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Bella scanned the field looking for the origin of the sound. It was Stefan. He was holding a gun, pointing it at the rooftop. Smoke stream from it; he had shot someone. She turned her attention back quickly to see Renesmee's limp body fall from the roof.

She screamed.

Renesmee POV


"Argh!" I screamed out.

A sharp pain seared straight through my ribs, puncturing my lungs. I felt my heart shudder and my breaths become ragged. I didn't realise what was happening until I was falling. I was dying. I knew it was coming, the perpetual bliss of darkness.

I thanked my mother for giving me life and I told my father that I would see him soon. I welcomed it all until I felt someone or something catch me and lower me onto soft grass. The voices were muddy, echoed and difficult to understand. I tried to open my eyes but everything was blurred.

"Renesmee!" someone called my name and something hot stroked my head and hair. They called me again and the voice was male. His dark skin and black hair came into focus. He had tears dripping down his face and he was kissing my cheek.


Bella POV

He just shot her.

He killed her…just shot her on the spot. My mind went into overload. This was all just a dream and I kidded myself that I would wake up soon but I was wrong. She was falling and she was about to die. I felt Aro leave my side and the next thing I knew he was near the castle, Renesmee cradled in his arms on the grass.

"NO!" I screamed, blinking out of my dream like state. I ran towards her, falling to my knees. She had blood pouring out of her side, the bullet lodged deep within her. I could hear her heart faltering; it had hit it.

"What do we do? We can't change her," I cried. We tried hopelessly to cover the wound, keeping in the blood but it was useless. It just poured over my hand.

A wolf howled in the distance; Jacob. He would have sensed her pain and coming demise.

"Renesmee!" he shouted, kneeling next to me. He laid her flat, resting her head in his lap, stroking her hair in comfort while me and Aro tried to heal her. Elizabeth ran over next, pulling out a handkerchief to put on her wound.

"Keep your eyes open Renesmee! Don't give in," Jacob said sternly. Her eyes fluttered for a moment and she smiled weakly.

"Mom?" she murmured.

"Yes! Yes I'm, here sweetheart, oh my god what happened?" I babbled, I didn't know what to say but keeping her talking would be the next best thing.

"Am I dying?" She asked.


Yes she was.

But I couldn't tell her that.

"No," I wept. "You'll be fine."

She laughed, and then whimpered in pain. That bullet must have shot straight through her lungs.

"Liar," she accused. "Jake?"

Her voice was getting weaker, as well as her heartbeat. I look to Aro for support but he shook his head.

"Yeah?" he squeaked. I've never seen him this broken.

"Love you," she whispered and then nothing.

No sound…then no breathing…then no heartbeat. The blood stopped running from her side and her eyes closed. She was limp in our arms; no life. I felt the silence creep in around me and I felt Jacob shake next to me.

"Nessie?" he squeaked, cupping he face. He shook her gently but she made no movement.

He then stood, breathing deep breaths and biting his clenched fist. He began to shake, the most violent heat began to radiate off him.

"We need to move!" I snapped and we all shifted away from Jacob, scared from what his grief would do.

Emmett and Felix held Stefan to the ground, the other wolves and were-cats circling them. The witches stood still, frozen in what had just happened. I saw Lillian get down from the roof, Alec grabbing her before she could do anything

Jacob growled, yelling as he phased, his eyes full of anger and hurt. I watched him stalk towards Stefan, the circle of shifters parting so he could enter. Then I remembered. Killing the imprint of a shifter was punishable by death…I guess that stretches to anyone killing the imprint. Even vampires.

Stefan cried, "It wasn't her I was trying to kill! I swear!"

"LIAR!" I screamed. "That bullet seared straight through her lungs and into her heart. It would have missed if you wanted to kill Lillian!"

Stefan growled at me but soon cowered when Jacob neared him.

"Look away," Aro whispered and I buried my face in his chest, trying to block out the tearing and screaming coming from Stefan.

The castle had never been so quiet.

Renesmee was cleaned up and put in a white dress, lying in the tomb beneath the castle. Candles and white flowers were place around her, making a small glow in the room. Bella and Jacob would see her; she was placed under a time spell, though dead she would never decay. She would, forever more, be as beautiful as the day she died.

