When I read the last chapter, I wondered why the Vizards were back as captains to the people who had searched for them the past hundred years.. Then yesterday, it dawned on me! :D :D

Oh, and I wanted to have Shinji talk like a leader, 'cause, y'know, he is a leader ^_^


She grows furious when she learns he has returned to Soul Society, as a captain even. And what's more, that he hadn't discussed it with her beforehand! It's not like he can waltz back in there after a hundred years of being their enemy, of hiding like a rat from a feline, yet he did.

Not long after she confronted him about his decision, after the quick, heated make out session, he quietly explains to her the reasons behind his return to the place they once called home.

The peace between Vizards and Soul Reapers is far too fragile for them to risk it. There is no common foe anymore so there needs to be some kind of anchor that'd keep it from disappearing. And since it's easier for Vizards to go to Soul Society, than the other way around, they decided to start with Vizards returning to Soul Society first and then more Soul Reapers visiting them in the real world so that they could learn to cooperate with each other.

"And I couldn't let anyone but me go," he whispers in the hollow of her collarbone and she shivers (maybe from delight, maybe from already missing him… noo, it's because his breath was freezing her!), understanding once again why he is their unspoken leader. He wouldn't bear to see anyone else bear the memories that would surely come if they returned to the place where everything started.

"What if we don't want them to come over here?" she growls in a low tone, struggling to stay awake, "What if we're fine like that?"

"In order to achieve some kind of peace between our two factions, there need to be sacrifices. Even if we don't like each other, we need to learn to work with each other," he reasons and she shoots something out in return, but it's weak and soft and both of them know that she's lost the argument. For once she doesn't bicker; it's too late and she's awfully comfortable.

"When did you start talking like a president?" she mumbles out and settles deeper; his answer is a indefinite sound coming straight from his throat and he makes himself comfortable too.

"It's not like I like it either."



Well, aside from going to those who had betrayed them so long ago and who had been their enemies for who knows how many years now and all that jazz, Hiyori decides she doesn't mind Shinji practically living there (not that she'd tell him that but still—): he leads his squad as though he has never stopped leading men (well, he hasn't, actually), still holds his allegiance to them, he still thinks of them, he doesn't think of Soul Society as allies even when maintaining peaceful relations, she still gets to see him, though not as often (a point she loves rubbing in his nose. With a sandal).

Oh, and she loves the fact that he kept his tie even with his Shinigami outfit, no matter how stupid it looks.

That way, there's always a part of Karakura with him, wherever he goes.

Hiyori approves.

Not that she'd tell him.

(But man, does she love that tie when she grabs it and pulls it down so she can be eye level with him and—)