Sumo Santa is thinking about Bad Mr. Frosty. A quick fic!

I can't believe that stupid snowman has ruined my life since we meet each other that time...


Sumo Santa: "Aren't you so persistent for something so obvious?"

Bad Mr. Frosty: "You'll never win, not while I'm here!"

Sumo Santa: "I'm the toy kingpin around here snowman, your holding back the operation!"

Bad Mr. Frosty: "You never gave me that rocking horse I wanted when I was ten!"

Sumo Santa: "Well I was busy that year."

Bad Mr. Frosty: "But you drank the milk and ate the cookies, prepare to fight!"

Sumo Santa: "Hmp, WHAT-EVER!"

-End of flashback-

Because of him I can't take over the world, take over the North Pole and can't make toys for those children, Why he supports Santa better than me? I'm better, faster and stronger!

He said he love kids, I love kids too! He said he love North Pole, I love North Pole too! He said he hates heat, do I. If he just agree like me on this kind of things, then, why he just stop me from doing my job!


Well, I can't wait to fight him, and I know he also does. I REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR IT

The End!

Well, that's was all. I just feel to do a fanfic about it, even if is short