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Iji's POV

"We need to activate her now', "But what if she doesn't wake up"… "She's our only chance at defeating the aliens" "... Aw shi"crack crack crack.

As quickly as the voices were silenced I took notice of the area around, I was on a bed with a strange boxy looking gun next to me… It was a few seconds before I remembered what had happened before I was knocked unconscious. I was with Mia, Dan and Dad at the facility and a bright flash engulfed the skies…

Wait a minute, what happened to the voices earlier….

As I looked out of a small window pane in the door near the outdoors and looked in horror at the bodies of the researchers sprawled over the snowy floor, I began to notice a voice in the intercom," Iji Iji listen up it's me Dan, I need you to listen closely to my instructions closely if we are to survive" As I snapped out of my shock I asked Dan "Bro you there? Where am I, what happened, what are those things?" Dan replied"Keep your voice down, those aliens are the Tasen and have been there for months now" "How? There's no way that the international attention has not been notified of this threat" Dan replied "Iji calm down and I will break the news to you step by step. First you should talk to the Tazen leader and try to talk some sense into him in either leaving the planet to cooperating with the remaining human population". At that second I heard a large explosion…

Endnote: Who or what caused the explosion? Stay tuned for another tri-crossover chapter of Iji Raze and Halo!

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