December 27th

Yea, great Christmas right? By the way, My name is Jon. So yea, the emergency code came on and my mom and dad made me go with my two best friends Carl (His real name is Michael. His Last Name is Carl, I call him Carl though) and Anthony. There twins. I'm an only child so there like my brothers. I've known them since Pre-K. I haven't seen my parents since then. We also found our two friends Kara and Lizzie. Kara is on the shorter side, not really tiny, but about 5'4, and she has blonde hair. (Don't tell anyone but I kinda have a crush on Kara!) Lizzie is taller than Kara, But still short compared to me, and she has red hair and glasses. Lizzie was over Kara's house when it happened and they say that their parents did the same thing, told them to go to Carl and Anthony's house. It's weird… all the parents telling them to go to someone else's house. Carl and Anthony's parents weren't at home either. They don't know where they went. But Carl and Anthony both have experience with guns, there dad is a hunter, so he takes… I mean took them out a lot to go with him. I've even gone with them before. So anyway, we took all of their dad's guns in a big bag and left their house. We left because his house was horrible, we also heard there was military in Baltimore (I know what you're thinking… have you ever seen the walking dead?) there wasn't that many zombies near us, so we left, we took the guns, some supplies, and ammo and left.