Author's Disclaimer: I don't own Bernard or any other Santa Clause character. Helen is mine.

The Day Bernard Got Beaned (And What Happened After)

Epilogue: Happily

The ceremony happened only an hour later. Mother Nature came over as a special favor to Santa, and Curtis came over to serve as a witness- and to provide a quickly procured ring (and a few unnecessary guffaws, in Bernard's opinion). It was very simple, much like Santa and Mrs. Claus' own ceremony had been, and before long Bernard and Helen were finishing up their vows.

When it came time to kiss, Bernard leaned down and gave Helen a gentle, chaste peck on the cheek. Then they hugged, and before much longer, everyone was on their way to the North Pole, where a celebration and many congratulations awaited them, much to Bernard's embarrassment.

As far as Helen's old life was concerned, she kept in touch with a few people via her e-mail (though where she lived, the e stood for 'elf'), but for all intents and purposes she began a brand new life that Christmas day.

And Bernard wasn't too unhappy about the new setup, either, come to think of it. Not at all. There may even have been a proper wedding a few years later, followed by a few elvish children...and maybe even a happily ever after.

But that's another story.

The End.

Author's Note: And that's it, kiddos. I hope anyone who read this enjoyed it. A review or two would be nice, if you did. I enjoyed writing it because it had a happy ending and I didn't have to worry about it too, too much. I just wrote it out, did a little editing, and done. :) Haaaaah. Stress relief. Belated Merry Christmas!