10 years later

They stand in the middle of the garage, looking at his new purchase. Kensi seems unsure, biting her bottom lip and staring at the object intently. Deeks can't help but smile at her worried state. He takes her hand in his, kisses her wedding ring (the one he never gets tired of looking at) and she turns to him.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Deeks gives her a peck on the lips, worrying about the state of her bottom lip if she doesn't stop biting it like that.

"It's just a surfboard, princess." She sighs and turns to face said surfboard.

"I know it is but…Are you sure it's safe?" Deeks wraps his arms around his wife's waist and rests his head on her shoulder.

"Do you think I would even suggest such a thing if I thought it could be dangerous? It's not like we're going to the middle of the ocean. But I made a promise to a certain someone and you said it was okay."

She nods and turns around in his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I know what you said and I know what I said. But I think looking at it makes it too real. What if something happens?"

Deeks pulls her as close as possible and looks her in the eye. "Kensi, you know I won't let anything bad happen. I'm going to be there the whole time."

She seems thoughtful for a moment. Then, she speaks, her voice no louder than a whisper. Still, he hears her loud and clear. "Okay."

A grin appears on his face and he lifts her up in his arms. Kensi wraps her legs around his waist and allows him to hold her like this. "Are you sure? Because I don't want to do anything you're not okay with. I can always return the board…"

Kensi connects their lips and kisses him passionately. Deeks backs her up against the wall, kissing her back, and one of his hands makes its way beneath her shirt. That's when she pulls back and smiles at him. "I'm sure. I trust you, Marty. Let's do it."

He connects their lips once again and, when he's about to touch her bra-covered breasts, the cry of a baby is heard. He pulls back and puts her down. Kensi smirks and kisses his cheek. "I'm sorry but it seems like your daughter needs these a bit more than you."

She walks inside and Marty follows her, unable to stay mad at his daughter for interrupting their moment alone. That little girl makes him melt with just one look, much like her mother. They walk inside the baby's room together and he picks her up. Amanda is only 5 months old but she already looks a lot like her mother. Her brown eyes stare at him intently, almost as if telling him that she needs her mommy for this part.

Deeks hands her to Kensi and she sits on the rocking chair with the baby close to her chest. She starts nursing her and Deeks can't help the smile that takes over his face at the cuteness of the whole thing. He sits on the floor, next to the chair, just as they hear someone coming upstairs.

Mike (name given in honor of one of Kensi's best friends who died years before), peeks inside to see if it's safe to come in. Marty motions that it's okay and the 7 year-old sits on the floor next to him. "I heard Mandy cry. Was she hungry?"

The baby finishes nursing and Deeks takes her to burp her. Kensi buttons her shirt and smiles at Mike. The boy is the spitting image of his father. The blue eyes, the blonde untamed hair and the sense of humor are all there. The only thing he got from her was his ability to get in trouble. "Yes, she was hungry. Listen, why don't we all go to the beach tomorrow? Daddy and I have the whole weekend off and I think it would be good. What do you say?"

Mike inherited his father's love for the beach too, so he nods excitedly. Marty puts the baby down on her crib and walks to his son. "And I have something to show you. Come on. Let's go to the garage."

Mike gets up and walks to the door. Marty turns to Kensi and smiles. "Are you not coming with us, mommy?"

Kensi shakes her head. "I'm thinking this is more of a father-son moment."

Deeks walks to her, gives her a peck on the lips to show his love and walks downstairs with his son to show him his present. He bought him his very first surfboard to teach him how to surf, something he's wanted to do for a year now. And he can't wait to teach him.

The next day, at the beach, Kensi keeps her eyes trained on Marty and Mike. They're both near the water and Marty is teaching his son the basics. Kensi is sitting on a towel, not very far away, with baby Amanda. The baby seems to be staring at her father and her brother too and Kensi smiles at her. "Don't worry, baby. Daddy won't try to teach you how to surf. You're his little girl and he will never teach you something that might attract boys. I'll teach you how to hotwire a car, though, once you're old enough for that."

The baby grabs one of her fingers just to feel her mother and Kensi returns her gaze to her husband and son. Watching Deeks teaching his kid how to surf, makes her think about their whole life, their family. At first, he was scared to become a father because he didn't have the best role model. But, now, he's a great father.

He helps Mike with his homework, gets up in the middle of the night when Amanda cries, changes her diapers when needed, teaches Mike how to play soccer, watches games on TV with him…He's the best father and husband she could ask for. After a while, both boys walks to the towel to drink some water and rest a bit. Deeks kisses Amanda's forehead and sits next to Kensi, his arm wrapping automatically around her waist. Mike follows his father's example and kisses his sister's cheek. He sits next to the baby's seat and grabs her hand to play with her for a bit.

Kensi turns to Deeks, who has a smile on his face while observing their kids. Their eyes meet and they both feel the exact same way. They're extremely lucky to have this family. Deeks kisses her and whispers against her lips. "I love you so much, princess…"

She whispers back, before kissing him too. "I love you too, Marty."

And to think it all started with a pen…

The End

Thank you to those who stood by my side while I worked on this story. I hope to read your thoughts about this chapter.

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