the back.

Enzo laughed as well, his voice getting slightly deeper as he got older. "I'm still little." he said, looking around. "Hey, where is everybody? I thought I'd get a better welcome than this."

The guardian laughed again, putting an arm around the teen's shoulders. "It's gonna take a while..."


Later in the night, Enzo left from his former apartment and headed over to his brother's. He couldn't believe how big Kit had gotten since the last time he was there and now, he would be seeing his baby niece. How big had she gotten? At dinner, Dot and Bob had explained that the two hadn't been sleeping due to Sabrina's night long crying vigil. Enzo laughed, but then added he wouldn't do anything to put any undue pressure or stress on his older siblings.

So when Enzo walked into the living room of his second home, he walked in to a situation that at the time he didn't know would be very beneficial. As he walked through the door, he heard the crying of Sabrina and noticed her parents were no where around. Heading for the the back bedroom, he found the family of three, AndrAIa holding the baby and bouncing in her arms, trying to soothe her. Matrix was trying to entertain her with a little stuffed bear, the one they had bought for her after she was delivered.

"Hey." the teen replied, causing the two sprites to look at him.

"Hey." AndrAIa replied, tiredly. "Look, sweetie. It's Uncle Enzo. Aren't you happy to see him?"

The baby sniffed and cried louder.

"I think that's a no." Matrix muttered.

Enzo shook his head as he entered the room. He took Sabrina from the game sprite's tired arms. The baby fussed, but soon calm down as Enzo whispered to her and soothed her. Matrix and AndrAIa were completely stunned, but yet were incredibly happy. Matrix led his wife out by the arm so he could talk to her. He had an idea. A random, crazy, weird idea, but one that could work both ways...

"Enzo, could Matrix and I see you out for a moment?" came AndrAIa's question.

"Sure." the teen said, kissing his niece and laying her down in the crib, fast asleep. As he walked out and into the living, he was quickly seized by two parents on the edge.

"Enzo," Matrix said, bringing the boy over. "My wife and I couldn't help noticing that you seem to have a...distinct way with our daughter."

"You can make her stop crying." AndrAIa added.

Enzo shrugged and said, "It's a gift."

"A wonderful gift."

"A tremendous gift."

"Enzo," AndrAIa began. "Your brother and I have a slight...proposition to make you."

The teen arched his eyebrow. "I'm listening."

Suddenly, Matrix fell to his knees and grabbed the boy around his waist. "We're at the breaking point, Kid." he whimpered.

"We're parents on the edge." AndrAIa sputtered, hugging the boy tightly.

Enzo nodded, understanding the situation. "You're desperate."

"Exactly." the two chorused.

"We just need you to keep her quiet." Matrix said, looking up at his brother.

"We'll give you anything, anything at all." the game sprite stated.


"Within reason." his brother added.

"Oh yes, of course." Enzo replied. "Mr. and Mrs. Matrix, consider your proposition as a deal."

"Thank you, Enzo."

"Thank you so much."

"You're a good boy." AndrAIa said. "A kind boy. A generous boy."

"Handsome." Matrix supplied.

"A handsome boy."

So, for the duration of Enzo's stay, he was the 'live in' babysitter at Matrix and AndrAIa's. And the plan seemed to be working. Not only was Sabrina getting to see her uncle, but Matrix and AndrAIa finally had time for themselves, which put them in an incredible mood during the cycle. And for Enzo's help, the two gave the boy...'reward' presents.

The change in manner and behavior didn't go unnoticed by one member of the Matrix family. Dot Matrix, sister to all three co-conspirators, had noticed several differences since Enzo's return. Number one, Matrix and AndrAIa were much more affectionate and alert than they had previously and if either one was tired, it wasn't because the baby had kept them up. Secondly, Enzo seemed to be getting much more stuff than he had when he had gotten back. He had walked in one second, wearing a very expensive leather jacket, something that Dot and bob had planned to get him once his final semester came.

"Like it?" he asked, as he and Matrix stood in front of her.

"It's very nice." Dot said, looking at it. "Where'd you get it?"

"Hey, nothing's too good for my little buddy." Matrix said, throwing an arm around his brother.

Dot knew. Something was definitely up.

So Dot decided that she, Bob, Mouse, and Ray would make a surprise visit at her brother's apartment. Inside said apartment, the occupants were recapturing their honeymoon when a knock came on the door. Matrix growled. "Things were just getting cozy, too." he said, making AndrAIa giggle underneath him.

"Go answer the door, Lover." she said. "We can finish this later."

"Like we usually do?" he asked, a coy smile on his face.

The knocking continued. "Coming!" Matrix shouted, moving off the couch and his wife to head for the door. Opening it, they were both surprised to see four other sprites on the other side. "Hey." Matrix said, gulping. "It''s everybody. Look...sweetie. It's...everybody."

"Hi." AndrAIa said, also seeming to be a bit nervous. "What're you guys doing here?"

"Just thought we'd come bye and say hello." Dot replied, smiling. "And maybe see the baby."

"The baby?" both asked.

"That's right, darlin's." replied Mouse. "Now, are you gonna make us stand out here all night or could we come in and a seat?"

