Naruto: The Heir of Arceus

Chapter 3: Wave Part 1

Yoshida Suzuki couldn't believe what he had just seen and learn from the little time he had spent at the bar in Tori no Kuni. He had stopped there for a quick drink after completing his mission of transporting a scroll to the local Daimyo for a hopeful trade agreement. He had been told that he the Daimyo would personally be going to Konohagakure to talk to the Yondaime Hokage. After that he decided to stop at the local bar to get himself a drink before heading back not knowing what awaited him inside.

As soon as he stepped into the bar he went and order a drink, however as he drank something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. Something that almost made him spit out his drink, there sitting in the far corner of the bar with a plate of dango in front of him sat the one person that the village had been searching for. Spiky blond hair and piercing blue eyes, he knew that he had just found the missing son of the Yondaime. Then he noticed something or rather someone, the person who the blond was sharing a table with stood up and went to the bartender. Yoshida started to panic as he saw one of the most notorious criminals of Kirigakure, Momochi Zabuza, a former member of the Seven Swordman of the Mist.

After watching the rogue swordsman go back to his seat, Yoshida downed the rest of his drink and dropped a few coins on the counter. He then left the bar as fast as he could trying not to draw attention to himself. He knew that he had to get away as fast as possible and report to his Hokage. as soon as he was out of the village he quickly took to the trees and began running towards the Leaf village.

However today luck was not on his side, just minutes after having been running he heard the distinct sound of rustling leaves. Stopping for a moment he began looking around, someone was following him, he knew as much. But as he waited and listened no one appeared and no more sounds could be heard.

Just as he was about keep going he felt something wrapped around his ankle. Looking down Yoshida saw two green vine things around his ankle. Suddenly he felt the vines get pulled, to his shock the pull was strong enough that he was pulled hard right through the trees. Screaming as he was pulled through the foliage the leaf ninja was then lifted high into the air before he was brought back down slamming into the ground, hard. Coughing he tried to get back up but the pain his body was in at the moment made it unbearable to even move.

"Well, well look at what we have here," said a male voice coming from the trees.

Yoshida felt the vines leave his ankle as watched them go into the trees just as the silhouette form of a person began to appear. As the person got closer he saw the vines going into the man's sleeves. Using as much strength as he could the ninja managed to sit up as he finally saw who had been following him. His eyes widen when he saw the familiar blind hair and blue eyes of the boy he had seen at the bar.

"Namikaze Naruto," Yoshida said as he held his aching shoulder.

"Don't call me by that filthy name," the blond said, "I am no longer the son of that bastard."

"Don't you insult our Hokage," said the leaf ninja, "he's been looking for u these past 8 years….."

Yoshida suddenly stopped talking as he felt a horrible pain in his chest, looking down he saw a blade going through. His eyes then went up and saw the cold blue eyes of the blond Namikaze, blood began coming from his mouth as he saw the blade get pulled out. Yoshida fell forward onto the cold ground as blood began to pool around him the last thing he saw was the arrival of two other people.

"Looks like you were right," Naruto said.

"Naruto-kun…" said the female of their group.

'Don't worry about Haku-chan, lets us just get out of here," Naruto said, "We need to get to Nami no Kuni to meet our client."

With that the group walked away leaving the body of the Leaf Ninja to the wild animals.


Namikaze Minato sat behind his desk going through some paperwork, he was getting worried about one of his Chunnin that had gone on a mission to Tori no Kuni. It had been two weeks since he had left and he had heard anything from him. Not only that, but also the Daimyo of Tori had just left two days ago after coming to finalize the trade agreement. That had made him send a group of his tracker ninjas to see what they could find out and they were due at any moment.

Sighing he also had another issue at hand just a couple of hours ago, he had received a request for back up from his last student. Apparently their client had lied about the mission he was requesting and now it had been upgraded to a B rank mission with the possibility of going to A. so he had no choice but to call in the only available team he had at the moment and they were due at any moment now.

