Hey I'm back! I've decided to make this story longer because I kind of like it… so yeah.

No POV, but this is obviously going on down the hall instead of with a certain two kids.

"Numbuh Two! Numbuh Two!... Hoagie! Wake up! It's happening; you've gotta see this!" Numbuh Five yelled anxiously in hushed tones while shaking her sleeping friend.

"Wha- Bradley?" Murmured a half-asleep Hoagie Gilligan.

"No Numbuh Two… its Three and Four…"

"WHAT?" Hoagie almost yelled… They had all known that Numbuh Three and Numbuh Four had crushes on each other that they tried their best to hide, but they were way too obvious. What was going on with them that Abby had to wake me up in the middle of the night? Hope its scandalous… He thought.

"Shh sh shhh… they'll hear us!" Whispered a nervous but giddy Numbuh Five. She had been coaching her best friend Kookie a.k.a. Numbuh Three in how to make a move or how to get Numbuh Four to.

"What's going on?" asked Hoagie.

"They're out of bed."

"oooh, scandalous!" He was excited now; it was about time his best friend Numbuh 4 got any action in the girl department. A red hat hitting his arm hard snapped him out of his thinking about the two kids in the hallway. "Oww.. okay. Let's see what's goin' on…"

"Numbuh Five heard Numbuh Three's yell and went to see what was wrong but Numbuh Four got there first… anyway, he went into her room and I wanna know what's goin' on."

"Looks like you won't have to wait too long to find out" Numbuh Two said and pointed out of the doorframe where, down the hall, you could see the shadows of two figures emerging from Numbuh Three's room holding hands… The Two spies shushed each other and poked their heads out eager to see what was going to happen between their two best friends. A flash of light from the storm outside illuminated Numbuh Four and Numbuh Three's faces for a split second, but as soon as it went dark, the tall blonde shadow grabbed the shorter one with the ponytail and pulled her in.

"What's going on?" Whispered Numbuh Five.

"Are they…?" Numbuh Two started. They looked at each other for a moment before turning away blushing.

"No, look," Numbuh Two whispered, "I think she's just afraid of the thunder."

"Oh of course! Aww, Numbuh Four's protecting his girl"

"That crudy shiela is NOT mai gal" Numbuh Two mimicked in a failed Australian accent.

"SHHH!" Numbuh Five whispered, giggling at his attempt to imitate Numbuh Four.

The two watched as Numbuh Four released her, touched her face tenderly, but then dropped his hands. Numbuh Five sighed as she watched Numbuh Four failed again at getting the girl.

"Do ya ever think it'll happen?" asked Hoagie, obviously thinking the same as Abby.

"Night's not over yet" said Abby, pointing a finger hopefully into the hallway. Hoagie stepped a foot into the hallway in an attempt to follow the couple further into the darkness.

"Hoagie! What are you doing!" Numbuh Five asked maybe a little too loudly. Numbuh Two toppled back into his room, knocking him and Abby to the ground. They didn't move for a bit in fear that Numbuhs Three and Four had heard them. Hoagie let out the breath he had been holding when he heard Numbuh Four's door close.

Hoagie looked up to see Abby staring down at him. The silence between them grew awkward before Hoagie cleared his throat "Ahem… Uh Abby… You're kind of…"

"oh, um, yeah, sorry" she said, untangling herself from Numbuh Two quickly.

"Let's uh…" Numbuh two tripped over his words after they had stood back up again, but he never took his eyes off of her, "uh…"

" yes?"

He gestured into the hallway, "shall we?"

"Oh- oh yeah… lets go," Abby replied, "but quietly."

The two tiptoed into the hallway shushing and pushing each other until they were only a few feet from the door. Hoagie felt her hands on his back as she pushed him forward. "You go first"

He smiled, "shh shh, fine, but we have to be quiet, Abby" He took a few shaky steps forward but stopped dead when he heard numbuh Three's quiet voice. They couldn't quite make out what she said, but they figured it was safe to proceed when they didn't hear numbuh Four say anything. Hoagie peeked his head inside as he watched his best friend slide his hand over the hand of the girl of his dreams.

"aww," Abby sighed as she saw the sight of her best friend being protected by the boy that she had been fawning over for years. "They're adorable…"

"Is this even legal?" Asked numbuh Two

"Aw, shut up Hoagie, Numbuh One don't have to know 'bout some stuff…" Numbuh Five responded.

"They are really cute together… ya know, maybe this'll be the beginning of something good for them."

I dont know if i should do anything else. If you want me to add on to this story write plot ideas in the comment box.

live long and prosper~ PRF