I seem to have gotten sucked back into writing another Uncas/Alice poem again. Poor me lol! Anyways, I hope this isn't too depressing, enjoy!


The sun arises red

The drums are beating

In my soul...

In my veins...

My heart takes flight

like an eagle on the wind

like a soldier off to war

And I follow its call

Leading me on

towards the distant hills where

the rivers run in blood where

The forests shield the hunters

To where the deer sleep

To where he waits for me

His arms open wide

And in them I can hide

The mountains echo back his cry

Tearing my heart in two

And in that moment I realize

The emptiness inside

Me cries for some release

Which only death provides.

In the distance I see him

Lying broken on the stone

His hands stretched towards

Me beckoning me on

I glance once more

On life...


And free the caged bird

Of my soul

The wind stirring the leaves

Upon the trees...

And then there is no more.

The sun sets in red

The drums are beating

over me...

over him...

And never shall they cease

Till the moon has failed

And the world is dead.

A/N: I know this is really short and probably should have something extra between the first and second stanzas, but I just can't make myself add anything to it at the moment. Thanks for reading! If you like it, please send me a review or if you can think of anything I should add, I would like to know. ;) Thanks again! ~Knowing Grace