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Andrea and Laron had explained that Neo had been kidnapped – for reasons other than Neo's relationship with Catalina.

"How do I know if you're not a part of a trap for us Black Mages?" Seul asked, suspicious of Andrea and Laron's 'true intentions'.

"Come on, Seul! I'm Neo's best friend! I would never betray him…" Laron argued.

Seul put his hand to his chin, and thought about this for a moment. "We need to get him back…"

"All we need is a basic plan…" Andrea rubbed the back of her neck.

"Maybe we just need to attack the village."

Laron, Andrea and Seul turned their heads to find Nina standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

"If they're not going to give him back so easily, then we need to take action and get him back ourselves."

Laron scratched his head. "It seems like the only way…"

"We could always try a compromise?" Andrea suggested.

"Maybe that's a better idea…but the other plan could be 'Plan B', right?" Laron asked nervously.

"Yeah, sure…" Seul said, unsure of this himself.

"Won't you get in trouble for getting involved with us?" Nina enquired to Andrea.

Andrea shrugged her shoulders. "Probably. But I want to do what's right, and get Neo back to you." She walked over to Nina. "I don't see why we White Mages and you Black Mages need to fight with each other."

Nina sighed. "I agree too. I don't see why we need to fight."

Laron and Seul looked at each other. They both agreed on the matter as well.

"In a way, one cannot live without the other." Andrea smiled.

Nina nodded, also smiling.

"So, what's our plan?" Laron asked, interrupting the bonding moment between Andrea and Nina.

"We take our Black Mages to the White Mages and begin a compromise." Seul replied.

"I'll go and gather everyone here…" Laron announced as he quickly walked out the door.

Andrea twiddled her thumbs nervously. She knew this maybe wasn't the best idea in the world, but something had to be done. And she was going to stop this on-going feud with the two Mage tribes once and for all.

Catalina stood packing away her things. She had been thinking about her son and Neo. She thought about their future as a family, and what they could do to make it all work. What if…Neo and I run away with each other, and we both raise Claude? Catalina folded one piece of her clothing. Claude obviously won't be accepted by the other White Mages when he grows up with his White and Black Magic… She set the last of her clothing into a bag.There, finished.

"Eh…" A light whimper came from Claude, who was lying in his cot.

Catalina looked over to Claude. She smiled. Catalina got onto her feet and walked over to Claude's cot. She lifted Claude up carefully, with her hand supporting his head and her other hand supporting his body. "You're so tiny, you know that?" Catalina giggled.

Claude whimpered again.

Catalina smiled again. But her smiled faded, as she thought about Alex, and how she would have to marry him soon. I don't want Claude to grow up to be like Alex…and I don't want to raise him around him either…

Catalina held Claude close to her. Maybe I do need to run away with Neo…somewhere far away…where people can accept us… She closed her eyes. "Maybe that's what I need to do…" Catalina murmured. "All I need to do is to contact Neo…"

Leon stood inside his house along with Lisa. Leon stood at one end of the living room, while Lisa stood at one of the windows, looking out of it.

"So, how's Catalina?" Leon asked.

"She's fine; I visited her this morning." Lisa smiled. "She has a beautiful son."

"What's his name?"


Leon smiled. He kept thinking about Catalina ever since she had gone into labour. He worried for his daughter, and also hoped that his grandchild would be okay as well. When Leon heard the news, he was relieved. All he needed to do was to visit Catalina and Claude.

"I think she's chosen her son's name wisely." Lisa admitted. "It suits him."

"I agree." Leon chuckled.

Lisa turned to Leon. "How's the wedding planning going?"

Leon sighed, as he rubbed his temples. "It's been a little stressing…due to Catalina being pregnant and having to put it off because of her due date…"

Lisa looked at Leon worriedly. "I can give you help if you need it-"

"I'm fine, really." Leon insisted. He sighed. "And I still think Catalina is being stubborn about getting married."

"I don't think she's being stubborn…" Lisa rubbed the back of her neck. "I think she's just nervous about it all." Lisa walked over to Leon and laid a hand on his shoulder. "She'll soon get used to the marriage. We all get used to our marriages in the end."

"I suppose…" Leon replied, regretting that he even brought up Catalina's 'stubbornness'.

"Try not to dwell on it too much," Lisa patted Leon's shoulder and walked back over to the window. "Just relax." She smiled. Lisa glanced out the window, and saw something ahead. She blinked a couple of times, as if she couldn't believe it. Is that…? No…it couldn't be!

Leon walked over to the window beside Lisa. "Do you see what I see?" He asked worriedly.

Lisa nodded. "What are they doing here?"

"That's what we're going to find out." Leon moved away from the window to the door.

Lisa followed Leon, now very worried.

Seul, Laron, Andrea and a small crowd of Black Mages appeared in the village looking around them. A couple of the White Mages that were once walking about in the peaceful, undisturbed village had now fled, obviously not wanting to get in trouble with the Black Mages.

Seul looked around. "So, where's the person in charge?"

Andrea looked around as well, and spotted Leon and Lisa coming towards them. She pointed to Leon. "Him."

Leon stormed over to Seul, with Lisa following cautiously behind. She seemed…scared. Seul could practically see the fear in her eyes.

Seul folded his arms, waiting for Leon to approach him.

"What are the likes of you doing here?!" Leon growled, as he stopped in front of Seul.

"I believe you've stolen someone of ours, hm?"

"What?" Leon stared at him with a blank expression on his face, anger still flowing through his veins and showing in his face. "We never stole anything from you! Why would we steal from Black Mages?!"

