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He hated the stares that he got as he and Link entered the house with Link practically carrying all his weight against his side. He despised the weakness that he now had and wished that Link really had ended his life so he wouldn't have to live with the pain and the weakness and the…guilt.

He glanced at Zelda as they walked past her and instead of the hatred and disgust that he suspected he would see in her eyes all he saw was….compassion and…acceptance.

When the blonde saw his gaze she gave a soft smile.

How could she smile at him like that after everything that he did? How could she so easily forgive him? He didn't understand.

Groose merely sneered at him, looking away as he crossed his arms over his chest, obviously disgruntled and displeased that Ghirahim was even in the same room as him.

"I don't understand any of this," he whispered as Link helped him sit down on the edge of his bed. "How can you accept me so openly after all the things that I did?"

"I don't think I'm that ready yet," Link admitted as he looked through his adventure pouch for a potion. "It was Zelda who goaded me into it. She has so much forgiveness that she would probably forgive a Bokoblin that tried to attack her."

"That's going to get her killed someday," Ghirahim said as Link handed him a red potion. "What's this?"

"A potion. It should heal your wounds faster than if we just treated them normally."

Ghirahim stared at it for a few seconds. He had never had the need to use a….potion. What did it taste like?

"Right," Link said as if understanding Ghirahim's hesitance. "You've never used a potion before when you were a demon. Trust me, it doesn't taste good, but you'll feel immensely better after you drink it."

He continued to stare at it before he decided that he would just take a small sip of it if it was that powerful.

He didn't expect to feel his wounds start healing on their own, the aching in his muscles and joints vanishing, or his strength returning; he ended up drinking the entire bottle because he just wanted to keep that feeling of being powerful again.

"I can see you're feeling better again," Link chuckled lightly and for some reason that made an awkward feeling rise to Ghirahim's cheeks.

Ghirahim began furiously rubbing his cheeks to get the feeling to go away.

"Is something that matter?" Link asked, leaning closer to Ghirahim who responded by leaning away when the feeling worsened. "Are you sick?"

The blonde continued staring at Ghirahim before he tilted his head to the side.

"I think you need a bath," Link concluded with a bright smile.

Ghirahim's pointed ear twitched. What the hell was a bath?

Ghirahim stared at the tub filled with water before looking at Link, who stood nearby watching him almost eagerly, then staring back at the water and touching it with his hand.

It felt pleasantly warm.

He looked back at Link. "How long can I stay?"

"Until it gets cold. Then you'll probably want to get out."

Ghirahim resumed staring at the water before he began to shamelessly strip in front of Link who immediately covered his eyes with a protesting shout.

"Wait until I leave, stupid!"

He waited until Link exited the bathroom (which took a few tries since Link refused to remove his hands from his eyes) before he finished undressing and stepped into the tub.

Ghirahim instantly went to the center of the tub where it was the warmest and lowered his head until his nose was just above the water, a pleased expression on his face as he closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes he found himself staring into the face of his master.

With a startled gasp, he hit the water with his hand to disperse the image before turning around and wrapping his arms around his chest as he shivered slightly.

No, no, he's dead, he told himself. Link vanquished him. There's no way…just no way…

Ghirahim shook his head.

After he had gotten dressed (wearing Link's brown pants and Groose's too large red shirt made him feel even more awkward than he already was) Ghirahim walked into the kitchen to see Zelda, Groose and Link sitting down, apparently getting ready to eat dinner.

Ghirahim just didn't feel like it though; all that guilt and regret came back at him full force.

"Do you mind if I go for a walk?" he asked.

"A walk?" Link repeated, but before anyone could stop him, Ghirahim was already out the door.

Once the front door had shut, Zelda slapped Groose's arm.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"You scared him away!" Zelda chastised. "I could sense you glaring at him! He's already in a fragile state because of what he thinks we think about him and your evil stares took it over the edge!"

"Just calm down, Zelda," Link said, "it's not his fault. I'll go look for him, okay? We'll be back."

Ghirahim had found the farthest corner of Faron woods and sat himself down on a log with a few mushrooms growing near it. He sighed as he drew his knees to his chest, feeling much like a sulking child, and rested his chin on the top of them, staring ahead of him gloomily.

He lost himself in his thoughts of everything that he had done, falling deeper into depression so much that he swore there must have been a gloomy cloud above his head.


Ghirahim glanced down to see two Kikwi staring up at him and he realized that one of them was the one who had been the first to lie on his lap the night before.

"What are you doing here, little ones?" he asked, dropping his feet to the ground and leaning closer to the small creatures. "Are you lost like I am?"

The two Kikwis must not have been old enough to speak for themselves, but it was obvious that they understood emotions pretty well.

The one who had laid on his lap climbed up his legs and settled himself down on Ghirahim's legs while the other one hopped onto the log and sat beside Ghirahim.

"Are you trying to comfort me?" he asked the little Kikwi buried his face in the white-haired man's chest. "That's nice of you."

He put his arms around the Kikwi and put his face against the soft fur, realizing that what he was doing was such a weak human thing to do but it felt so right for some reason.

"I'm glad that you forgive me. I heard that Kikwi know a good person from a bad one. Is it merely that you're following Hylia's orders?"


"No, I guess you are too young for that. I like my previous idea anyway."


Ghirahim looked up when he heard his name and saw Link cautiously walking toward him as if wondering whether he should be disturbing him.

"What about you?"

"…What do you mean?"

"You always were the slow one, weren't you?" Ghirahim gave an amused chuckle as he stood up, setting the Kikwi down on the log before walking closer to Link until he stood just a few feet away and stared at the blonde seriously. "Do…"

Ghirahim stopped and shook his head. "No, I should rephrase that….can you forgive me for all that I've done to both you and Zelda?"

"Of course I can. I mean both Zelda and I have already forgiven you. I guess that it will probably take some time for Groose to fully forgive you, but…"

The next thing that Link knew he was being hugged. It surprised him so much that he didn't know how to react because he was being hugged. By Ghirahim.

"Thank you, Link…." Ghirahim whispered, his voice shaking slightly but for some reason he didn't mind it. "For everything."

"It was noth-"

And then he was being kissed.

It wasn't a rough, hungry kiss; it was something gentle and soft and a thing that he thought Ghirahim would not have been capable of.

When Ghirahim pulled back, he stared into Link's eyes and as Link stared back he could see something so human and absolutely alive about them.

"I mean it. Thank you, Link."

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