Matrix and AndrAIa hesitated for a bit, then finally gave a nervous chuckle and let the group in. They sat in the living room, talking about various events that had happened and Mouse began to tell a rather racy joke she had heard while in a neighboring system. The noise had started to rise and didn't seem to quiet, until Enzo emerge from the back room, exclaiming, "Hey, keep it down out here! Sabrina and I are trying to sleep. Geez..." With that, the boy went back to his shared room with the baby.

The room was quiet, as four sprites looked at two sprites, who tried to think up a reason for the sight they just showed. "We can explain." Matrix started.

"We can explain this."

"Go on." Dot said.

"See...we 'enlisted' Enzo's help in watching Bri so that we could get some sleep and stuff like that." AndrAIa said.

"See, cause he's able to keep her happy and quiet." Matrix added.

Dot nodded and replied, "So basically, you're saying you've extorted our baby brother into sleeping with your daughter so that the two of you can get rest and relaxation. While on that same token, he is extorting you by taking gifts and presents for his services."

"Well, when you say it all negative like sounds...negative." AndrAIa said.

"Have you guys thought about what this could do to Enzo or even Sabrina?" asked Bob.

Matrix and AndrAIa looked at each, trying to form a mental picture of the damage...

It was like a scene from the Sound of Music. The four of them: Matrix, the father, AndrAIa, the mother, Sabrina, the precious baby, and Enzo, the hired nanny, romping around in bright green fields, dancing on water fountains, singing while riding zipboards...

"I'm not sure I see the damage here..." Matrix started.

"Me either." AndrAIa agreed.

"Think harder." Dot suggested.

The scene was of the Mike Show stage, where Mike was sitting next to a young girl. She had a spiked mohawk and was sitting next to an older sprite with a nose ring attached to his earring. "Tell me, Sabrina," Mike was saying. "How do your parents feel about this odd arrangement?"

"I wish I could tell ya." the girl huffed. "They left Enzo here with me and I haven't seen them since. But I'll tell you what, when I get my hands on them..."

"I wanna delete them!" cried the adultish, overweight Enzo.

"I'm gonna do it!"

"Over my deleted body!"


"Dear User, Enzo." AndrAIa breathed, the horrible scene playing out in front of her. "What've we done?"


Enzo stood in his room ~at Matrix and AndrAIa's~ packing. He was leaving in the morning and wanted to spend the night with Bob, Dot, and Kit. Then Matrix would go back with him to the Super Computer. The renegade was up for teaching duty again, this time asked by Turbo, and figured he might as well go along with Enzo. "Hey."

Enzo smiled and turned. "Hey yourself, Big Me."

Matrix walked over and leaned against the wall. "We're not going back to that, are we?" he asked. "You're getting way to big to be called small fry."

The teen laughed, still packing.

"Sorry Andri and I got you involved in this whole mess."

"It's cool." the teen replied. "Dot wasn't too happy about the whole extortion thing and I had to give back all my stuff."

"Even the jacket?" Matrix asked. He had gotten that because he knew Enzo wanted it. If anything, he would've gotten it for him anyways.

"Well...I was gonna give it back today." he sighed. "I had to find the file and all."

"Keep the jacket."

"But what about..."

"What Dot doesn't know won't hurt her." Matrix said, wrapping a brotherly arm around the boy. "Besides, that was a gift from me to you. No strings attached."

Enzo nodded, grinning at the big sprite. He really did like that jacket...

Pretty long, huh? lol Well, hoped you liked it. Now the next scene was taken out of the latest story, Survival of the Fittest and this is for all you Ross and Bri fans out there. This was supposed to take place before the epilogue, right after Roscoe wins the title in that grueling Iron Man Match. It actually didn't occur to me until after I had started the epilogue and figured I'd save it for the deleted scenes. if I had known how much you all liked the budding romance, I would've kept it in...

There was quick activity after the match. Roscoe had won, but was in no condition to celebrate. Currently he was being wheeled out on a stretcher. Not taking any chances, the sprites decided to get the heck out of dodge and head for the Super Computer, where they knew the boy would get the best treatment. Kit and Sabrina insisted they ride with the boy, knowing he had no one else that would.

Roscoe was still groggy, unsure of where he was, but somehow knowing he was safe. Someone to his right was holding his hand and someone on the left of him was saying things were going to be okay. "I don't feel so good." he whimpered, his breath labored and his chest and ribs deleting him.

"Everything's gonna be okay, Ross." Kit said.

"Roscoe, I'm so proud of you." Sabrina whispered, his hand in hers.

"You are?" he asked.

"But I'll let you right now, that if you ever do anything like that again..."

"Don't be mad." he whispered. "I just wanted to protect you. I didn't wanna see you hurt."

"You big, basic dummy." she said. Stroking his cheek, she repeated, "Big, sweet, adorable, basic dummy."

Kit couldn't help but smile at the two. Even in his severe condition, Roscoe was the happiest boy in the Net. His eyes closed, and a huge smile on his lips, he listened to Sabrina soothe and comfort him like no other sprite had ever done. Kit felt like an intruder, but knew if he didn't stick close, Matrix would have his bitmap in a royal sling.

"Where're we going?" Roscoe asked, eyes still closed.

"We're taking you to the Super Computer." Kit replied.


"They're gonna fix you up and make you all better." Sabrina whispered next to his ear.

"But I'm better already." the boy said, grinning. Sabrina blushed and smiled.

Kit just shook his head, trying to hide a grin that was trying to escape.