Gibbs has to admit it is vaguely unnerving having someone watch you day in, day out. He can feel the wide green eyes sweeping over him, clearly wanting to ask something yet not wanting to at the same time. Speculating, that's what McGee is doing and Gibbs finally has enough. He waits until Tony goes to lunch, quietly asks Ziva to go check on Abby's findings regarding their latest case and heads over to the young male agent's desk.

"What's going on McGee? You've been staring at me ever since I got back from Mexico. What's on your mind?"

Tim looks up at him temporarily confused. The case has absorbed his attention and he isn't sure at first just what Gibbs is referring to. Then, it hits him and he blushes. Gibbs sits on the side of the desk, waiting for an answer. Tim looks around a bit nervously then seeing that the other two agents aren't there quietly asks, "Rule wasn't about you and the Director like everyone thinks, was it Boss? It was about you and Mike Franks."