(Author's Notes: Some of my keys are broken, and I have to use the onscreen keyboard… Bear with me. Also, in second person which I quite literally have never done, so again – bear. This is only the first half, which is basically just outlines of the whole picture.)


Your name is Dave Strider. You're seventeen years old and the happiest you've been in years, well minus the somewhat frequent nightmares. Usually, you push them aside and focus on the positives in your life, like the fact that you have the sweetest most amazing boyfriend ever. Just thinking about him makes the slightest smile tug at your usually stoic face.

"Hey Dave!" John runs up behind you, "Are you going to gym class today?" That dorky grin, that fucking adorable dorky grin glued to his mouth.

"I suppose." You deadpan, as you do quite often in public. "Can't skip every day.." But you wish you could, not that you hated exercise or anything – it just sort of, made things complicated.

"Alright!" He grins. "I'll see you there, kay?"

"Yeah yeah, Egderp." A smirk. John waves you goodbye and makes his way to God knows where before class, guess this is a good a time as any to head to the locker room.

Maybe if the locker room wasn't so dimly lit you would've seen this coming, or maybe you saw it coming but you ignore it, either way you wound up shoved into the locker one too many times.

"What's the hell Equius?" Trying to keep your cool, too bad it's not working all too swell. "Seriously what the fu-" Interrupted midsentence by another shove.

"Haha, what are you planning on doing cooldork crying to your boyfriend?"

"No no!" Equius laughed. "You got it wrong, Eri, it's the other one who does the crying!"

"Oh yeah! The Eg-baby!" He cackled. Your urge to kill was rising, push it down Strider, stay cool… Stay cal-

Within a second you were on top of Euius, left hook, right hook, left hook, crack. That definitely didn't sound good, not that you cared. Equius was begging for mercy but you weren't about to give it to him. Something overcame you. Oblivious to your surroundings, oh no to again, not now, you were back in the game…

Eridan didn't move. The entire time you sat there straddled over Equius, punch after bloody punch, he didn't move. His mistake. Without warning you threw the nearest heaviest object you could behind you – your algebra textbook. Another crack, his him square in the nose.

"David Strider!" A shrill voice broke through. Still not completely sure of what was happening you just sat there, confused, "You are in A LOT of trouble, young man." Except you didn't care, because the world around you went completely dark, no sound, no sight, no sense.

"Dave?" That voice sounded really familiar.. "Dave, Dave calm down! Everything is alright." You realized you were being pinned down… What… happened?

"Bro," Oh no, why was bro here, what… "Bro, chill."

You squinted your closed eyes, still behind ironic aviator sunglasses, trying to clear your head. And then the voice again, "Dave. It's gonna be okay!" You recognized it this time, even through the obviously concerned tone.

"John." You sheepishly laugh out, eyes open now, not that Bro or John could actually tell.

"Dave it happened again." You sat up. "You got into another fight."

"Again?" Bro looked at John, even with covered eyes his concern was there. Bro wasn't there much when you were growing up, always working to support the little baby that had been dumped off on him. He did care though, sometimes more than you thought.

"Last weekend at the bowling alle-"

You cut him off, "John!"

"Wait, this is reoccurring?" Bro genuinely seemed worried, that was rare.

"No no, it's only happened like twice." You answer quickly before John can say anything you'll regret. Too bad John doesn't see things your way.

"Dave!" He sounds stern, that's never good. "If you don't tell him, I will. You're one check away from being expelled and I don't know what I'd do without you!"

"Tell me what? Does this happen to tie into your nightmares, Dave?" Your silence is more than enough answer for him. "Dave, I know it might seem like I don't give a fuck, but seriously dude if you're having problems you should talk to me." Again you didn't say anything.

After a few seconds of what could be considered partially awkward silence, the all too chipper nurse piped up. "Okay, Mr. Strider, thank you for coming to pick up Dave. You really should be getting on your way." Bro nods. "Dave is suspended for three days." Another nod, and the nurse turns to John. "And you, young man, need to get back to class!" Now John is the one nodding, not too happy about it. She escorts John out of he office and directs Bro to the front office to sign something.