Hearing a knock on his door he looked up from his work as he saw the team he was waiting for. Walking into the office was none other than his wife Uzumaki Kushina and his beloved daughter. Over the past 8 years Naomi had truly grown into a beautiful young woman, he hair had gotten longer that it tied in a single ponytail. Her outfit consisted of a long black scarf with red butterflies across it, topped off with black gloves. She wears a dark red hakama with a miniskirt. Her legs are complimented by her black leggings. Her also on her right leg she has a kunai pouch. However her weapon of choice was something that neither he nor Kushina ever thought of… a Naginata.

"Well Minato-kun what did you call us for?" asked Kushina.

"I just got a request for backup and I'm sending the two of you," Minato responded.

"Who are we backing up Tou-san?" his daughter asked.

"Team 7," the blond Hokage said, "apparently the client did not give all the information about the mission and it turned into B rank mission as soon as they face the Demon Brothers of Kirigakure."

"If the client lied, why did Kakashi continue on with the mission, he should have turned back," Kushina said.

"As it turns out his team said that they wanted to continue the mission and since all three agree he decided to keep going with the condition to ask for backup," he answered.

"Tsk… it was probably Sasuke's idea to continue, I swear that ass is gonna get his team killed one day," Naomi said.

"Be as it is, I need you to go and back them up, this mission has the potential to increase to an A rank," said Minato sighing knowing the hatred his daughter had for the Uchiha.

"Fine we'll go and save his sorry ass," Naomi grumbled.

"Also, Minato have gotten any more leads?" asked Kushina quietly.

Naomi looked at her mother then at her father who had a sad smile on his face as he shook his head letting them know that he hadn't.

"I see…" the red head mumbled, "anyways Naomi, let's get going."

As the two red heads walk out of the office, Minato couldn't help but look at the only picture he had of his full family. It was the only one that actually included his missing son.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun," he whispered sadly.

Minato only knew that he was the one to blame for the disappearance of his son, he had pushed him aside when Tsunade has informed him of his condition. He had wanted to be able to have so many father-son moments, however learning that his son had no chakra shattered his hopes.

-Naomi and Kushina-

As Naomi and her mother headed to the village gates, she couldn't help but wonder where her brother had gone to and if he was ok. After his departure she had reflected back on her life and what she remembered made her sick. She had been a total bitch to her brother when they learned that he couldn't be a shinobi. She would rub it in his face how she was getting all the cool ninja training and that she would be the one to lead their small clan. While he was nothing but a disgrace to the family name. And now she regretted having said all that to him. She never knew how much it would hurt her when he left.

'Onii-sama, I wanna see you again so I can tell you how sorry I am and how much I truly love you,' Naomi said to herself.

"Omi-chan, come on we have to get to Kakashi quickly," Kushina called out to her daughter.

When Kushina saw the look on her daughter's face she knew that she was thinking about her brother.

-Team Zabuza-

Naruto watched as Zabuza was currently giving the two dumbasses known as the demon brothers a beating on how stupid they had been. Not only had Zabuza told them to scout out their target and report to him as to who was going to be guarding him. But the dumbasses went ahead and tried to kill the target only to be stopped by genin, genin of all ranks. And now the ninjas guarding the old bridge builder where expecting to be attacked again. Not only that, but there was a high chance that they had called for backup.

"Well did you two at least recognize who was protecting the bridge builder?" asked Zabuza.

The two brothers looked at each other then at Zabuza, "it was Kakashi Hatake."

Naruto's eyes widened when he heard the name of his bastard father's only living student. His hand clenched into fist as he stood up and grabbed his cloak that was on chair he was sitting on. This mission had just gotten a little more complicated if that copycat was involved, however he knew that between Zabuza and him it would be no problem.

"Naruto-kun…" Haku whispered as she saw him get angry.

"Well at least we know who to expect," Zabuza said as he went to retrieve his sword, "Haku, Naruto we're going now."

As they were about to leave their current hideout Zabuza turned to look at the brother who seem read to accompany them. "You are staying here."

-Team Kakashi-

Kakashi was not having a good day, first he took his team to get a mission for the day, while there he had the urge to smack the Uchiha when he heard him demand a higher level mission from the Hokage. of course just when he was about to say something his female student just had to go and open her mouth and agree that they need a higher level mission. His last student just looked like he was about to fall asleep and didn't care. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to get the Uchiha and his fangirl to shut up he decided to get a C rank mission.

