Tale of Twin Werewolves

Summer of 1960, at the local hospital in Brooklyn, New York, a family waits to hear about the new arrival of some new lives and new additions to the family. Kevin Fangsworth, a man of 22, paces back and forth anxiously. He runs his hand through his dark brown hair and glances at the clock on the wall, the bags under his hazel eyes reflect how exhausted he is.

In a chair near him sits Sylvia Fangsworth, Kevin's wife, Sally's, mother. Her green eyes track the movements of her son in law and she sighs tiredly, "Kevin, will sit you please sit down? The doctor will come get you when your children get here." She states.

Kevin looks at his mother in law, "Easier said than done, Sylvia." He replies but does as his mother in law asks and sits down next to her.

In the middle of the waiting room, Sally's younger brothers Arnie and Andrew are playing a board game, while their older cousin Emily, who is six months pregnant, sits in a chair reading a magazine.

"Besides you got other than things to worry about." Sylvia comments as she looks down at the afghan she is crocheting.

Kevin look sat her, "What do you mean?" he asks.

"What she means is the Fangsworth curse." Arnie comments as he looks up from the board game he and his brother are playing.

"Curse? What curse?" Kevin asks with wide eyes.

Sylvia looks at him, "Curse of the Fangsworth werewolf, every four hundred years a werewolf if born into our family, and going by the timeline your children may carry the trait." She replies.

Kevin huffs, "There are no such things as werewolves or curses." He states stubbornly.

"Look at this way, Kevin, a werewolf or in your cases two werewolves would be excellent protectors, you don't have to worry about a guard dog, or alarm systems." Arnie states.

"And they are very loyal and loving to their family, so that's another plus." Andrew adds.

He sighs, "I don't want to hear anymore about werewolves or curses." Kevin snaps just as a nurse walks in.

"Mr. Fangsworth?" she asks.

"That's me." Kevin replies as he walks up to her.

"Your children are here, if you will please follow me, I'll take you to your wife's room." The nurse replies and leads the new father off.

Upon arrival, Kevin sees his wife sitting up on her bed with two twin bundles in arms, he notices right off one has a blue blanket and the other a pink blanket.

He walks up to her, kisses her sweetly on the lips, and looks down at his children, "A boy and girl?" Kevin asks with a loving expression in his eyes as he looks down at the faces of his children.

"Yeah, aren't they beautiful?" Sally asks as she looks up at her husband.

"They are gorgeous, but not nearly as beautiful as you, Sal." Kevin replies.

Sally offers him their daughter, "You want to hold your little girl?" she asks.

Kevin nods as he takes his daughter in his arms for the first time, "Hello there my sweet little angel." He states and admires the beautiful face of his newborn daughter.

Sally looks down at her son, sighs contentedly, "I'm glad we had two, that way they have a playmate." She states.

He sits down in a nearby rocker and gently rocks his daughter, "Are we going to use the names we chose?" Kevin asks.

"Yes, our son is Sherman and our daughter is Samantha." Sally replies.

"Samantha, such a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl." Kevin states and kisses his daughter gently on her little forehead.

A few hours later, the new mom and twins are released and taken home. The new parents immediately lay both down in the crib they will share until they get bigger. Both parents sigh as they watch their children sleep, head to their room, and get ready for bed.

Unknown to the parents the full moon finally fights its way out of the cloud cover, and both infants open their eyes when the light hits them. A strange thing occurs to both babies, their eyes swirl, and they start to spin like tornadoes. Within moments where two human babies had lain are now two baby werewolves. The male has light brown fur and tan markings around his mouth, on his hands, feet, and tip of his tail. The female has white fur with gray markings on her hands, feet, tip of tail, gray hair, and a small patch of gray fur on her chest.

"Aaarroooo!" the twins howl in chorus and unknowingly awaken their mother.

"Kevn, I heard something." Sally states as she gets up and heads to the nursery to check on her children.

However when she arrives nothing is a miss as the twins had seen the sun on their mobile and changed back into their human forms.

Sally picks up Samantha as Kevin picks up Sherman, "I was worried that my mother was right." She states.

"You mean about the werewolf curse, don't tell me that, it's not true." Kevin replies as he rolls his eyes slightly.

"But it is true, every four hundred years a werewolf has been born into our fam…" she starts to say and notices the expression on both the twins' faces, "Kevin, our babies." She says out of shock.

Kevin looks at both his children as they start to twirl and soon change into their werewolf form, both werepups look at their pants, and wag their tails.

"Dear, can you please take our son too?" Kevin asks.

Sally retrieves her son from her husband's arms as he passes out, she sighs and sits both kids into their crib, "Now I know the full moon changes you but how do you change back?" she asks not noticing the twins had the sun again and changed back, she sees the small sun on the mobile, closes the curtains so that won't change into the werewolves again, "I get the sun changes you back, well no more transformations tonight." She adds as she tucks both her kids in, kisses them lovingly, and starts to head out.

"Good night, Sherman, good night Fangface. Good night Samantha, good night Storm." Sally replies as she picks her husband up off the floor and heads to bed.