Inspired (very, very loosely) by Shyfoxling's 'Five things...', I wanted to one that's SIH-verse centric.

If you've never read any of my work, know this is all based in a very dense, self referencing duo of stories called 'Strange and Invisible History' and 'Influence of Souls'. I really, really recommend you familiarise yourself with that universe if you want to get the full effect.

Title is a reference to 'Strange and Invisible History'.

Five Things Severus Snape Secretly Likes about the Idiot Dog:

1) His refusal to live in the past. Black is always grinning moronically about something or the other, but at least he doesn't brood.

2)His total lack of inhibitions about most things. It must be very freeing to enjoy life that way, all the time.

3) His self control where the rat is involved. Snape knows damned well he'd have done for Pettigrew by now, promise or no promise.

4) His ability to play. Snape doesn't have one of those, really, and sometimes thinks it might be all right to gambol about like the Dog is prone to do. Then he remembers himself and actually talks to the idiot as penance.

5) His discretion. Black hears far, far more as Salazar than anyone realises, and to Snape's knowledge, never once has he broken a confidence that wasn't a matter of security.