It was supposed to be an easy mission that require them to escort a bridge builder home and protect him from bandits and wild animals. But what happens, just hours after leaving the village they were attacked by two missing ninjas from Kirigakure. The fame demon brothers, who had been hiding in a puddle in the middle of a cloudless day. He of course just used the kawarimi no jutsu to get out of their chains and watched from the trees to see who their target was. He was surprised when they went after the bridge builder Tazuna, however his team manage to get over the shock of his 'death' and defended the client. Well more like Sasuke and Shikamaru defended the client while Sakura just froze in her place.

After he stepped in and incapacitated the rogue shinobi, he interrogated Tazuna and found out about the current situation in Nami no Kuni. Tazuna told them about how a man name Gato had taken over Nami and was driving the country into the dirt and that the only way of survival was his bridge. Kakashi was ready to abandon the mission and return to Konoha, but just his luck Sasuke said to continue the mission, of course Sakura quickly agreed with him…again. Shikamaru of course shocked him when he too agreed, but made a point to him by telling to send a request for back up to the Hokage.

Knowing that he was outvoted, he did just that, he sent his sensei a message and informed his team that the mission was now a B rank. Sasuke smirked, while Sakura paled a bit, though all that changed when he told them that there was a chance that the mission could go higher if they encountered more shinobi.

So now here he was after crossing the waters into Nami, Kakashi was on high alert in case they were attacked again. Shikamaru who had taken up the rear guard was also on high alert for anything, Tazuna who was walking in the middle was looking rather nervous. Suddenly out nowhere a whooshing sound was heard.

"Get down/ hit the dirt!" shouted both Kakashi and Shikamaru at the same time. Kakashi grabbed Sasuke and Tazuna, pulling them to the ground, while Shikamaru did the same with a shocked Sakura.


The group looked up to see a large zanbatou stuck in a tree with a man standing on top of it. Said man was shirtless, with two cameo style armbands and pants. His face was half covered in bandages up to his nose and his head band was tilted slightly like Kakashi's, except not covering his eyes, holding up spiky black hair. The symbol of Kiri displayed on the head band with a slash mark running across the center.

"Well, well if it isn't Hatake Kakashi," The man said, in rough sounding voice.

Kakashi stood up and glared at the man. "Momoichi Zabuza, The Kiri No Oni. I never would have expected someone like you to be working for the likes Gato."

Zabuza shrugged, "It helps pay the bills, however it's all worth it if I get to fight an opponent like you. You know back when I was in Kiri, you were listed as an A-rank shinobi with a kill on sight order in the bingo book. Hatake Kakashi, the man who copied over a thousand jutsu."

'I had no idea that Kakashi-sensei was that famous,' Sakura thought.

"Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, why don't you hand over the old man and I'll let you and your genin squad go," Zabuza suggested.

"I'm sorry but you know we can't do that," Kakashi glared at the rogue ninja, "It wouldn't look very good for Konoha if we just let you have him without even putting up a fight."

Zabuza sighed, "Don't say I didn't try diplomacy first."

Grabbing onto the hilt of his blade, Zabuza kicked off the tree. He landed on the surface of lake a little ways away, and made a hand sign. "Let's see how well you can do Kakashi, Kirigakure No Jutsu."

A thick mist spread across the land, blanketing the already misted area so heavily that no one could see more than a few feet in front of them.

"Defensive Formation you three!" Kakashi ordered his genin squad, causing them to surround Tazuna in a frontal triangle formation with Sasuke at the point, Shikamaru on the left and Sakura on the right.

"Zabuza is a master of the Muon Satsujin Jutsu, if you're not careful you'll be dead before you even know it. Protect the bridge builder and leave Zabuza to me…" said Kakashi as he turned back towards the lake and began to lift up his head band, "It looks like I'm going to need this."

"Ah! The Sharingan," Zabuza voice came from within the mist, his outlined form barely even visible, "It's quite an honor to be facing it so soon."

'How did Kakashi-sensei get that?' Sasuke thought in shock. 'Only members of the Uchiha clan, my clan can have the Sharingan, could he…'

'If Kakashi-sensei is using the Sharingan then this guy must be a strong opponent,' Shikamaru thought to himself.

