A/N: HELLO EVERYONE! Wow so this is weird for me. This is my first ever prose chapter story. So I'm nervous. REALLY nervous. Anyway, this is a little idea that popped into my head. And the idea kind of…mutated. It was fairly simple idea, and I was like "that would be cool to read" and after I said those words, I was DOOMED. XD. I kept making a plot, developing it, then I just wrote down the summary of this story on a Word Document. And now, HERE I AM, presenting the first of many chapters. XD

OK, enough of my stupid banter! Let's get on with some main points of this story.

The FTI kiss does not exist. Here, Helga still helps Arnold and Gerald, but as herself. She'll get angry at Bob so she'll help Arnold and Gerald but still through phone calls. He finds her at the rooftop but instead of her telling him about her love she says "Football Head, take your sweet time why don't ya? It's not like the neighborhood's going to be torn down in twenty minutes. OH WAIT!" He'll snap out of his questioning tone and be like "You're right. C'mon. Let's roll" and the end is the same except for the awkward "it was just heat of the moment" conversation.

The Jungle Movie DOES Happen here. But here's what happens: well from my interpretation of TJM, I get the feel that Arnold and Helga get separated from the class and they find Arnold's parents and fight La Sombra. Well, in this universe, Gerald and Phoebe get separated from everyone because Olga keeps Helga in her sight at all times, and people keep seeing Arnold wander off and join him. So Gerald, wanting to help his best friend, looks around the jungle aimlessly (he doesn't have the map) and eventually finds Arnold's parents. Phoebe follows him, using her smarts to say something like "there's fresh water this way." Or something along those lines. Anyway, they free Arnold's parents. Arnold's parents grab La Corazon and run meanwhile Gerald and Phoebe are already running. They fall into a trap hole and are stuck. They talk, confess they "like-like" each other and kiss. Then they hear "Phoebe! I finally-EWWWWWW! PHOEBE!" And Phoebe and Gerald look at Helga sheepishly and Phoebe says "HELGA! I WAS-WE WERE-AND THEN YOU CAME!" And Helga just shakes her head and is like "You know what? Whatever floats your boat, Pheebs. Now come on!" Helga helps them up and Arnold is reunited with his parents, and Gerald ends up with Phoebe.

Happy Ending? Well…

Chapter One: Alpha and Omega

By: darkangel1326
Approved and Edited by: Lyco Rogue

"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from"-T.S. ELIOT

It has been 7 years since their lives changed. One minute ago, they were just children, inhaling the foreign jungle air, and the next minute, everything changed. When Hillwood's infamous couple, Phoebe and Gerald, became an item, all eyes were on them. Everyone wanted to know every juicy detail of their courtship, as if the information were the air that was essential to breathe. But two people did not focus on the courtship. As a matter of fact, they were happy for their best friends. Arnold and Helga had known their best friends were in "like-like" with each other for a while, and the kiss was just the boiling point Gerald and Phoebe had to reach.

When they first began dating, Gerald and Phoebe spent almost all their free time together, depriving Arnold and Helga of their best friends. Gerald and Phoebe were lost in the 'honeymoon phase'. Even when they hung out with their respective best friends, they still talked about their 'other'. As much as they tried to ignore it, Arnold and Helga were just the third wheels that spent time with a lovey-dovey couple. So, they decided to hang out with one another. Although they felt uneasy about this newfound friendship, they knew it was either this new friendship, or lonely nights playing solitaire to the early hours of the day.

At first, Helga kept her walls up, solid and indestructible. It really annoyed Arnold that she wouldn't let him help her. She WAS his friend, why couldn't she just let him in? Although Arnold and Helga fought in the beginning, they still maintained the friendship. It was mostly because Arnold, deep in his soul, knew that Helga was a good person. That she's smart and has feelings. Even if she claimed she didn't know what he was talking about. He was patient. He was there. Whenever they played catch, he understood if she didn't want to speak. He learned he couldn't force her to have a conversation, and he respected it. If she was going to open up, she would do so when she was ready.

Sometimes, they played catch in the park for two solid hours without so much as a word to one another. Sometimes, when they did homework, they would sit in Arnold's room, in complete silence for half an hour intervals, the air was silent with the exception of the fizzing sound of yahoo sodas and the chewing from the snacks they nibbled on.

Despite her protests, Arnold never let Helga walk home alone at night. He always insisted on walking her home after study sessions. She was his friend. And he didn't want to risk her getting mugged. Even Helga G. Pataki's 'Ole Betsy and the Five Avengers' couldn't solve every problem. The walks, at times, would be silent. The sounds of streetlights flickering on and off, the occasional car driving by, and the repetitive sounds of footsteps walking in sync were the only things they heard. Other times, they would fill the air with chats about an Evil Twin movie, or even how much they missed their best friends.

But as time went on, these silent moments together were no longer uncomfortable. Although they didn't say much, they knew they could trust one another. And this trust and comfort made these silent moments more profound than meets the eye.

After a year of this silent, yet comfortable friendship, Helga arrived at the boarding house one day, looking hurt. She knocked, furiously tapping the wood of the old building. A surprised Arnold opened the door and before he could greet her, she hugged him. He was shocked, but instantly hugged her back. She didn't cry. She didn't sniffle. She just buried her face in his neck, letting her walls down. This was the first time she ever opened up to him.

He knew Phoebe was visiting family in Japan, and knew it might be hard for Helga to deal with days without her best friend. But he still couldn't believe she was opening up. Phoebe must not have too much time at home, Arnold thought.

