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A/N: This is an AU story. In this story, Ga Eul have a twin brother named Ga Min, who was forced her to pretend to be her twin and went to New Caledonia with his friend. I got this idea from some oneshot manga I read, and some of it from You're Beautiful drama. But I made a lot of change so it suits with the BBF story.


"Pretend to be Me"

"Waah! What to do…what to do…" Ga Min said frustatedly as he paced back and forth in the middle of the room. Never in his live, he was this frantic about something. He was never torn between two choices, he always be the simple minded person, but this time. He couldn't choose which one is the best for him. He messed his hair frantically.

"Yah! Ga Min-ah, stop pacing in front of TV! I want to watch the show!" Ga Eul, his twin sister, scolded him. He turned to his twin, who sits cozily on the sofa, and about to yell at her that this wasn't the right time for watching ANY show! How could she stay calm when he was facing the big problem here? Granted, it was not her problem, but at least she could have concern about his dilemma. He really needs a solution right now.

But when he was seeing her similar face, it made him come up for an idea. A wild idea actually, and maybe she would out rightly reject the idea, but he didn't care. He would do anything to get out from his problem.

Ga Min hurriedly walk towards his twin and knelt in front of her. He grabbed Ga Eul's hand. "Ga Eul-ah! You're my angel! Say you my angel…please say it," Ga Min begged to Ga Eul.

"Why?" she eyed her twin brother suspiciously. He must be up to something that made him did strange things like praised and knelt in front of her, and usually she didn't like that 'something'.

"Please say that you want to help me," he said with the hopeful eyes.

"What kind of help?" she asked slowly. She still couldn't guess what did her brother want and she couldn't help but felt suspicious of his act.

He took a deep breath before he said the idea, "Please pretend to be me and replace me go to New Caledonia with my friends!" he said it fast, hoping that his twin missed one or two thing about what he had said and just agree with his idea.

"No Way!" she said instantly release his grip on her. Unfortunately, like the books she always likes to read, she remembered all the things he said.

"Please…" he begged. His hands made a prayer on hers.

"Why do you need me to pretend to be you? You can go by yourself,"

"I can't!" he said frustratedly messed up his hair again.


"Because Mom just told me that Eun Mi will be here for vacation! And that is the same date of my departure to Caledonia with my friends. You know how much I love her, do you? This is my only chance to be with her, and may be, we could be a couple before she headed back to Japan. C'mon Ga Eul, please," Ga Min pleaded. He shot his best puppy eye to her, hoping that she would fall for it.

Unfortunately for him, she had that puppy eyed too. She already tried it to many people including their parents if she wants something (they were twins after all), so that look didn't works for her. Not even if it's for Eun Mi, their neighbor and their childhood friend PLUS Ga Min's first and only love. It's too dangerous to pretend to be her twin. What if she caught? There was no doubt that they would be angry to her because they think she had deceived them.

Ga Eul shuddered when she thought about what Ga Min's friends could do if they found out she disguised as Ga Min. Maybe they will kick them out of the school, or more severe than that, they would give her and her twin F4's red card before they expelled from school. F4's red card is a card that is feared by all students in ShinHwa. If someone get's the red card, they will become the bullying target of all the students until the person is out of the school. That is possible, because Ga Min's friends were not just the ordinary boys. They are the children of the richest men in South Korea. So they can do whatever they want without anyone could against them. Except…well, their parents.

Actually, Eun Mi had told Ga Eul about her plan to spend her vacation in Korea about a month earlier. She would be in Korea for a month after she stayed in Japan for the past few years. But Eun Mi made Ga Eul promised that she wouldn't told Ga Min anything about this. She wanted to make a surprise for him. But unfortunately, their parents, who still communicate with Eun Mi's parents, told him about Eun Mi's plan, but miss the part of how long she will stay for vacation (and Ga Eul can't tell him because Eun Mi made her promised not to mention ANYTHING about her), that's why he was going crazy earlier. Their parent's who didn't know about the news which supposed to be a secret's, just told him lightly before they went to a dinner with their father's colleagues. Leaving Ga Min with his torn mind and Ga Eul alone.

They and Eun Mi practically become friends since they were born because Eun Mi's family live next door. They attend their elementary school together, but when they were in secondary school, Eun Mi's dad transferred to Japan due to his job. She and her parents were moved to Japan but her grandparents reminded stay in Korea. For the first two years, Eun Mi always spent her summer and Christmas vacation in Korea, but for some reasons, she couldn't go to Korea anymore since then. But they keep contacting each other through e-mails, messengers, and skype. Ga Min was so lost in love with her until he never had a time to think about another girl's presences. Some of his friends were calling Ga Min a gay because he hadn't have a girlfriend and he also didn't have any interest towards girls. But truth is he's becoming too loyal for his love to Eun Mi. That's why he can't see another girl but Eun Mi. Ga Eul actually adored her twin feelings for her bestfriend. Someday, she also wants to have a boyfriend who was loyal and only loves her, like Ga Min's love for Eun Mi.