"I should have protected her," Jacob cursed.

"Shh," Bella hushed. "We don't talk about that, not down here."

Jacob nodded in quiet contemplation. He walked forward, stroking her peaceful face. More tears fell from Jacobs face, making Bella want to run, run from this nightmare. But she couldn't.

She snuck out, leaving Jacob alone and went to the throne room. The palace was adorned in white flowers and black ribbon. There were black flags hanging outside, overlooking the plaza.

Though Renesmee was the greatest loss, there were more deaths.

Tanya couldn't face Kate's death, being the last of the sisters; she let a witch kill her.

Esme too died; she got caught by two newborns.

Lillian killed Alec. She sent a shock through him, making him fall to pieces. Of course, Lillian lost her life in revenge by Jane.

Amelia died too, well, she was executed. She had tampered too much with fate and Aro put a stop to that.

And of course, there was Edward. Though he didn't die in the battle, he was still a loss. Elizabeth managed to gather his ashes, placing them in an urn until she returned to Chicago, where she would scatter them over his grave.

Aro stood as his love entered the throne room. He hated seeing her in black, though this was the usual attire; she never wore it. After time went by, he enjoyed her colourful clothing; it managed to mirror her mood.

White meant she was happy.

Red meant that she felt seductive.

But he knew what black meant; she was full of sorrow.

He extended his arms to her, holding her tightly in his embrace. She savoured the contact, wishing that he would take it all away.

"Does it ever get easier?" she asked him, knowing that he had experienced a family death.

"In time, my love," he whispered, kissing her hair tenderly.

They decided to take a walk through the seemingly never ending gardens. White and pink flowers of all kinds were planted in a sun soaked side of the garden; for Renesmee. Bella skimmed her hand carefully across the delicate flowers, relishing in the soft comforting feel. She murmured something to herself; something about her baby skin was soft.

Aro sighed, pulling her hand and distracting her from her distant mood. He stroked her face, placing a small kiss on her cheek. He caught a strange expression cross her features, making him frown. What was she thinking?

"My dear, you face tells me that you are blaming yourself for something, I can see it in your eyes. What is it?"

Bella sighed; she couldn't tell him. She didn't want to burden her love any more than she already had. Renesmee wasn't even his child but he still wept and hurt for her. Whether it was for her behalf, she didn't know, and though she doubted it, she still had inkling.

Bella replayed the scene over again.

Blood…so much blood.

Bella felt her sobs surface, the ones that she had kept hidden and locked away for prying eyes not to see. She buried her head in her husband's chest, his arms coming around her in a protective vice. He felt her legs tremble and he took them to the floor, letting her curl up next to him as they sat rocking, letting her get out all of her grief.

Well, some of it anyway.

"What is it?" he whispered, kissing her forehead.

Bella wiped her eyes, looking up at him.

"There was no way to save her. I wanted to so much but I knew that my venom would kill her…I'm her mother and I'm supposed to protect her and save her and instead I just let her die! If there was anyway to save her, I'll take it." Bella wailed uncontrollably. Aro kissed her forehead again, rocking her gently so to calm her.

"Shh," he cooed. "I know, mia cara, if there was a way I know that whoever it was that had it would have saved her but…" he trailed off; he had nothing to say. He didn't know what to say.

They stayed in the garden, the scent of the roses blowing around them, oblivious to the person who had heard their conversation.

Elizabeth wiped away the tears as she heard Bella cry and wail for her child. She knew how she felt and she tried not to let her own grief surface. The love of a child is unconditional, no matter how old they are and when they…die, she struggled to think the word, its as if someone has ripped out a piece of your heart and soul. She couldn't bear to see another mother's anguish at loosing her child.

So she decided to do something about it.

I'll see you soon my love, Elizabeth vowed and headed towards the crypt.

"You're going aren't you?" a voice asked. Sybil appeared out of the darkness with Annabelle.

"Suppose," Elizabeth answered, shrugging.

"Don't shrug," Sybil snapped, walking over to her. "With Lillian gone, you could be in charge. Make us good again and solve problems properly rather than with wars."