He knew he couldn't ask her what was going on, she'd just bring her walls back up. And he knew he couldn't ignore the subject. She was his friend and someone hurt her. He had to do SOMETHING. But instead of asking her about her problems or ignoring them completely, he just looked at her encouragingly, his eyes betraying compassion and sympathy. He was there for her and they had power in silence once again.

After that day, their friendship became more solid as Helga's facade crumbled to Arnold's touch. But Arnold was right. Helga did not want advice. She did not want him to defend her. All she wanted was someone to listen to her. And Arnold was okay with that. That was, until that day, almost 7 years after his parents returned to Hillwood.

Arnold had overheard the conversation but could not believe it. What was he going to do? What was going to happen? He didn't want to do anything drastic! How was he going to tell Helga? The last thought struck him hard.

Helga, he thought.

Over the years, as Helga kept her walls up less and less, Arnold got to see the real her more and more. The artistic, creative, beautiful and captivating person she hid from the world. And he was the only person who got to see who she was under her cold, blustery exterior. The truth was, he fell for her. But it wasn't difficult to do. He fell for her easily, almost as if he was seeing the world in black and white, and she stepped in and brought color with her.

What was he going to do? It was either leave Hillwood and Helga, or be separated from his parents again as they returned to San Lorenzo.

He didn't want to lose Helga. She became such a necessary part of his life. Even if she didn't love him, they were still best friends. In a way, they had a connection that Arnold didn't even have with Gerald. She was...part of him now. He needed her and didn't want to lose her.

He blinked and sighed. He was daydreaming again and had to stop. He had to make his choice. Leave Hillwood or be separated from his parents? Leave Helga or be left by his parents?

He had a week to figure it all out. He sighed and sat upright. He stared at the rest of his room and sighed once again. He had so many great memories with her here. That computer chair was where she sat when she talked to him about her life for the very first time. The couch was where she sat whenever they did a partner project. The chair is where she sat when she played checkers with him when Gerald and Phoebe were on a date. He had so many good memories, but none of them were what he wanted.

He wanted to kiss her. Just one more time. They had already kissed two times when they were in fourth grade but neither time did Arnold kiss her back. At 17, he looked back and regretted it. She wasn't his. And she probably never would be. He was in the friend zone with her. She always called him her "best friend, after Phoebe". And he was okay with that for a while, but then he fell for her.

And then he figured it out. You can't lose what you never had. He sighed and went to find his parents. He made up his decision.

The PS 118 students crowded the tiny airport, leaving a certain football head out of air. He was in the midst of a group hug, and it seemed everyone thought it would be appropriate to suffocate him and leave his purple face as their last memory of him.

"Alright! You bunch of saps! Make way! I'm walking here!" Helga said in her old bully voice.

Ever since she had told Arnold about her problems, she stopped bullying people. It wasn't easy to do at first. Bullying was her life, it was either be bullied or bully. But when she saw Arnold cared enough about her, a broken, empty girl, that he would listen to her speak, or be comfortable in their silence, she knew she had to end the self-destructive style. The progress, although sluggish, eventually accumulated. It started when she stopped socking Brainy, and just grew from there.

But don't mistake one thing. She may have become less of a bully, but if she was provoked…well, let's just say, if provoked, Helga wouldn't flinch to bring 'Ole Betsy and the Five Avengers' out of retirement.

Arnold chuckled a bit as he saw Helga walking to him. She had a familiar gray beanie that was covering part of her two pigtails. Her pink shirt, like her childhood dress but shorter, was matched with tattered black skinny jeans. She looked like Helga. And he wouldn't change it.

"Hey, football head! You didn't think you'd be able to leave without so much as a goodbye to me, did you?" Helga said, while grinning.

Arnold grinned too. He loved her sarcasm. "I was so sure I could! Damn! Foiled again!" Arnold said while melodramatically moving his hand to his forehead.

Helga chuckled and playfully socked his shoulder. They stood in silence for a few seconds, while staring at each other's eyes. To the outside world, the silence was awkward and intense. But, in reality, this is what the silence was to them:

"I'm really gonna miss your sarcasm, Helga. It's part of my days now."

"I wish you didn't have to go, Arnold. I need you in my life."

"I don't want to let you go yet." They both thought.

The intercom announcement of Arnold's flight being boarded interrupted their silent conversation. She dug her foot into the ground while he grabbed his suitcases and went to everyone for the final hugs. Helga watched and as he left the crowd, she ran after him. Just before he left for baggage screening, he heard footsteps. He turned to see Helga, stopping her short run, and looking at him.

"Helga? What's wrong?" Arnold asked. He dropped his suitcases and was walking towards her when she responded.

"I-I never said goodbye to you." She replied meekly.

Arnold tilted his head to the side. Helga never said anything 'meekly'.

"Arnold! Hurry up son, our flight leaves in half an hour and you still have to go through security," Stella said, and then looked at Helga and saw a glimmer of profound sadness. But she didn't address it, Stella just walked in to security.

Arnold and Helga stood there in silence once again. But he really was running late.

"I'm sorry, Helga. But I really have to go right now," he said as he grabbed his suitcases. He turned towards the security screenings and moved to see her one last time. "Bye, Helga." He said, with the faintest hint of heartbreak.

Helga stood there and watched him walk, but just as he was approaching a corner, she shouted her goodbye. "Arnold! Au revior, Arnold!"

He heard her say her goodbye, but before he could respond security rushed him through. He had no time to think, to figure out, actually, that he found Cecile, and lost Helga at the exact same time…


FAIR WARNING: Just to let you guys KNOW what's going to happen, WITHOUT letting you know what's going to happen...well, my name is DARKangel(ignore the numbers for now). There's a reason for that. I'm not really a fluff writer. Anyway, you've been warned.