Naruto: The Heir of Arceus

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Chapter 1- the beginning

A long time ago before the elemental nations where even born, the entire continent was under one rule. The land was filled with mysterious creatures with powerful abilities, people became friends with them, and some battled alongside them. Nothing could be more right in the world of pokemon, and then a group of humans who sought to control the world came and began using pokemon for their evil ways. Team Rocket, under the leadership of Giovanni, began stealing pokemon from other trainers. One boy rose above them all and fought valiantly against the evil Team Rocket, but alas in the end they proved to be too strong.

Sorrow began to fill the hearts of many, many trainers as they tried to fight against the evil team and failed like their fellow trainer. When all hope seemed lost, the god of pokemon itself appeared before them, using its divine powers he sealed away the power and abilities of his children inside his seventeen plates. When the powers where gone the pokemon disappeared as well, the god itself also disappeared as all of its power was gone, the plates turned into a dull gray color and fell to the ground where they sunk and vanished from the world.

The evil Team Rocket became enraged, so using their high level technology and DNA samples that they took from the pokemon that they had capture to try to create a powerful creature. However, they failed and instead they created a horrible monster that was death itself, the monster stood over a thousand feet tall the body was pure black with horns in its head, it had only one single eye; it was a blood red color with six rings and nine tomoes. The one thing that distinguished it the most was its ten massive tails that with a single swipe could change the landscape. Its power destroyed the continent, the monster was dubbed the Juubi the ten tailed monster.

Humans for years hid from the monster, their cities where gone, their technology was useless, trainers who were brave tried to catch the creature in a pokeball. Nothing worked. Humans were driven near to extinction. When all hope was thought to be lost, a man appeared out of nowhere and battled the monster, for ten days and nights the two fought. In the end the man use a special power and defeated the monster by sealing it into his body, when people saw this happened they were in a state of shock that someone had actually defeated the monster that had terrorized them for years. The man was then given the name of Rikudo Sennin the sage of six paths, the man then went to tell them how he had gained powered and began to teach them all his way to survive in this new world. Sadly, technology was unable to be saved and they destroyed anything from computers to pokeballs and anything that was made with technology opting to begin anew.

Years passed and civilization rose to its former glory, although there was no technology, no one missed it. People were actually happy; another thing that rose was the beginning of the ninja era as many people now used the energy that the Rikudo Sennin taught them, chakra. However what no one knew was that the Sennin was getting old and as he aged the seal that held the Juubi was getting weaker. The night soon came, he was on his death bed, around him stood his two sons, one had inherited his chakra while the other had his eyes, and he told the two what to do and to lead the people into a new era.

The time soon arrive as he was on his last strings the Rikudo Sennin used the last of his power to do the impossible he took the Juubi's power and split it into nine parts that he scattered around the world. After doing that he then sealed the body into a rock that he hurled into the sky creating the moon. Smiling from the thought of keeping the world safe, the Sennin fell to the ground dead.

After the world found out about the death of their savior they were sadden but they would not let his memory fade, many wrote about his deeds. And the legacy of the Rikudo Sennin lived on, until the two sons fought against each other, during their battles many priceless scrolls were lost and never to be seen again.

Eons later…

Eons passed and many things changed; shinobi clans were formed, wars broke out between them bringing chaos to the lands. People died, but the fighting didn't stop so many turned to look for new weapons to use and they found them in the form of tailed beast that contained massive power, the very same creatures that the Rikudo Sennin had created. Using seals, they tried to control the beast, but nothing worked on them.

Then two men appeared; one was a member of the Uchiha clan and the other was a man from the Senju. They had powers to subdue the beast and control them to a certain degree. The two would constantly fight for power and dominance, with the power of the beast, feeling the land to be threaten by these countless bloodshed a new clan rose to stop the fighting, the Uzumaki clan.

Using their powerful sealing skills they sealed away the beast into anything that would hold them, from a tea kettle to a large pot. Except for one, the strongest of them all was the Kyuubi no Yoko. Its power was so great that it could not be sealed away like the others. Instead it was sealed inside an Uzumaki woman by the name of Mito Uzumaki who later married the head of the Senju clan Harishama Senju the first jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. The beast has since been passed to another host after keeping the beast at bay for years but things aren't meant to last forever accidents happen all the time.

Years later...

A seven year Naruto Namikaze sat on top of the Hokage monument staring down at the village that he calls his home however it sure didn't feel like home. Seven years ago, on the day he and his sister were born, the Kyuubi no Yoko had attacked their village forcing his father Minato Namikaze to seal the beast away. Using a powerful seal, he sealed the beast into Naomi, his twin sister. At first, life was good but when they reached the age of four their parents decided to start training them. He had never been so excited in his life. But everything went downhill after that day; Minato had forced opened Naomi's chakra and were astounded by the amount, as for him that was the day his parents began to forget about him. Why? Simple he did not have a single ounce of chakra in all of his body.