The car ride home was pretty quiet. Bro didn't really try to talk to you, just kind of drove, eyes on the rode, trying not to focus on obvious problems. He asked if you wanted to stop for a bite to eat or something. You said no, eating was probably the farthest thing from your mind.

That evening wasn't too special either, quiet, normal, boring. You didn't talk to John that night, probably would in the morning or something. Just kind of ready to go to bed and forget the world, and you did. Well, until your stomach decided your brain wasn't gonna tell you not to eat again…

"Eight AM." You groaned to yourself and rolled over. "It's too early to be awake, I don't even have school." Your stomach growled again, no wasn't an option this time. "Ughhhh." Rolling out of bed, you slugged to the tiny apartment kitchen and made a bowl of cereal.

About halfway through your bowl Bro walked into the kitchen with a half smirk planted on his face and pulled out the chair across from you. "Yo." Was all he said as he sat down.

"Sup," you redirected your attention back to your cereal. He didn't answer for a second, but when he did he sounded a little… relieved?

"Uh, Dave, so I was up pretty late last night…" This slightly perked your interest, but not enough for you to audibly reply. "I was researching stuff online for like, post traumatic stress help and stuff, you know? Don't really know what else to classify your problem as…"

Okay, now you were looking at him, finishing up your cereal, stomach finally thanking you for food. "And?"

"And I came across this thing, it's like, I dunno they erase your memories of bad stuff." He waited to a reply that you didn't give. "Well, I talked to some people who did it you know, well actually their family members I guess.. because they wouldn't remember."

"It's probably some stupid scam." You shrug and get up to clean out your cereal bowl.

"I was thinking that at first, you know, because hell it seems too good to actually be a real thing.." He laughed. "But it's actually pretty legit, and I was thinking maybe if you're down for it, you could give it a shot?"

"I guess it sounds pretty cool…" You're putting your bowl in the dish drainer. "Just sounds like it'd probably be batshit expensive." And you shrug, now slightly leaning against the counter. "Like, is it worth it?"

"I don't want you to worry about the cost, or anything. Just, are you up to it? Should I make an interview-appointment-thing?"

"If you think it'll actually work, I guess. Not like things could be worse than they are right now…" And they couldn't could they? Wouldn't forgetting you ever played that stupid game be a good thing?

Bro half-smiles and leaves the kitchen, apparently about to set your appointment with destiny. Oh hey, weren't you gonna pester John? Guess now is a good a time as any…

[turntechGodhead began pestering ectoBiologist at 8:45 AM]

TG: hey

EB: uhh, hey dave.

EB: you do know i'm in school right?

TG: yeah ill make it quick

EB: kay, sorry if it takes a second to respond.

EB: don't wanna get caught…

TG: yeah yeah

TG: anyway so bro was researching

TG: which is like miraculous all by itself

TG: he found out about this memory eraser thing or whatever

TG: i wanted your opinion

Took him a couple minutes to reply, damn goody-two-shoes.

EB: what? like to erase your memory of the game?

TG: yeah i guess thats my basic understanding

EB: sounds great :D

EB: i mean if it'll help, go for it!

TG: haha okay if you think so

EB: totally, but hey i gotta go, teacher getting suspicious. hehe.

TG: alright later

[ectoBiologist ceased pestering turntechGodhead at 8:59 AM]

Okay, John said go for it, and you really couldn't stop Bro from setting up an appointment mid-call… Looks like you're doing this. You're making this happen. Did you really just reference 'Sweet Bro and Hell Jeff' in a situation like this? Hell yes, you did.

The next couple days went by in a sort of null. Bro somehow managed to get you an appointment the day after he told you about the whole memory thing, or maybe the company works fast – you aren't exactly sure. Anyway, the day they decided to do the erase-procedure was the same Monday you were supposed to go back to school; looks like you won't be going to school until… Actually you have no idea when you'll be able to go back, because frankly having your memory partially erased and altered is confusing.

Needless to say, it's the day of the procedure, and even with all your coolkid bravado your stomach was a big jumbled mess of nothing but nerves. And that was perfectly okay; because you were gonna forget some pretty important stuff, who wouldn't be nervous?

