I'll Be There

Summary: The X-men pick up a strange girl who doesn't seem to know any English. Kurt knows her language, bonds with her, and they quickly become close. Kitty gets jealous. No body touches her fuzzy blue elf. Teen for…stuff.

Disclaimer: I don't own X-men Evolution, but I do own my little made up character. Mwwahaha nobody can do anything about it!


Chapter 1:

The X-men were scattered all over the mansion, playing, reading, fighting, whatever. It was Saturday, so nobody had any work to do. The students were all thrilled. The teachers, meanwhile, were dealing with more serious matters. The Professor had located a new mutant, just outside of Bayville. He or she was moving all over the place, as if running or being chased. They were using their powers on and off, but it was enough for the Professor to track them. Wolverine was standing next to the Professor. Storm was hovering behind them both, staring over their shoulders.

"I don't like this, Chuck," Wolverine said in his raspy voice. "This guy's moving around like crazy. I wouldn't doubt they're being chased. Nobody just hops all over a city like that for fun."

Charles nodded. "I'm aware of that, Logan. I can't reach their mind yet, but I can feel their fear. It would seem likely that our mystery mutant is being pursued in some way."

"Should we go get them?" Storm asked, standing up on her tiptoes to see over Logan's broad shoulder.

The Professor crinkled his brow in thought. "Hard to say. This mutant is afraid, unstable. This might not be the best time to come and collect them. I can't figure out what their power is, exactly. It could be dangerous."

"C'mon Charles," Wolverine urged. "We're supposed to help mutants, and this sure looks t' me like a mutant who needs help. Are we gonna stand around all day and guess about what t' do?"

The Professor raised a calm hand to cut him off. "Easy, Logan. I think we should go investigate this, and, if needed, offer them help and support. I want Storm to go, though, with a small team of two of three. It's best to avoid a large group in this situation."

"And I can't go because…?" Wolverine wondered cockily.

The Professor turned his chair around to face him. He laced his fingers together and rested his chin on his clasped hands. "Because, Logan. You're presence is not particularly….calming. You're large and imposing. We don't want to scare away a potential student," he explained as tactfully as possible. Logan snorted and backed off. He crossed his huge arms and sighed.

"All right, I'll stay," he groaned. "Whatever. Have fun, Storm."

Storm passed by Logan on her way out of the room. As she passed him she said, "Have fun? This is a rescue mission. See, this is why we can't take you anywhere."

Logan chuckled and followed her out.

~Five minutes later~

Storm, keeping the Professor's words in mind, had chosen Jean (a telepath would be helpful, and Jean had a way with people) and Scott to accompany her. Scott's powers weren't ideal for making peace, but he tended to have a commanding, but not overpowering presence about him. Besides, she wanted a guy on the team. They could be up against anything.

They got into the X-jet and left at once.

~Just outside of Bayville city limits~

The X-jet landed in a small field where no one would see it. Storm, Jean, and Scott filed out and looked around. They were near the fringes of the city, away from the main group of buildings. It was evening, growing dark, calm. Storm whipped out a communicator.

"Professor, can you tell us where we need to be? We're about a mile outside of the city. Here's our coordinates."

The Professor took the coordinates and plugged them in to his computer. "Ok. You need to go about half a mile northeast. I think I've identified our mutant's powers. She seems to be able to alter the laws of physics around her. She can take away or change gravity and alter wind resistance, among other things. It's strange, but that's the best I can come up with."

Storm nodded slowly. "Alright. We'll head in that direction." And she motioned for Jean and Scott to follow her.

The three entered the edge of the city, which was slum-like and grungy. It was dark, smoky. The air was heavy and the streets were poorly lit. Storm was glad she'd brought Scott. As much as she believed in womanpower, she felt threatened, insecure. It was comforting to think she had a big, strong guy with her. Jean was thinking similar thoughts.

They picked their way through the backstreets until they all heard a loud crash. Jean turned her head in the general direction and probed around with her mind. She picked up several people's thoughts. Angry, wild thoughts from two or three people. Frightened, erratic thoughts from one other. Aha, the mutant. Jean focused on her mind, trying to locate it.

"Guys, I found her," she altered the others. Storm shot her a quick glance.


"Uh, about three hundred feet west of here. There's an alley way…"

"There's lots of alleys around here," Scott pointed out. "Be more specific."

Jean tried again. "It's hard. Her mind is so confusing, unfocused. Storm, fly over some buildings and tell us if you see anything."

Storm nodded. She shot up into the air and vanished into the hazy blackness. It wasn't too long before her voice was calling through the communicator. "Scott, Jean, I've found her. Get over here quick. I'm about where you said, Jean. Three hundred feet west. There's a long alley below me. The girl just disappeared down it, and I saw two men run after her."

Scott and Jean nodded and headed west. They found Storm easily enough. She was hovering about ten feet in the air, playing with the wind around her. She picked up the two men chasing the mutant girl and flung them out of the alley. They got up and scrambled away, screaming something about a witch. The mutant girl was cowering against a wall. She looked up at Storm, frightened and amazed.

Storm floated back down to the ground and stepped back to let Jean do the talking. Jean sent out calming thoughts as she slowly, carefully approached the frightened girl. She held her hands open in a symbol of peace.

"It's ok," she said calmingly. "We're here to help you. I'm Jean. What's your name?"

She took a step closer, now closing the distance between them to about ten feet. The girl looked at her with distrust. Her eyes were a dark brown, and her hair was curly and gingery. Her face would be very pretty if she hadn't frowning and glaring at Jean.

"I won't hurt you," Jean tried again when the girl didn't answer. "Let me help you."

She extended her hand now. It was only a few feet away from the girl. The young girl flinched and closed her eyes, as if expecting a blow.

"Zostaw mnie w spokoju," she cried, covering her face.

Jean paused with surprise. Uh oh, she thought. This girl doesn't speak English.


Ok, so you might be wondering what ethnicity this girl is, and I suppose you could copy the text into a translator and find out, but don't spoil the surprise! We get to find stuff out in the next chappie. BTW, the girl's just saying "Leave me alone," if anyone wants to know.

-The Ember Raven