That's right Naruto had no chakra whatsoever so his parents took Naomi under their wing and left him to fend for himself. They would say what kind of shinobi will you become if you can't use chakra, instead of bringing honor to the clan you will bring nothing but shame. So Naomi trained with her parents while Naruto would just stand near the house just watching them. Minato and Kushina didn't bother to teach him taijutsu or kenjutsu, two skills that would help him become a ninja, but when he asked his parents just said that Naomi needed the training. So he just began to distant himself away from his family and about a year ago he was forgotten by them.

After spending about an hour on top of the Hokage monument, he stood up and began to walk away heading 'home' he knew that Naomi's training would be done by now. Walking through the streets, he could see people talking happily, no one even spared him a glance. It was always like this, sometimes he even thought that it would have been better if he wasn't born at all, running away also came to mind, actually now that he thought about it, and maybe leaving the village wouldn't be too bad. Who would miss him, no one, he had no friends to hang out with and to his family he didn't exist anymore, so maybe he should leave.

Naruto soon arrived at the Namikaze compound; he noticed that no one was outside so his suspicion of Naomi's training being done was right. Shaking his head he walked up to the front door and entered the house, as soon as he finished taking off his shoes he heard laughter coming from the living room. Walking in the direction he came to the sight off his 'parents' and 'sister' sitting on the couch along with them was the head of the Hyuga clan, Hiashi and his family, also with them was the head of the Yamanaka clan, Inoichi and his family. Naomi was talking about her training with her two best friends Hinata and Ino, seeing that no one took noticed of him he just kept on walking to his room, had he glanced again he would have the blonde Yamanaka girl look at him.

Once safe inside of his room Naruto went straight to bed knowing that he would be forgotten once again and that he would most likely have to go eat once everyone went to bed. As he laid there he didn't noticed how tire he actually was and for some reason fell asleep.

The next morning when the blond woke up he felt strange for some reason, he was still pretty tired even though he never actually trained. Getting out of his bed he dressed himself in a pair of blue shorts, a white short-sleeve t-shirt, and out on a pair of sandals. Leaving the comfort zone of his room Naruto headed down stairs only to find no one, shrugging he went into the kitchen and prepared his breakfast. After eating he went back to his room where he pulled a book from under his bed and began reading, hours passed and still no one arrived. When lunch time came he went downstairs to fix something to eat when he passed the calendar that hung on the wall. He clenched his hands into fist when he saw the note on it, it said vacation weekend, and they had gone on vacation again leaving him behind without a care in the world.

That was it, he screamed in his mind. No more, he was sick and tired of being ignored, if they didn't care about him then so be it. The only thing he could think about now was what it would have been like had he been a single child, would he have the Kyuubi inside of him, would his parent teach him, all those question went through his mind. He could only blame one thing that made his life a living hell, the Kyuubi and its container, the…Kyuubi whore.

Turning abruptly he walked back upstairs and went to his room, the first thing he did was go to his closet where he pulled out a green backpack. Throwing it on his bed he opened it, the next thing he did was go to his dresser were he began to pull out sets of clothes and throw them in the green backpack. The next thing he went over to the far corner of his room and removed the loose wood tile and pulled out a small shoe box that he stole from Naomi, inside of it he had some money that he managed to make by helping out the elderly. Naruto tossed the money into the bag and threw the box on the floor he didn't even replaced the loose tile he left it like that.

Now that he had everything ready he put the bag under his bed and began to plan when he would leave the village. He knew that he would have a while before anyone even found out that he was gone, hell those bastards might not even find out at all.

The weekend passed and Monday soon arrived, Naruto was pulling the last of the touches in his escape plan, tonight was the night. The blond walked out of his room and headed downstairs as soon as he got to the living room he realized that his parents had returned. However they didn't even acknowledge him instead they were looking at a pack of what seemed to be photographs, probably from their trip. He watched as they held his sister close to them showing her so much affection, something that he yearned for but would never receive. Without saying a thing he walked out of the house, left the compound and headed straight for the forest, people back away when they felt the killing intent that he was exuding.

'Those bastards they care for nothing but her, it's always her, when was the last time I was held like that? I guess that I should leave and never come back,' Naruto thought as he walked through the woods.

He was about to turned around and return to the village to finish his preparation to leave, when he suddenly slipped on something and went tumbling down the side of a small hill. Naruto rolled down the hill and hit a tree the impact caused him to black out, by the time the blond came too it was already dark. Gritting his teeth from the pain on his back he stood up and used the tree he had hit when he rolled down the hill as a support. Putting his hand on his injured area he began to walk in the direction he thought the village was in, however since it was dark he couldn't see the direction he was heading in.

