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Okay, so I'm pretty much snowed in. I can't go anywhere outside my house. The only form of entertainment I can get is writing or watching cars slide down the roads in my neighborhood and banging up their cars.

Set in the summer before Harry's, Ron's and Hermione's 7th and final year at Hogwarts. Voldemort is no longer alive and Fleur and Hermione never met. In this, a Veela has the power to turn a person into a Veela. I know that doesn't happen in the books but I wanted it. lol

I'm a beginner so just wanted you to have a heads up.

Summary: Fleur finds her mate, Hermione. Problem is that Hermione is putting up a fight now and after that Fleur turns her into one of her, a Veela. Fleur has her work cut out for her in persuing and winning Hermione's heart.

Chapter 1

It was a perfect, beautiful, bright and sunny day. Birds could be heard singing, flowers and trees moved against the gentle breeze.

Hermione, a beautiful woman at 17, soon 18 was at her favorite place, her meadow that was on her property not too far from her house, but not visible either.

The brunette walked through the meadow until she hit a patch of beautiful purple and pink flowers. She laid down on the green grass and looked up at the blue sky, watching the fluffy white clouds go by.

Suddenly, she felt a heavy feeling on her body. She shot up and looked around. Her eyes finally fell on a beautiful blond woman.

She wore a light pink dress that flowed as the gentle breeze caressed her. The woman had beautiful, long, golden blond hair that reached to the middle of her back. The sun lit her hair up and she looked unbelievably beautiful. She had smooth, soft, fair, flawless skin. If Hermione hadn't been laying, her knees would have gave out from the sheer beauty of this woman. Actually, beautiful was too weak of a word to describe this woman. The brunette couldn't think of one that would do her justice.

Without warning, the woman started walking towards Hermione. It didn't go unnoticed to the brunette that the woman's movements were equally as graceful.

The intelligent Gryffindor couldn't move, she couldn't form a thought. She swallowed hard and said, "You shouldn't be here." Before she could even stop herself. Hermione flinched as she realized what she said. That was the best she could come up with?

The blond woman was still closing in, but with a smirk. When the blond woman reached her, she kneeled down and placed one hand on either side of Hermione, thoroughly invading the bookworm's personal space. Hermione blushed, and leaned back, trying to get more distance between them.

The woman's smirk turned into a beautiful smile, "Oh? And why is that, ma chéri?" She asked in a light French accent. She was enjoying the brunette's uneasiness.

Hermione gulped. Was there anything that the blond woman could do that wouldn't be sexy? "This- This is private property." She finally managed to say.

The Gryffindor felt like she was going crazy. The scent of the woman was sweet and intoxicating. She couldn't help herself; she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. Her scent was so addicting. She felt high as the blonds' scent filled her senses. She fought her eyes as they wanted to roll back.

She heard a chuckle from above her and opened her eyes. The blond had a twinkle in her eyes. Hermione blushed; she was so embarrassed. She didn't like that she was practically swooning over this woman, she really didn't. It was much too humiliating and she was a complete stranger.

The blond brought her hand up and cupped the brunette's cheek. She softly caressed the brunette's cheek with her thumb. Hermione wanted to lean into the touch but knew she embarrassed herself enough already.

The blond woman leaned in so that her lips were about an inch from Hermione's and closed her eyes. "I finally found you. I was becoming afraid that I wouldn't. You're a very difficult one to find." She whispered huskily.

The Gryffindor closed her eyes, relishing in the feel and scent of the other woman. "Now that I have you, I'm never letting you go." The woman continued.

The brunette felt herself being gently pushed down back onto the ground. She opened her eyes saw the blond woman looking down at her. The woman's face with the blue sky and clouds were a perfect background to this lovely woman.

The blond woman leaned in closer by using her elbows to prop herself over the brunette. She used the back of her right hand to caress the side of the Gryffindor's face. Hermione took pleasure in the soft, delicate fingers.

Another gentle breeze went by, bringing in the scent of the woman on top of her stronger. She inhaled deeply to inhale her scent but this time, trying to be very discreet about it.

"You are so beautiful." The woman whispered in a loving and adoring voice. Hermione closed her eyes again, trying to savor every moment she could.

The blond turned sad, "I have to go but make no mistake that this pains me greatly. I promise that we will see each other again. I would never leave you behind." She said in a gentle voice. The blond felt heartbroken that she had to leave her mate behind but she had no choice.

Hermione snapped her eyes open and just like that, the beautiful blond woman was gone. Hermione got up and looked around. She felt like she wanted to cry. Hermione ran all around her property, looking for the woman but found nothing, no trace of her.

Hermione returned home, sad. She felt so depressed. She didn't know why, she didn't know the woman at all. She told herself that it was just a dream and tried to convince herself to move on.

I was listening to Tim McGraw's song: 'It Felt Good On My lips' and was inspired to write Fleur/Hermione. They're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.

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