Clear Eyes

"I'll be right back", Elena told Bonnie, heading off to the boys bathroom. Her friend stayed behind to keep her eyes on the gorgeous new student at school. Or at least, he was probably gorgeous. Right now there was just Elena burst into the bathroom to find her younger brother putting in eye drops at the sink. She growled inwardly. Jeremy was in so much trouble. Pacing over to him, Elena grabbed the freshman by the face.

"Great", she said, checking his eyes, "It's the first day of school and you're stoned"

"No. I'm not"

"Where is it? Is it on you?" She started to check his pockets and coat. Jeremy blocked her with his hands.

"Stop. I don't have anything on me. Are you crazy?"

"You have not seen crazy, Jeremy. I gave you a summer pass, but I am done watching you destroy yourself", Jeremy got up to walk away, but his older sister pushed him back down.

"No. Go ahead. Keep it up. But just know that I am going to be there to ruin your buzz every time. You got it?", she looked into his eyes, " Jeremy, I know who you are, and it's not this person. So don't be this person."

"I don't need this", the brown haired rebel said, getting up to walk away. Elena had enough. She knew that this attitude wasn't going to go away if she kept ignoring it.

"Stay", she said in a tone Jeremy recognized immediately. He swallowed hard and for some reason, couldn't bring himself to disregard what she said. Turning, he rolled his eyes.

"What? What do you want?", he said in a pitch a little higher than he intended.

"Look, I tried to do this the nice way, and say my encouraging words and get through to you, but that's obviously not working. So, lock the door"

"Wait, what? I'm not gonna… Are you crazy"

"Call me crazy again, Jeremy. I dare you"

"But, are you going to… You can't do that here. We're… Come on…"

"Seriously, would you rather leave the door unlocked or should I spank you in the hallway? How about in your first period? Because, I can do that too. Or, you can actually start listening to what I say, and lock the door. Your choice", after a moment's hesitation, Jeremy reluctantly turned and locked the door. He looked a lot younger when he turned back than he had a moment before.

"Elena, come on. I'm sorry I got an attitude. And, I'm not even high. I swear."

"Oh, wow. You just dug yourself deeper. Did you really think that you weren't in enough trouble without adding LYING on top of it", Elena backed Jeremy up against the door. He looked almost as scared as he should have been. Almost. Elena calmed a little.

"Sink", she said pointing. Jeremy slowly dropped his bookbag and made his way to bend over the sink. Elena stopped him, "Take your pants down and hand me your belt. You lost your jeans when you decided to lie"


"Jer. Now", he did as he was told, huffing in frustration and bending over the sink. He braced himself for the first blow. Elena's spankings were different from his parents. They always lectured before theirs, which Jeremy had hated. Elena figured that if you were being spanked, you probably knew why, and lecturing wouldn't make much of a difference.


The first lick landed hard. Jeremy hadn't been spanked since before the accident, and he'd almost forgotten how much it hurt.

Oww. Sss. Aah.

Elena kept up a quick, steady rhythm, alternating between Jeremy's bottom and thighs. She always knew how to break her brother down in the smallest amount of time; a skill she learned so that she could wind up the spankings more quickly. She hated disciplining her brother, and she'd only had to do it sporadically while they were growing up. But with their parents out of the picture, and Aunt Jenna being… well Aunt Jenna, it was up to her to keep him in check.

Owwhow. Ssss. Please. Okay. Okaaaaaaay. I'm sorry. Owwwww.

Elena moved her focus to the most sensitive spot on the boys bottom, between his butt and thighs, drawing first squeals then sobs from the boy. He stopped bucking after a few more swats.

Oww, Elena. Please.

The small plea was too much for her. She put the belt on the sink next to her brother and leaned next to him. Brushing his hair from his eyes and wiping his tears, she kissed him on the forehead.

"I will not let you ruin yourself. Do you understand me?" Jeremy nodded and sniffled as his sister handed him some paper towels. He wiped off his face and splashed some water to get rid of the redness. A lot of good those eye drops had done.

"Okay, now go to class. Straight to class. And, Jeremy, if I even hear a rumor about you skipping…"

"You won't Elena", he said, rolling his eyes. A quick look from the girl changed his attitude, "Sorry! Sorry. You won't, okay?"

He unlocked the door and headed to class right as the bell rang. Elena cursed to herself and hurried out of the bathroom, running straight into a handsome new student. The one she and Bonnie had been looking at.

"Hi. I'm Stefan Salvatore"

"Umm. Elena. Elena Gilbert"

"Pleasure to meet you, Elena"

"Yeah, umm. You too."

He walked into the bathroom. And for some reason, Elena felt herself smiling for the first time in months.