After what seemed to be hours Naruto came to a stop next to a bush that hid a blue berry on it, his stomach growled, without a second thought he grabbed the berry and ate it. As soon as he finished eating it the pain on his back diminished to the point that it was only a little sore, he didn't know how a simple berry healed him. Smiling he looked around to see if there were more, but his search was cut short when he stepped in spot that felt soft. His eyes went to the ground just in time to see the ground below him give away, the nest thing he knew he was falling. Naruto let out a loud scream as he fell, he was scared, he had never felt such fear before, the only thing he could do was close his eyes and pray to whatever deity could hear him to help him. He felt his body hit something wet, he opened his eyes to see that he had landed in some sort of underwater pond, it wasn't deep enough that it would prevent him from swimming to the bank.

Naruto stood on the bank of the lake taking in his surroundings, for being some sort of underground cavern it was well lit. Most of the light seemed to be coming from deeper in the cavern; shrugging Naruto began to follow the path that led deeper to see what he would find. So far there wasn't much just a bunch of crystals that seemed to be the light source for the cave; he could see an even brighter light approach. Raising his hands to shield his eyes from the blinding light as he exited the cave he was following. When the light seemed to die down the blond removed his hands from his face only for his jaw to hit the ground at what he saw.

He was standing inside the biggest underground cave he had ever seen; there were trees all over the place each full of different kind of berries. There was also a stream flowing through the middle of the place with a bridge to help cross it. At the far end he could see steps lots of steps leading up to some sort of platform. For once in his life he felt at peace as if his life had never had any hardships this place was peaceful as if man hadn't touched anything in here for a long time. Wanting to see more Naruto began to walk around, the first thing he did was find more of those blue berries that had made his pain go away, once he had those, he crossed the bridge to go to the other side of the stream.

His goal at the moment was to go to the top of the platform and see what lay at the top or at the other side in case there was more to this place. Once at the foot of the steps he took a deep breath and began walking up, it was tiring for his seven year old body as he wasn't accustomed to doing such things.

When he reached the top Naruto's eyes widened at the thing that stood before him, it was the statue of some sort of dog. It was white with a black underbelly, golden hooves, a gold jewel like thing on it forehead, a large ring around its midsection with four green gems. All in all it was the most fascinating thing he had ever laid his eyes upon. As he looked at it more closely he spotted something at the foot of the statue, a small altar, on it laid five dull gray colored rectangular plates of some sort. It was then that his curiosity got the best of him as he walked to the altar and gazed upon the plates more closely. Wanting to feel the texture of the plates the seven year old use his right hand to reach up to stroke them, but, as soon as his fingers made contact with one all five began to glow brightly.

A burning light shot out the plates and hit Naruto in the chest sending him to the ground, quickly the blond lost conscious.

Naruto's Mindscape…

Naruto groggily opened his eyes as he felt a sharp jolt of pain in his brain. Rubbing his head the seven year old blond stood up only to find himself in a strange place. It was some kind of large temple several large pillars were on each side, clouds could be seen in the far end. Naruto was awed at the sight, and then he spotted a staircase that led upwards, hoping to see some more amazing sights, the boy walked over to the foot of the stairs and made his way up. The more he walked the cooler everything seemed to him; soon he arrived at a large platform where he spotted large pillars like the ones he had seen in the lower area. Then at the far end was a large wall with a white gem in the middle surrounded by five dull gray plates he had seen earlier and eleven empty slots with the same size of the plates. At this point he was confused, what were those plates doing here, more importantly where the hell was he at.

"Welcome young one," a voice suddenly spoke up.

Naruto looked around trying to find the source of the voice, "who's there"

A white orb of light appeared in front of Naruto making him jump back, the orb soon started to expand and grow bigger, with a flash, Naruto was facing the same creature he had seen in the cave.

"My name is Arceus," the creature spoke.

"What are you? Are you some kind of summon beast or something?" Naruto asked trying to not show that he was frightened. "And where am I?"

"I am no summon as you call them, I am an ancient creature that once roamed the earth as you do now, I was called a pokemon, creatures that were born before the Rikudo Sennin," Arceus said, "as to where we are we are in your mind."

"My mind looks like some sort of temple, and you said creatures as in more than one, are there more of you?" Naruto said.

"At one point yes, but now no more, you see a group of people sought to conquer the world and they used my children to do their evil doings, I along with the help of others used our powers to seals the powers and abilities of the other pokemon in the plates that you see on the wall," Arceus said, "although it would seem that throughout time the plates separated, you have absorbed five of them, there are still eleven remaining."

"You mean that those plates have some sort of special power?" the blond asked.

"Yes, each plates hold the power of the sixteen different types of pokemon that existed, the white orb in the middle hold the powers of what we called 'normal' abilities that are not affiliated with any element," the pokemon explained.