Elizabeth scoffed; this is not what was so important. If Sybil cared about it so much then she should be in charge!

Elizabeth felt tears well up in her eyes but she managed to rid her feeling of sadness.

Sybil placed her hand on Elizabeth's shoulder after seeing her dismissing her emotion. Sybil could see the fear and grief in her eyes and Sybil knew that Elizabeth couldn't do it alone.

"Do you want me to help?" Sybil murmured softly. "I can see what she's saying and help her through,"

As a necromancer, Sybil could do that. Find Renesmee's spirit and speed up the process and ultimately...

Elizabeth shook away the inevitable and nodded. Having a friend there would help her and keep her strong.

"Thank you, Sybil," Elizabeth said, sincerity coating her voice. Elizabeth said her goodbyes to Annabelle, who cried and cried, cursing Elizabeth for leaving. Elizabeth took her beating and left Annabelle with a parting gift; her locket.

"It's yours. I will have no need for it anymore…and anyway; I know that you have had your beady little eye on it since we've been friends."

Annabelle laughed, more tears falling.

"Goodbye Annabelle."

"Bye Bye Elizabeth,"

Old friends hugged and parted for the last time.

"So how does this work?" Sybil asked.

They were down in the crypt, standing above Renesmee's peaceful body.

"You take a hold the place where they were killed, like on Renesmee, it will be her side as that's where she was shot. You place a small piece of energy inside, making her body work for just a moment and you take hold of her head. The bullet will dislodge coming out and eventually…well," Elizabeth explained. She looked at Sybil, who looked completely lost.

Elizabeth gestured to her side, showing her where the bullet would...

Sybil nodded, sniffing once to hold back her prying tears.

"Oh please don't cry. I need you to be strong. Hell, you were a nurse during the wars, you've seen far worse than this."

"Yes, but they were people that I didn't know. This is far different and much more personal."

Elizabeth sighed, watching as Sybil kept back her tears. She smiled sadly and Sybil returned it, reaching out for her hand.

"You know, you'll be a good leader for the girls. Maybe, you should consider it..." Elizabeth suggested. Sybil smiled, nodding. They shook each others hand and continued.

"Can you find her?"

"One minute," Sybil replied, closing her eyes to concentrate on the voices.

She searched the whispers, separating and filing through them, until she came to a girl. A frightened girl who didn't know what was happening.

"Where am I? What's happened? Where's my mom? Or Jacob? Dad! Are you here? Why can't I find you!"

"Renesmee, calm down," Sybil said, her voice echoed and ghosted. Renesmee appeared, her spirit slightly faded and scared.


"Yes, you're safe. Elizabeth is going to save you,"

"Save me? Can she tell me where my dad is?"

"Your dad isn't where you are, darling. You're in limbo, that's how I can speak to you. Your dad…he's safe, back in the past where he belongs."

Renesmee smiled, sighing.

"Please help me," she pleaded.

"I'm going to sweetheart. I'm sorry, I love you sweet one."

"I love you too,"

Sybil opened her eyes and Renesmee's spirit faded slightly but not completely.


Elizabeth forced some energy in the dead girl's body and grabbed her head.

Renesmee's still body glowed, Elizabeth feeling all of her life energy being pulled from her body. She heard something to her right and Sybil talking heatedly. Elizabeth couldn't open her eyes as she was concentrating.

"What is she doing?" Bella's voice echoed.

"Bringing your daughter back now let her do it!" Sybil snapped, her voice becoming fuzzy.

A shock ran though Elizabeth as the energy she placed in Renesmee sparked and exploded, pushing out the bullet. It floated slightly and seared through Elizabeth's side, slicing her lungs and tearing through her heart. She felt her blood pour out inside her and the exploding pain that Renesmee must have felt when she died. Elizabeth felt her memories die and fade, all being transferred into Renesmee.

The bystanders saw it so differently.

The memories were displayed for all to see in a ghostly montage scaling backwards through their lives.

Renesmee falling from the roof…

Edwards death…

Holding and kissing Jacob….

