Chapter Eight

"Getting Back to Normal"

Three weeks after Edward, Tony, and Snake were thrown in jail, life for our heroes has pretty much gone back to normal. Sam has graduated from high school and is highly anticipating going to college. Fangs hasn't remembered that he's a werewolf, but he isn't afraid of Sam's werewolf half Storm. Andrew Fangsworth, Sam's and Fangs' uncle, is now expecting a baby of his own.

Sam is up in her room finishing up with packing some of her stuff up to head to college when Fangface enters her room, "Hey bro, what's going on?" she asks as she tapes one of her boxes closed.

"(Grr) Not much, sis, just wanted to see if you needed some help with anything." Fangface replies as he sits down on the edge of Sam's bed.

She looks up at her twin brother, "Nah, I'm good, though I do need a break. How about we call our friends up and head to Uncle Arnie's arcade?" Sam asks as she gets to her feet.

Fangface nods in agreement, "Sounds good to me." He replies as the twins leave Sam's room and head downstairs to call up the others.

Within a few minutes after calling their friends, Biff pulls up in front of the house in Wolf Buggy with Pugsy and Kim. Before heading out to meet their friends, Sam takes out a picture of the sun, "Bro, before we go any further, can you tell me what this is?" she asks as she holds the picture up to him.

"That is a picture of the suuunnn." Fangface says and in a twirl changes back into Fangs, "Oh hey, sis, what's going on?" he asks.

"We're going over to Uncle Arnie's arcade with our friends, remember?" Sam replies as they head outside and takes their seats in the wolf buggy.

Fangs looks at his sister, "It's not really clear, but I kind of remember you saying something like that." He replies.

Kim looks back at Sam, who sighs, and the two girls exchange smiles, "Hey Kim, how's everything?" Sam greets.

"Really good, Sam, are you excited that you're headed to college soon?" Kim replies.

"I am, but Fangs isn't too happy about it." Sam replies as she looks at her twin brother who exchanges a glance with her that basically says, 'Don't bring me in on this.'

The day finally comes where Sam has to head to college, she boards a plane headed to Austin, and leaves her family and friends in Brooklyn.

Upon arrival in Austin, Sam catches a taxi to the University of Texas campus, as she heads to the administration building to get her class schedule and dormitory assignment, she accidentally runs into someone.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." Sam apologizes as she helps the person up to notice is it a boy the same age as her with darker colored hair and brown eyes.

"T…that's o..okay, d..don't worry about it." The boy stutters.

"I'm Samantha, by the way, but everyone calls me Sam." Sam says as she introduces herself.

"I'm Stutz, nice to meet you, Sam." Stutz replies as they shake hands.

Sam looks at him, "Say you wouldn't happen to be from New York, would you?" she asks.

"Yep, I am, so are you judging by your accent." Stutz replies as they walk alongside each other to the administration building.

"Yep, born and raised alongside my twin brother, Sherman." Sam replies.

Stutz raises an eyebrow, "You have a twin brother? How come he didn't come here with you?" he asks.

Sam nods, "He was home schooled and didn't get a scholarship like I did, so he decided to hold off on going to college." She replies.

"Wow, what did you get a scholarship for?" Stutz asks.

"Gymnastics and martial arts." Sam reples.

Stutz smiles, "Wow, you must really be talented." He replies.

Sam shrugs, "I guess, I just don't like to brag about my abilities." She replies as Stutz opens the door for her, "Thank you." She adds.

"Y…you're welcome." Stutz replies with a smile as they both go to get their assignments.

Over the next few weeks, Sam and Stutz have become really close friends and even have a few classes together, one of them being English Literature 101.

Both friends are teamed up on a class project together and are headed to the library to do some research. As they near the library they see a group of teenagers surrounding a snazzy looking white haired guy in a neatly pressed black business suit.

"I…I w…wonder what's g..going over t…there." Stutz comments.

"One way to find out, come on." Sam replies as she leads him over to the group.

"…I'm recruiting some people to help me establish my dad's business in New York." They hear him saying.

Sam being the brave soul she is ventures closer, "What kind of business?" she asks.

The guy looks at her, his eyes widen slightly, 'It's the girl Dad told me about, the one who turns into a white furred she wolf, interesting that I would come across her. I'll have to be more careful, but she would be handy to have on my side.' He thinks to himself, "Just a little business to establish jobs teens." He replies.

"Okay, and what's your name?" Sam asks as she notices he looks somewhat familiar to her.

"My name is Edward Junior, so who here is interested?" Edward Jr. replies.

Stutz raises his hand in the air, "I…I'm interested and I k…know New York by m…memory." He states.

"Stutz what are you doing? We don't know anything about this guy and besides he looks familiar to me." Sam asks her friend.

"I…it can't b…be that b..bad, Sam." Stutz replies as Edward Jr. takes note of the friendship between the two.

'Another thing I can use to keep her in line.' Edward Jr. thinks sinisterly.

"Thank if you're going so am I." Sam replies as she raises her hand too.

After taking note of the names of teenagers interested, Eddy Jr. informs them of when they'll be leaving, "Don't worry you'll be back before your classes start." He states as some of them have concerns over it.

'Well, bro, looks like I'm coming back and I have a mystery of my own to solve.' Sam thinks to herself as she heads to her dorm, gets some clothes together, and the next day leaves with the others for New York.

To Be Continued….

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