"So what you're trying to say is that everyone one of those plates has the knowledge of each pokemon attack and ability," Naruto said.

"Yes, in each plate the attacks of every pokemon are sealed inside, as you grow more attacks will become available," Arceus said.

"As I grow?" the blond asked slightly confused at what he been told.

"Yes, I have chosen you to continue my legacy as the new master of the plates," the giant pokemon informed the blond.

"Me!" Naruto said, "Why?"

"When you first touched the plates I read your mind, and to say the least I was stunned, I have seen humans behave as such, throwing one child aside in favor of another," the pokemon said. "I don't have much time left, just know that when you wake up knowledge of some pokemon attacks will be in your mind, train hard and you will get stronger, the stronger you get the more attacks that you will learn, each time you unlock a new attack knowledge of how to use will automatically be revealed."

"But, won't the attacks require chakra?" Naruto asked.

"No, the attacks required no chakra, they are the power that came before the birth chakra, these attacks put jutsus to shame, and the attacks are so strong that jutsus could only do so much as to slow them down," Arceus chuckled, "but, let me warn you, the plates will not trust you with their power you must earn it, however I will do this for you I will unlock the five that you have at the moment."

Arceus walked over to the wall that held the plates, the plates began to glow, and soon they began to turn into their color. The plate's colors were red, green, sky blue, yellow, and ocean blue, Naruto's eyes widened as information about attacks was suddenly engraved in his mind. The pokemon god just looked at the blond as the information on the attacks entered his mind.

"What was that?" Naruto asked.

"That was the knowledge of the plates, now let me explain what each of these plates are call, the red one is the flame plate, the green one is the meadow plate, the yellow one is the zap plate, the dark blue one is the splash plate, the light blue one is the sky plate, each of the plates represent an element like I told you, here we have the elements of fire, grass, water, electric, and flying" Arceus said, "now if you wish to become stronger then you must locate the rest of them. The ones that remain to be found are the ones that represent; ground, rock, dark, bug, ghost, poison, ice, fighting, psychic, steel, and dragon."

"I will, and thank you," Naruto said.

"One last thing, make sure you take some of the berries in the field, they will help you, not only do they feed your hunger, each has a special effect, from healing to curing paralysis, poison, and burns," Arceus said. "There should also be a bag somewhere in there."

"I will and thanks again," the boy said.

'Good luck boy, you're going to need it,' Arceus thought as he watched the blond disappear.

Real World…

Naruto opened his eyes and jumped straight to his feet only to fall back on his ass as a massive amount of information was sent through his brain. After five minutes passed he felt the pain recede this allowed him to stand up normally, at once he could feel that his body felt different. He also began to wonder if what Arceus told him was true and if it hadn't really been a dream. Wanting to know if it was real or not he tried to draw the power of the plates, he pointed his hand out to see if anything happened and concentrated on an attack that was called thunder shock. Nothing happened at first just as he was about to pass all this as a dream his hand began to spark yellow then a small bolt of lightning shot out, leaving a stupefied blond staring at the rock that was hit, a smirk plastered on his face.

AND done, this is the first of what I will call the left behind series. Let me explain how it will all work. The left behind series are stories that I will write based on the original story that I call Left Behind, in this series Minato and Kushina are alive and Naruto has a twin sister. In all the stories Naruto's twin will have the Kyuubi or its chakra sealed inside of her, Naruto will either have the Kyuubi's soul sealed inside of him, or nothing inside of him, in some like this one he will not have chakra. Naruto will always be left in the shadows, meaning his parents will focus all their attention on his sister, in all of the stories he will leave the hidden leaf village. Now the most important part, Left Behind, is a regular naruto story, while the series will most likely all be crossovers. The ones I have already planned out are:

Naruto: The Heir of Arceus- Naruto crossover w/Pokemon

The Dark Mage of Konohagakure- Naruto crossover w/Fairy Tai

More will be revealed later on, I also have other stories that I must work on and not to mention I am a college student so I think I will update stories at least once a month, I will try to update twice if I can but no guarantees.

Now current information on Naruto's plates:

Flame Plate

Ability: Unknown

Attacks: Ember, Sunny Day, and Will-of-Wisp

Meadow Plate

Ability: Unknown

Attacks: Vine Whip and Absorb

Splash Plate

Ability: Unknown

Attacks: Water Gun and Aqua Ring

Zap Plate

Ability: Unknown

Attacks: Thunder shock and Thunder Wave

Sky Plate

Ability: Unknown

Attacks: Gust and Peck

Normal Attacks

Quick Attack, Tackle, and safe guard

These are it for the moment, this essentially is a god like Naruto Fanfic but I will not be like those whom give Naruto the power at once no, he has to earn the power.