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John we need your help...

- GL


- JW

A case...

- GL

Lestrade... you know I can't...

- JW

John, please it's been over a year and the amount of cases we'd had to close because we just don't have the evidence is... well it's to many, please John. You're the only hope we have with this one.

- GL

Lestrade... I... I don't know if I'll be able to cope.

- JW

Just try John, if you can't then you can leave... just anything will help.

- GL

Ok, I'll try.

- JW

Thank you

- GL

Day 390

Over a year now. It's gone so slowly, and I don't know how I've managed to cope. I'm leaving Germany next week, going back to England; I've found a place close to John but not to close. I've also heard one of Moriarty's assassins has taken the flat next to mine and John's. I'm not sure whether this is the one for John or for Mrs Hudson, but I must stay on the look out at all times and make sure there is no way of anyone back in England being able to tell I am, who I am. I have heard from Mycroft that John has recently started going out to help Lestrade very occasional with cases, I know he has nothing like my ability to observe things, but I can hope that many I have rubbed off on him slightly and he can see things a little better then he used to be able to. I hope that he has been help to that excuse of a police force. Yes, I feel angry with them, many of them worked with me for many years and then they choose to turn their backs on me, because they believe the lies the Moriarty had spilled in to their brains! Foolish people believing a foolish man! A man that took me away from MY John. A MAN WHO MADE ME LEAVE MY JOHN! I have never felt an emotion as strong as the one I am feeling now. Not even the love I feel for John is as strong as the HATE I feel for James Moriarty. A pathetic excuse for a man, pathetic.

Day 420

I am now finally back in England, a place I would love to call home, but I can't... no not yet. I'm not back where I should be, not back in Baker Street. With John.
I cannot wait to return to Baker Street, to return to the life I once had, oh how I used to take things for granted. I thought I was the best of the best, I thought I could never be beaten, and yet here I am having to find away from people, I go to my grave every Monday and Friday. 4 on the dot, I know it sounds stupid to go to my own grave when I'm not dead, but I know John will be there, he shows up and talks to me. He tells me he hates me, then almost straight away changes his mind.

I hate you Sherlock. Look what you've done to me! LOOK AT ME! I'm a dying man Sherlock, not actually dying but emotionally. You've killed me, ruined the person I used to be. You're selfish Sherlock. I hate you... I love you Sherlock, I don't mean that. I love you more then everything, more then anything. I can't be without you, not anymore, please just come back Sherlock. Please come back! I need you. Lestrade thinks I am you, he keeps asking me to help with cases... I give it my best. But I'm not you Sherlock, I can't see what you see, I can't be you. Just come back. One more miracle. Don't be dead... just don't.

He loves me, and I love him. I have to be with him, soon I shall be with him soon. I need to talks to Mycroft.

Day 450

Mycroft has managed to build a case up on Moriarty's assassins, they are going to be arrested and sent to prison for life for all the crimes they have been found to be part in. This means I shall be soon returning to John, to my John. It won't be long now before I'm back with him. Not long now.