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"Epilogo" (Epilogue)

"I'm home!" Sally's voice carried into the house on the hot air of outside.

Lightning emerged giddily from the kitchen and met her at the door with a kiss. "It's about time. I could use some entertainment." He grinned cheekily, flashing a glimpse of his enthusiasm.

She laughed lightly, "You could use some entertainment? I've been going for hours with work!"

"Try being locked up inside for six weeks," McQueen countered, "You'd go bored out of your mind if you were me!"

Sally rolled her eyes playfully. "Yes, Stickers. But I was only following doctor's orders by keeping you prisoner here."

"Well, those six weeks are up now! Let's go celebrate. How about racing up to the Wheel Well?" McQueen wiggled his windshield in enticement.

She pretended to contemplate the idea for a minute, then laid her own inviting expression on him. "I've got something better in store. Follow me."

McQueen trailed behind her, out into the dying heat of the day. The sun had sunk below the horizon, but the evening was still muggy with the humidity of the day. He hadn't really been out of the house in quite some time and he missed the late July heat.

She took him out Willy's Butte, where the orange of the sky fringed the ridge in a beautiful desert scene. Off to the side of giant landmark, McQueen could make out several figures like a mirage in the distance. He sped up gently to drive by Sally's side. He looked over at her with curiosity, but she drove on as if the collection of cars was completely normal. He could see the smallest tug of a smile on her lips and he knew it was something of her doing.

When they were close enough, he was able to pick out the familiar faces staring at him. First, he recognized his fellow residents, including Mia. Then he saw The King and his wife, Lynda. Lastly, he noticed Holley beside Mater, and Finn parked nearby.

"What's all this?" McQueen finally asked when they had joined the smiling group of friends.

Everyone waited silently for Sally to explain. "Well," she began, "I know we said we weren't going to make a big deal out of this marriage thing, but I thought you might like if we still had a mock ceremony and reception. Maybe someday we'll have a real wedding, maybe we won't, but I didn't want you to miss out on the experience of it if that's what you really wanted."

McQueen gazed happily back at the cars around him. He looked over to Sally with astonishment. She truly was a genius at times. "Yeah," he agreed faintly, "That would be amazing, Sal."

Finn separated himself from the group and came forward. "Well, in that case, I'll be your priest for the event. Shall we begin?"

"And now," Finn finished up his closing remarks, "witnessed by your closest friends, I pronounce you unlawfully wedded husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

McQueen reversed slightly to look his 'wife' directly on. The light of the evening had faded away, yet the sparkle in her eyes remained. He whispered loud enough for only her to hear, "I love you, Sally."

"I love you, too. Now, are you gonna kiss me, or are you gonna keep these cars waiting?"

He blinked bashfully at her witty response and threw back with a smirk, "Oh, I wasn't trying to keep them waiting. Just you."

An amused laugh escaped from her until she abruptly smothered his lips with her own. They held the act for a few seconds before breaking apart to face their adoring crowd. Sally started to lead the way down the partition of bodies as McQueen settled against her side.

The guests were still talking loudly among each other when they reached the end and Sally smiled at their obvious excitement. She felt a certain closing for having arranged the small ceremony and going through with it. It was like they had given each other that sought after commitment without the heavy classification of being married; it was the perfect compromise.

Just then, she felt McQueen lean more into her side. "Do you know what my favourite part about a wedding is?" he asked her in a soft, teasing voice.

She looked over at him dubiously. "What is that?"

His lips curled desirously as he answered, "The honeymoon."


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