Author's Disclaimer: I do not own The Santa Clause franchise. :P

The Day Bernard Got Beaned (And What Happened After)

Prologue: The Dangers of Teleportation

The North Pole had an Elfcon two on their hands: the reindeer Chet had taken himself joyriding somewhere, in a world with i-phones, video phones, camcorders, you name it...which meant he could be taped. Or maybe, knowing Chet, he'd get labeled a national disaster.

Moments after walking into the command center, Bernard took action. As Head Elf, he was uniquely qualified to find Chet and bring him back. He'd just teleport! Voila! Besides, with only two days remaining until Christmas, they didn't have time to waste on chasing Chet.

Bernard focused, pictured the goofy reindeer in his mind, imagined himself arriving somewhere close by Chet in relative safety...and teleported.

Five minutes later, Bernard fully appreciated the foolhardiness of his snap decision. When the target he was teleporting to,

"CHET! Land already!" this case one seriously in trouble reindeer, was half a mile up in the air and moving fast, 'relative safety' meant Bernard had appeared on the reindeer's back. And teleporting required concentration, which meant Bernard was stuck there...


Or had been, anyway.

Helen stood in the kitchen, making herself hot cocoa from scratch. She figured this little thing made up for all the other stuff she just hadn't bothered with this year. Merry Christmas. Have some fresh cocoa. Yay. Not that there was anybody to entertain, except herself.

After getting her cocoa, she wandered back into the tiny living room, and curled up at her usual place on the couch. Normally her house-mates were around, but now they were both away spending the holidays with family. Several weeks ago, Helen's own vacation plans had fallen through. So here she was, holding down the fort.

Helen flipped on the television. The movie The Christmas Story was on, catching her slightly by surprise. Despite her plan to mostly avoid holiday movies, she let it play for a bit, since it was in one of her favorite scenes. The main character, Ralphie, was currently trying to claw his way back up a plastic slide after the mall Santa had denied his Christmas wish. Helen chuckled a little as the helper elf unceremoniously pushed Ralphie's face with her curly toed shoe until he finally let go and slid down for a second time. She had watched this many times over the years, but it was still hilarious...

Helen's laughter suddenly caught in her throat, and she clutched quietly at her mug for a long moment. In the back of her mind, she knew she should have changed the channel; this movie was too nostalgic. Now, a sense of something was trying to overwhelm her; panic, horror, denial- maybe all of that. Tears were threatening to fall...

A knock came from the front door, shocking Helen slightly. The jolt of surprise allowed her to shunt the pain aside, and safely lock it away.

She set down her mug, turned off the television, and tilted her head to listen, just to make sure...

The knock came again; tap tap! Helen ran a hand quickly through her hair, using a sleeve to brush away any moisture in her eyes, then hopped up and went to the front door. Maybe it was one of her roommates, back to spend Christmas here for some reason...

Author's Note: I wonder who's knocking? :D This is a nine story I wrote after re-watching The Santa Clause 1&2 over the holidays. Please pardon any grammatical errors, etc. :) And hopefully, enjoy!