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They look like little penguins.

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They had been living a comfortable life on the surface near Floria waterfall. Link, Zelda, and Groose had built a house in a secluded section of the woods near the flowing water, but far from where they could get wood for the fireplace. So it was Link's job—since he had his old knight sword again—to go gather a few logs for the fire.

Link was walking back to the cabin with five or six logs underneath his arm when he stopped, ears pricked up when the wind shifted.

The wind has changed….he thought as he slowly glanced around, searching for whatever it was that had made the wind alter.

There was a sound behind Link, like a gasp of some sort, and the blonde instantly whirled around, dropping the logs he held and drawing his sword only to pause at what he saw.

Ghirahim was lying on his side a few feet away, his left arm wrapped around his chest like it hurt and his clothes and hair dirty.

Link narrowed his eyes, pointing his sword at the Demon Lord.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were destroyed along with Demise."

There was a soft chuckle from Ghirahim as he buried his face in the grass like he didn't want Link to see him.

"Silly boy. It was child's play to simply tear myself away from my Master's sword. What I didn't expect was to retain the injuries from our battle or to be in this….vile human form."

Link didn't believe Ghirahim; he couldn't have turned into a human so easily.

The hero pressed the tip of his sword against Ghirahim's throat which got a loud laugh as a response.

"Go ahead and kill me. I got nothing to live for. I revived my master; I fulfilled my duty. But in the end all my work failed because of you," Ghirahim's arm tightened slightly around his chest. "So go ahead and finish off your last enemy. Go live a happy life with that Zelda brat and that guy with the weird hairdo."

Link stayed still, staring at Ghirahim with hatred in his eyes, before he sighed and withdrew his sword, sheathing it and going to pick up the logs he had been carrying.

"You're not worth my time," the blonde said, walking away without another glance at Ghirahim.

Ghirahim began to shake from cold, pain, and laughter.

"Still as cold as ever…."

Zelda looked up when Link entered the house and smiled as the blonde set the stack of logs next to the fireplace before she frowned as she sensed that something was off with him.

"Is something the matter, Link?"

"Nothing," Link responded curtly, striding toward his room without a glance at Zelda or Groose. "I'm going to bed."

"Ehh?" Groose asked, watching as the blonde shut the door to his room before he and Zelda looked at each other in confusion.

Ghirahim sighed when it began to rain softly as dusk began to roll around. He knew that the monsters began to stir during nighttime and he was a sitting duck lying out in the open like he was.

Ghirahim grabbed the scraggly tree that was nearby and began using it as support to get himself to his feet. He held the side of his chest tighter as began to look for some sort of shelter where he would be safe from any monsters. The white-haired man started for the small cave-like space between the roots of a large tree; the entrance was little and hidden, big enough for Ghirahim to squeeze through but not too large that monsters would spot it.

He sat against the back of one root with a sigh, wincing slightly when he accidentally jostled his wounds though the only that was actually bleeding was the one of the side of his chest.

He was cold, tired and hungry; he hated feeling so weak and so…human.

Ghirahim glanced up and gasped when he saw some berries hanging above him, just out of arm's reach.

He didn't know much about Faron Woods though. The berries were probably poisonous for all he knew.

As he watched, one of the berries fell from the bunch and landed on his lap.

Ghirahim stared at it before looking back up just as another one fell.

He couldn't tell whether Hylia was telling him they were okay to eat or whether it was their time to fall.

Immediately, Ghirahim felt angry. It was like Hylia was taking pity on him!

"I don't need your damn pity," he muttered to himself, but he picked up the berries and ate them anyway.


Ghirahim glanced up when he heard the sound and spotted a small Kikwi standing at the entrance, staring at him curiously. He gave a low hiss, attempting to scare the creature away, but it seemed to have failed as the Kikwi only came closer to him.

"Go away, you vile creature."

With another soft warble, the Kikwi climbed onto his lap and curled up, the little bud on its back naturally unfurling itself for defense.

Ghirahim gave an annoyed look, but he was in no condition to physically get up and force the creature away from him.

A few seconds later a few more Kikwi came into the small enclosure, either curling up on either side of Ghirahim or at the front of his feet until it looked as if Ghirahim's lower half was covered in grass.

With a low growl, Ghirahim stared at the roots above him with a scowl.

"Very funny, Hylia. You have such a sense of humor."

"I fear I may have made the wrong decision," Link abruptly said during breakfast the next day.

"With what?" Zelda asked.

"Yesterday….I saw Ghirahim on my way back from gathering the firewood."

"Did ya kill him?" Groose asked eagerly.

"I might have," Link sighed. "He claimed he was human, but I didn't believe him and left him to fend for himself."

"You should go find him," Zelda suggested and Groose gave a protesting "What? !" at the proposal.

"But what if—"

"I'm sure that if Hylia thought of him as worth saving then she would have somehow protected him through the night," Zelda gave a soft smile. "She has much forgiveness."

Link appeared to think about it before he nodded and stood up.

"I'll be back, then."

"You're seriously going to allow him to bring back the guy who practically killed you?" Groose asked as the front door shut.

The only response he got was a harsh punch in the shoulder that told him to be quiet.

Link began his search near where he had first spotted Ghirahim. When he had just run out of places to look he saw a small entrance to a crevice and crouched down as he entered the enclosed space.

"Ghirahim?" Link asked, part of him hoping that the white-haired man was there. "You in here?"


Link stopped when he saw a young Kikwi staring at him sleepily before it lay back flat on the ground and resumed sleeping. As he looked around, he spotted more Kikwis covering Ghirahim's lower half, all asleep with their protective bulbs unfurled.

He went closer to Ghirahim, being careful not to step on any of the Kikwis, and shook his shoulder.

"Ghirahim? Hey, Ghira-"

"Shut up, you twit. I'm sleeping."

Link became a little miffed when Ghirahim turned his head the other way before he sighed, deciding that he deserved that.

But he was not just about to give up.

"Ghirahim, you have to wake up. Come on; don't make me hit you."

Ghirahim sighed, slowly opening his eyes and looking at Link.

"I can't sleep with you buzzing in my ear like that."

"It's morning, sleepyhead," Link said before he could stop himself.

He blushed when he realized what he had said; it had become a bit of a habit for him to say that since Zelda had said it so many times to him when he wouldn't wake up in the morning.

"Cute," Ghirahim sneered as he looked away. "What are you here for?"

"I'm here to…take you my house."

It felt really awkward to say that.

Even Ghirahim seemed surprised by the invitation as he turned his head further away so Link couldn't see his expression.

"Why….?" he asked in a soft voice. "Why would you…."

"Everyone….deserves a little bit of compassion."

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