Does Love Kill

Chapter One:

Di & Sylvia

Di Barker looked through her cell window, "At last," she though "Freedom." She had been cleared from the murder of Jim Fenner. Julie J had admitted to the murder when she was sane so they charged her with murder and they set Di free.

When Di got out she felt good again. New York here she comes all with her best friend Sylvia Hollamby. Sylvia helped her friend out by carrying one of her two bags.

"Cars this way Di, were off to the airport now. Are you sure you want to move all that way?" Sylvia couldn't help but feel sorry for her, In jail for so long but she was still determined to help her.

"Sylv I can do it. I know I can." Di took her friend by the hand and squeezed it tight. "Come on we got a plane to catch.

Off went Di Barker a free woman how had one thing on her mind for New York. Loveā€¦.

Alex & Bobby

"Bobby!" Alex was shouting for her partner from the kitchen. Knowing him he is in the bathroom, Alex thought to herself.

She wondered up to the bathroom to see him having a shave.

"I'll be with you in a minute just gotta finish here." Bobby finished up and walk to Alex. She had her long hair tied back into a bun.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her soft lips.

"We are going to work early today." She said while leaving Bobby wanting more.

They got into the car Bobby didn't know why they were leaving early.

"Eames were are we going?" Bobby reached over and kissed his partners hand.

"Well then you have to wait." Then they both set of to another day at work.