"Still we both know that the Sharingan is useless if you can't even see," the mist began to thicken even more, making Zabuza disappear completely.

'Shit, this mist cuts down the Sharingan's effectiveness,' Kakashi cursed, trying to peer into the mist.

"Eight points…" Came the disembodied voice of Zabuza, causing the three genin and Tazuna to freeze as an intense killing intent filled the air. "The liver, lungs, spine, clavicle vein, jugular artery, brain, kidney and the heart. Now, which one shall I choose first?"

'Shit!' Shikamaru cursed. This killing intent is unreal, and it makes it even worse with this mist, I can't see and I can barely think straight. Ok, first thing is first I need to calm down.'

Taking a deep breath Shikamaru pushed out his chakra to try and counter the killing intents effects like his father taught told him to do. He instantly felt a little better, though it was still affecting him some.

'This…this killing intent,' Sasuke thought, struggling to breathe against the killing intent the two jonin were producing.

'Is this what a high level battle between two jonin is like? This suffocating feeling…' Sasuke began bringing a kunai to his throat. 'I don't think I can handle much more of it!'

"Sasuke! Calm down!" Kakashi said as he noticed the trouble his genin were having. "I won't let any of my comrade's die."

Sasuke seemed to calm himself down, lowering his kunai.

"You're all talk Kakashi," Zabuza appeared right in the midst of the genin and Tazuna. Just as he was about to cleave them all with Kubikirihoucho, Kakashi appeared right next to Zabuza and stabbed him in the gut, only for the Zaubza that he had stabbed to turn into water.

"Mizu Bunshin!" Kakashi exclaimed right before Zabuza appeared behind him and cleaved him in half, causing Sakura to scream. However, much to Zabuza's surprise, Kakashi turned into water as well.

"It's over," Kakashi said as he appeared behind Zabuza and brought a kunai to the other ninja's throat.

"I see," Zabuza chuckled as he turned his head to look at the copy ninja. "You created and switched yourself with a Mizu Bunshin when you made your speech didn't you? That eye of yours is quite impressive; however…this battle is far from over!"

Zabuza swung his sword arm around, forcing Kakashi to duck under the powerful swing. Planting his sword into the ground, the mist ninja used the leverage it granted him to launch a powerful kick in Kakashi's face.

Kakashi flew through the air with Zabuza following after him. The silver haired Jonin threw some Makibishi spikes as he fell into the water, forcing Zabuza to stop.

"Makibishi spikes?" Zabuza sneered beneath his mask. "Come on Kakashi, are you even trying!"

Kakashi broke the surface of the water and gasped for some air, "There's something wrong with this water…"

"Hah! Now I've got you!" Zabuza appeared right next to Kakashi, going through a set of hand seals, "Suiton: Suirou No Jutsu!"

Kakashi cursed as he found himself trapped within a water prison. He looked over at his students and began to make orders. "Run! Take the bridge builder and go!"

"Oh they're not going anywhere Kakashi," Zabuza chuckled as he made a Mizu Bunshin to deal with the genin.

"Get out of here!" Kakashi yelled at his students. "This battle was over the moment I got caught!"

'He can't seriously think we can run does he?' Sasuke wondered, 'Even if we managed to escape now, he would just kill Kakashi and come after us.'

Sasuke ran towards the Mizu Bunshin in an attempt to surprise it. However as soon as he got in range the Zabuza clone kicked him in the ribs, sending the black haired genin flying back.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled in shock and fear at seeing her crush get hit so easily.

Sasuke gasped out in pain as he landed on the ground and the air was forced from his lungs. He was about to get up when Zabuza appeared next to him and stepped on him, making the raven-haired Genin scream in pain as the Kiri nuke-nin began to grind his foot into Sasuke's ribs.

"You kids think you're ninja?" Zabuza sneered at the pathetic sight of Sasuke under his foot and screaming in pain, "None of you are worthy of the title ninja, when you have stained your hands with as much blood as me, then you can be considered ninja. When you-"

"Fuuton: Renkuudan!" Zabuza's speech was cut off as a cannonball-sized ball of wind smashed into the Mizu Bunshin, forcing it to disperse back into water.