Renesmee's delight at seeing her family again…

Her sadness when leaving Italy…

Her delight at seeing her mother happy…

The pain when she was in the hospital…

The shock she felt when Aro appeared on the road…

The terror she felt when the Volturi came to kill her…

The first time she saw her mother…

The first time she met her family…

The first time she saw Jacob and her world became whole…

And the moment she was born and meeting her father, who held her with a gentle grace…

They soon transferred into Elizabeth's memories and Bella, Aro and the other witches were watching with awe. They couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Elizabeth's life through the 20th century…

Finding and watching the Cullen family from afar…

Finding Alice and Jasper…

Saving Annabelle from her death…

Crying at her husbands and her son's funeral, though her son wasn't there…

Watching Edward die…

Nursing her sick family…

The happy moments from Edward's childhood…

Edwards birth…

Her marriage…

Her first kiss…

The first time she met her husband…

First meeting Annabelle…

The memories became disjointed and fuzzy, slowing in pace and becoming just a white light. Elizabeth felt her heart slow, the force slowly fading and then vanishing completely leaving Elizabeth to hover for a moment.

She looked to the people who came to say their final goodbyes and smiled, her last breath leaving her body. She collapsed to the floor, her eyes closed and blood coming out from her side.

The steady glow around Renesmee disintegrated and there was silence. A long silence.

Then Renesmee opened her eyes, gasping for air and she rejoined the living.

Elizabeth Masen was buried next to her husband back in Chicago, where she should have been all along. No-one really noticed as her grave was far from the modern graves. Edward's ashes were scattered over his grave next to his parents.

On the plane back to Italy, Bella played with her wedding ring, wondering what would happen to next. Peace, she hoped. She felt her husbands comforting hand, stroking her face and light kissed on her neck making her smile for the first time in a while.

Renesmee decided to stay in Forks with Jacob and the Cullen's. She told them that she wanted to spend as much time with Jacob and the others as possible; her second chance at life, given graciously to her by her grandmother opened her eyes and she didn't want to waste it being separated from them. Jacob proposed pretty much 5 minutes after she reawakened. Apparently he had hand the ring for weeks, just couldn't find the right time and then all of a sudden, there was no time.

This separation was much to Bella and Aro's dismay, though they would appreciate the time alone. Aro had suggested that they go and finish their honeymoon, which to Bella was a splendid idea. Aro's kisses got lower, dangerously low towards to top of her breasts.

"Hey, will you stop?" Bella whispered, playfully. She tugged his hair and he growled, ignoring her protests. Bella giggled; a delicious sound to Aro's ears and they ran to the airplane bedroom.

He placed her on the bed, their clothes not lasting long at all. They moaned and mewled and they grinded hopelessly against each other, desperate to find some kind of pleasure.

"Stop moving," Aro instructed.

"Sorry," Bella murmured. "I'm just…it's been a while."

Aro chuckled darkly, nuzzling her breast. "It has hasn't it?"

Bella bit down on her lip and Aro took one of her nipples into his mouth, suckling and biting. She groaned, a heady scent filling the air. Aro growled, purring loudly and he kissed hungrily down her body, making her shiver with delight.

"Please," she begged breathlessly. "Touch…" was all she managed to get out.

Aro ignored her and thrust inside her, making her squeal.

"Oh my..!" Bella gasped, relishing in the amazing and longing feeling. She had missed him and she didn't realise how much until now. She groaned at the erotic sound of skin slapping and the slight nibbles at her shoulder.

Aro kept a steady pace, kissing her face, neck, breasts. His hand managed to find its way to her nub; he rubbed it ferociously, making her scream and her inner walls clench in a death grip on him.

"Don't…st…s-s" Bella couldn't speak; she was lost in a world of oblivion as her long awaited climax washed over her. Aro grunted, growling in a feral way and stilled. He collapsed onto his wife's body as he came, Bella wrapping her arms around him.

"Isabella," he murmured, breathless. "I love you,"

"I love you too," she gasped back, pushing him off her giggling. He laughed too, he was rather heavy. "And don't you forget it," Bella pointed at him playfully, wagging it.

Aro took her hand and kissed it, her fingertip, her knuckles and her palm.

"Never," he promised and they relaxed into each other, knowing that home and their forever wouldn't be too far away.

The End


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