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The thunder shook the tree house. A constant crashing and flashing kept Numbuh Three frightened to the point where she was too afraid to come out from under her covers in bed. It was nearing on one A.M., and everyone else was sound asleep. Only Numbuh Three ever had problems with storms; they made her feel alone and claustrophobic.

With each thunder clap, she whimpered from her spot tangled in her sheets, clutching an orange rainbow monkey closer to her chest for comfort. She liked to believe that it was hugging her – protecting her – keeping her safe. Somewhere in her mind, she knew better: it was just a worn plush toy, but still, it was comforting. From her post encircled by her blankets and plush protectors, Numbuh Three took a peek out of her cocoon. She could still hear the winds rattling the trees and the rain coming down on her window pane. She heard the plip-plop of droplets into a bucket on her floor from where the ceiling leaked. Numbuh Two gave it to her so that the leak wouldn't make a mess all over her floor when it rained. Her room was dark at night, instead of like it is in the day with its vibrant colors echoing off the walls.

Numbuh Three took it all in.

It was kind of… Peaceful. Maybe she would get some sleep after all.

Unfortunately for her, mere seconds after she let her guard down, the loudest crack of thunder scared a small yelp out of her as she threw the blankets back over her head; her heart racing from surprise.

Tears began to well up in Numbuh Three's eyes. She really just wanted to sleep, but the thunder was taunting her. She was too afraid to get out of bed, but she couldn't sleep either.

"Numbuh Three?" She heard from behind her closed door, "are you okay? I heard you yell…"

"Is that you Numbuh Four?" She asked in a shaky whisper. It seemed like a silly question… Who else had the Australian accent?

"Yeah, it's me," Numbuh Four replied, "Are you okay Numbuh Three?" He asked again. His question made her remember the thunder that was tormenting her minutes before, as more tears welled up in her eyes.

"Yeah," she lied in a watery voice.

"Don't you lie to me, Kuki; you know I know you better than that." It was true. Numbuh Four had always been able to tell when she was lying. Just then, another crash shook the tree house, and Numbuh Three ducked back under her covers. Silent tears began to fall from her eyes.

Numbuh Four sighed, "Okay, Numbuh Three, follow me." He held out his hand to her, which she took hesitantly, afraid to leave her safety nest. "Don't worry," he said, feeling her insecurity, "I'll take care of you." He led her out of her bed and into the hallway, never once letting go of her hand.

Out of the corner he saw a flash of light out the window and stopped dead in his tracks to pull Numbuh Three to his chest, wrapping his arms around her protectively as they waited for the inevitable clap of thunder that was to proceed. It surprised her when the crash didn't scare her as much when she was pressed to his chest. Numbuh Four had grown a lot since he was ten.

When the thunder passed, Numbuh Three noticed that he was swaying with her back and forth in an effort to calm her.

Numbuh Four released her slowly and looked down to see if she was alright. Keeping one hand on her lower back, he moved one hand to her face and wiped away her tears with his thumb. She stared into his eyes. Numbuh Three always knew that he had a soft spot deep down, one that only she got to see, but she never knew how much he cared.

He let his hands fall, and took her hand again to lead her down the hallway. He stopped in front of his room and pushed open the door.

"Come on, Kuki, you can sleep here tonight so I can make sure you're okay." She looked into his eyes, which were different from the eyes that she usually saw… maybe it was this change in character. She whispered thanks and climbed into his bed to curl up next to him.

Numbuh Four slung his arm around her waist to pull her closer and then didn't take it off. She didn't want it off. Numbuh Three felt much safer feeling his heart beating through his t-shirt. She didn't even notice when the thunder came and shook the tree house any more.

Half asleep, a thought occurred to her, "Wally?" No answer, "Do you love me?"

It was almost a whisper, and for all she knew, he never heard it because he was sleeping. She frowned at the silence, but settled into his embrace. Before sleep came to take her away, she felt his strong hand lace his fingers with hers.

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Sorry for repeating "Numbuh" all the time… I learned that there's a kind of Romance to using someone's name, and I prefer them using each other's names when they really want to express their relationship.

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