The heads of all the genin and Tazuna's turned to see who had attacked the Mizu bushin. The genin were shocked when they saw none other than Kushina and Naomi walking towards them. As soon as Tazuna saw the leaf headbands he let out a sigh of relief.

"Naomi-san," Sakura nearly shouted.

"Kushina-sama," Kakashi said in with a sigh of relief of his own.

"Well…Fuck!" Zabuza said as he recognized the woman who had just arrived.

"Well Kakashi-kun you got yourself into some deep shit," Kushina said with a small smirk on her face, "but don't worry that's why we're here."

Sasuke who was getting up with some help from Sakura clenched his fist at how pathetic he must have looked in front of Naomi.

"Naomi you and the rest of the genin stay here and protect the client," Kushina ordered as she pulled out a tanto.

Without waiting for an answer Kushina began to run towards Zabuza and the imprisoned Kakashi. As Kakashi watched his sensei wife run towards with a tanto in hand he pulled out kunai from his pouch and got ready to strike Zabuza. Zabuza watched the red head coming to him and knew that he was trouble, he had no way of dodging her without releasing Kakashi. Once he released Kakashi and dodge the attack, the man was already ready to strike him the moment he was out. Though he didn't let that deter him as he was ready in case something like this occurred.

As Kushina was about to reach and swing her tanto, something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention forcing her to stop and jump back. Right where she had been standing not even a second ago a yellow bolt of lightning struck the water creating a large splash. Kakashi got distracted from his target as he saw the attack on Kushina. Smirking Zabuza pulled out his arm from the water prison releasing the leaf ninja and jumped away from him back onto the shore of the lake. Kakashi who had fallen into the water quickly pulled himself to the surface. Both he and Kushina then returned to the shore of the lake where Zabuza was. Both of them where still wondering where the attack came from.

"Well, well looks like you're having quite the hard time Zabuza," said the voice of a young male instantly putting everyone on guard.

Footsteps could be heard coming from the woods as they turned their heads to the source they saw a cloaked person walking towards Zabuza.

"About time you got here brat," said the man.

"Well what can I say I got lost on the road to life," the cloaked person said with a cheeky grin.

The eyes of the genin along with Kushina and Naomi looked at Kakashi, who had a dumbfounded look on his face as he heard this stranger use on of his excuses.

'Who is this guy?' wondered Naomi as she looked at the accomplice of Zabuza with an uneasy feeling at the pit of her stomach.

"Well would you look at this, quite the team that old man managed to get," he continued, "Kakashi no Sharingan, an Uchiha, a Nara, and some civilian girl. Then we have two rather surprising people, Namikaze Kushina, the Akai Chishio no Habanero and the second Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko, her daughter, Konoha no Hime, Namikaze Naomi, the third Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko."

the leaf shinobi where shocked, none more than Kushina, Kakashi, and Naomi as this person had just revealed some rather classified information.

"How do you know all that!?" shouted Naomi as she pulled out her naginata.

"No one should know that kind of information," Kushina said narrowing her eyes. 'His voice sounds familiar.'

"Answer me," shouted Naomi as she began channeling chakra into her weapon.

"Well aren't you demanding," he said with a cocky tone, "of course coming from the little Kyuubi whore it don't surprise me."

That did it, the insult pissed her off, and without any warning Naomi swung her naginata releasing a powerful gust of wind. Of course her target just stood there and was blown back landing hard on his back.

Naomi was breathing heavily as she had put a large amount of chakra into that one attack. As she was about to relax she heard a chuckle coming from the downed person as he began to stand back up.

"Hahaha," he laughed as he stood back up his cloak was ripped in some parts.

"How…?" Naomi asked herself.

"Now that wasn't very nice of you," he said as he grabbed his cloak and pulled it off, "is that any way to treat me after all these years…Onee-chan."

Naomi dropped her weapon as her eyes widened as she saw him take his cloak off. Kushina had tears in her eyes as she saw him. Kakashi was speechless, he didn't know what to think or do. The genin were wondering why they were so stunned at the sight of the boy in front of them. Standing before them was a boy their age with spiky blond hair and blue eyes with a grin plastered on his face. Naomi took one step forward as she tried to think, but only one word left her mouth.


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