"You ready, kid?" Bro came in your room around nine PM. "Pretty intense stuff, huh?" You shrugged. "You sure there's nothing you wanna do before you go through with this?"

Well obviously there was something you had to do, you needed to talk to John. He was your boyfriend and things had been hectic the past few days, it seemed like you'd hardly said two words to one another. "Actually, yeah, when's the weird doctor dude gonna be here?"

Bro laughed, "Any time now, so do what ever it is quickly." You nod and he goes back out into the living room.

[turntechGodhead began pestering ectoBiologist at 9:04 PM]

TG: sup

EB: dave!

EB: isn't tonight your thing?

TG: yup

EB: why are you online then?

TG: just wanted to say hi i guess

EB: haha, hi?

EB: you're so weird dave..

TG: just felt like something i needed to do

TG: shrug

TG: oh hey the guy for the thing is here so ill talk to you later

EB: kay! bye dave!

TG: peace

EB: love you!

[ectoBiologist ceased pestering turntechGodhead at 9:13 PM]

The smallest smile made its way onto your lips, John always did that. Snuck in that last 'I love you.' before logging off. It was one of his many adorable derpy quirks. You put your phone on the bedside table and took a deep breath, this is it.

"Hello, David." A short plump bearded man smiled in your doorway. "Are you ready?" You nod, feeling pretty damn unsure now. Was this really the only solution?

The man was walking towards you, "Here's all you have to do," He handed you a small white… pill? It really can't be that simple can it? "Don't look so confused, that is just to decrease interference and keep you sleeping throughout the entire procedure."

You nervously chuckle, "It happens while I'm alseep?" The man nods, a bit too perky for his own good. "You creepy ass science people are gonna prod my brain with lasers while I'm asleep." Okay, now you're pretty sure that you're really unsure about all this…

"Everything will be fine, and when you wake up you won't remember a thing!" He grins, you take note of how disturbing his perky grin actually is. A really bad feeling is overcoming you… Here goes…


"It seems this boy John, he has several connections to the memories of this game you've asked us to erase…" The plump doctor was in the living room talking to Bro. Not that you were aware, creepy science men were prodding you brain with lasers in your bedroom at the moment.

"Yeah, John is Dave's boyfriend?"

"Oh dear…" The doctor frowned. "Oh dear, oh dear."


"You did not read the fine print did you?" The doctor pursed. "Memories of people or objects closely related to the memories being erased may also be forced away."

"… What?" Bro sounded a little more concerned.

"I'm simply saying the chances of your brother not remember certain people is present. One person in particular, so to speak."

"In other words, Dave…" Bro paused, words caught in his throat. This news would shock anyone. "Dave isn't gonna remember John?"

"That is a very likely possibility. All of this was in the document provided."

Bro clenched his jaw, "The fine print of the incredibly hard to read and understand document?"

"I wouldn't say it's hard to read, I spent many many hours perfecting it!"

Bro cupped his head in his hands. This was not good. Not good at all. Everything would be fine in the morning, right? Only the stuff that needed to be forgotten would be gone… Yeah… everything would be cool.

Except if that's how the story went, this would be the ending.


"Mmmpff." Is all you could moan out when the morning sun started pouring through your bedroom window. You pressed the base of your palms into your eyes and rubbed the sleep away. What a weird dream. And holy fuck, what a bad headache. You sit up, slightly dizzy at first.

"Dave?" Bro is in your doorway at the first sign of your consciousness.

You find this sort of odd, but whatever. "Uhh, hey bro?"

"You feeling okay? Look a little pale." He looked a little worried, what the fuck?

"Yeah totally copasetic." You shrug. "I do have a pretty bad headache though, do we got any ibuprofen or something?"

"Uhh, yeah I think, let me go grab it." He was back in your room within a minute of getting two ibuprofen pills and a small glass of water. You down it.

"Thanks bro."

"Haha, no problem little man – er well not so little anymore." He nervously rubs the back of his head. "So what's with the headache? Stay up all night talking?"

Something is definitely up with him.. "Uhh, no? Talking? Who would I be talking to?"


(Author's notes: Holy fuck, did that take forever to write. Jeez, okay. I'm working off hardly any sleep and I wanted to get this up because… reasons.)