"Then why don't you tell to your friends that you can't come to New Caledonia? Just tell them, I'm sure they will understand."

"No they won't! I've cancelled the trips with them four times. They will kill me if I don't come this time. It's Yi Jeong's birthday and we already planned it since last week, you know that, right?"

Ga Eul nodded. She remembered a few days ago when her twin's friend came to their home, and they had asked her to come with them to New Caledonia for celebrating Yi Jeong's birthday along with her bestfriends, Jan Di and Jae Kyung. But she declined it since she didn't really close with them, and it must be awkward if she come. Besides, she already planned to go to Jeju Island with Jan Di and Jae Kyung. And she also planned to ask Eun Mi to come with her while waiting Ga Min came home from his trip with his friends.

"Then, will you help me?" Ga Min looked at her hopefully.

"No," she said it nonchalantly, "Why should I?" then she turned her attention back to the TV show.

He paused to think what would be he gave Ga Eul if she agreed to his plan, it must be something she couldn't refuse, "How about…I'll do your homework for a week," he offered.

She snorted as if that's the ridiculous thing she'd ever heard. Well, why shouldn't she? She was the highest ranked student in their school, not to mention very diligent in the class. While Ga Min was the opposite of her. They may be twins, but the only similarity they had is their face and their huge appetite.

"Or I'll be your slave, for a day," he told her.

She sighed, "Ga Min-ah, please stop it. Okay?" she's getting tired of this conversation Ga Min could be so persistent sometimes. Wait no, not sometimes, he ALWAYS persistent if he wanted something. Then she took a bowl of popcorn on the long coffee table in front of her and started to munch it (The popcorn I mean, not the bowl). And her eyes were glued on TV show in front of her.

"No, I'll be your slave for a week," he pressed.


She ignored him, pretending that there were no voices besides from the TV Show.

"For a month?" he tried it again.


It seems that Ga Eul not interested to all of his offer. He thinks hard for what offer he could gave to his twin. What would make Ga Eul agree with his request? It must be something that she loved the most. Something that she couldn't stand just to look at it. Something that could make her cries and smile at the same time. Something that made her went ooh's and aah's just by look at it. Then that 'something' come up from his head, and he knew, that she's not gonna denied his offer this time.

"How about…I'll give you an A.N JELL's limited edition album? The one with their signature and the bonus tracks," he asked slowly, waiting for her response.

She stop munching.

He's got her attention. She was so fall in love with that band. He just need a little more offer (or should I say, push) to make her agree, "How about I give you an A.N JELL's limited Edition album, PLUS their ticket concert for this summer, how about it?"

"A.N JELL's limited edition album is sold out a few weeks ago, there's no way you could buy it now," she told him.

"I have my ways," Ga Min smiled mischievously.

Seeing his smile made Ga Eul couldn't help but feel suspicious about his act, "What kind of ways? Not an illegally ways, right?"

"Of course not!" he defended. Looking a little bit offended of her words, "You know I hate those kinds of ways. It's a secret way…and legal."

He could see Ga Eul's mind worked. She thinks hard for his offer. It was a tempting offer afterall, the A.N JELL's limited edition album is very, very limited. They just made 100 copies of them and it sold out just in one day after the release. She searched it in every music store in Seoul but was in vain. There was one album auctioned on the internet, but now the bid is nearly a million won. She can't buy it, her parents would scolded her if they knew. But will she risk herself just for an album? Okay, a very rare and limited album.

She sighed, "But I…can't, Ga Min-ah." Now her defenses faded away little by little. "I can't pretend to be you,"

"Why not?" he asked as if pretend to be someone else actually is the usual thing that others do.

"Because I'm a girl, and you're a boy. Isn't that reason strong enough?" she stated.

"But you're my twin and we had a similar face. That's all we need." He assured her.

"But Ga Min, I think you forgot the difference about our chest area, and…and…the mannerism and…" Ga Eul tried to think about another reason why she should not pretend to be him. But Ga Min cut her off.

"Haven't you seen the movies about this? About the twins who switched their places? This will work," Ga Min assured his twin.

"I think you didn't see the ending about those movies, aren't you? They always end up getting caught because of switching place!"

"Well that's because they let their guards down." He paused of a moment and then he grab Ga Eul's shoulders with his two hands trying to convince her, "And you, my sister, will not do such thing because you always been guarded by your surroundings, aren't you?"

To be continued...

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