"That's where I think you're lying." Seul stared Leon down. "Hand Neo over, and we won't cause you any trouble."

"I don't know who you're talking about…" Leon muttered under his breath, annoyed.

"Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?" Seul threatened Leon.

Lisa stepped in from behind Leon and appeared in front of Seul. "Look, we honestly don't have any idea what you're talking about it." She defended Leon. "Maybe if you explain what this whole situation is about-"

"Why the hell are they here?!" A familiar voice screeched.

"Oh, crap…" Laron swore under his breath.

Alex marched up to Leon. He stared at Laron, Andrea and Seul with a dark glare. "And you…" He pointed to Andrea. "You traitor!"

"I'm only trying to do what's right!" Andrea argued.

"And what's that exactly?" Alex snarled.

"Enough!" Lisa stepped in between Alex and Andrea.

"Hey, Alex!" Both of the White Mages who helped keep Neo hostage, were carrying his body at the end of the village. "Where do we put-?" The White Mages both stood in horror.

Seul and the Black Mages, Laron, Andrea, Leon and Lisa all stood gaping at the White Mages with Neo's body. Alex didn't dare look. He was too embarrassed to look now. Alex was busted now.

Seul stood and eyed the White Mages in horror. They've got…and he's...! He gave Leon a dark glare. "You liars!" He snarled in a low tone. Seul turned to his Black Mage companions. "What are you waiting for? Get them and retrieve Neo!"

The Mages obeyed. They yelled as they ran away from Seul towards the White Mages and Neo.

The White Mages dropped Neo's body and quickly fled. "Run!" They yelled and screamed in horror.

"What are you doing?!" Leon asked horrified.

"Looks like we're doing this the hard way," Seul replied. "Meet us down in the field, and we'll finish this once and for all." He ran off towards Neo, where some of the Black Mages were checking over Neo.

Leon turned to Andrea and Leon. "Care to explain?"

Laron rubbed the back of neck. "Um…well…" He chuckled nervously.

Andrea folded her arms, about ready to explain. "Your future son-in-law here decided it would be a brilliant idea to capture one of the Black Mages." Andrea smirked at Alex. He was in even more trouble now. "Care to explain, Alex?"

Alex scowled at Andrea.

"Why would you do that?" Lisa asked, confused.

"I only did it because I had to!" Alex snapped.

Leon looked at Alex, disappointment and anger flowed through him. "Why did you have to-?"

"Because he's having a relationship with your daughter!" Alex interrupted Leon, shouting it across the village.

Everyone stood there dumbfounded, especially Lisa and Leon.

Seul looked over at Alex, just as shocked and dumbfounded as the rest of them. He looked down at Neo. "Why, Neo? Why?" He whispered.

Leon stood there shocked. He couldn't believe it. "Catalina wouldn't just do that…"

"Well, you thought wrong!" Alex huffed. "And that baby of hers, it's that demon's!" He pointed to a still unconscious Neo, who was still being attended to.

Seul continued looking down at Neo, horrified by the news that had reached his ears.

Even the Black Mages couldn't believe it. They could feel themselves tensing up just because of it.

Leon still stood there shocked. He didn't believe it. He didn't want to believe it. Leon shook his head. "No…"

"Catalina wasn't assaulted," Alex continued. "She's been going behind our backs just to be with him!"

Lisa turned around to Andrea and Laron, anger and spite growing inside of her. "And you about this the whole time?"

Andrea closed her eyes and sighed. She nodded, feeling ashamed of herself.

Lisa folded her arms and sighed. "You have every right to feel ashamed." She looked over at Leon. "What do we do?"

"We need to warn Catalina."

Lisa nodded. "Let's go." She turned her head at Andrea and Laron. "I'll talk with you both later." Lisa then walked off with Leon.

Andrea shook her head. "I can't let them keep Neo and Catalina apart! I can't…"

"And we won't!" Laron reassured her. "But we need to help and warn Neo."

Andrea nodded. "He needs my White Magic; I'm the only one who can help him now."

Laron nodded. He took Andrea's hand. "We'll get through this, Andrea. You and me."

Andrea smiled, and she looked over at Neo. "Come on, we have to help Neo." She tightened her grip on Laron's hand and ran off towards Neo.

Catalina quietly and cautiously trekked through the forest near Laron's house. She snuck out of Andrea's house through one of the windows that she left unlocked. Catalina had everything that she packed with her, including items Claude needed.

Catalina was completely unaware that the Black Mages had disturbed the peace in her village, and that Neo was even in the village. Catalina was also unaware of Leon and Lisa looking for her.

Catalina held a tired Claude close to her, who was wrapped in multiple cloths.

Claude had been uneasy after Catalina left the village. He cried, and Catalina tried everything to sooth her son. He seemed to sense something, but Catalina couldn't figure out what. Nevertheless, she tried to keep him calm.

"Eh…" Claude let out a soft whimper.

"I'll take us somewhere safe, Claude." Catalina whispered softly to Claude. "Soon, your father, you and I will be together. I promise…"

Catalina eventually got to Laron's house, which was empty. But she still went in, since the door was unlocked.

Catalina sighed as she closed the door. She locked it, feeling paranoid. Why do I feel as if something isn't right? She asked herself.

Catalina walked into the living room with Claude, feeling tense and nervous. Laron had such a big house and it was quiet; too, quiet for that matter. Catalina sat herself in one of Laron's red-leathered armchairs with Claude. She looked down at her son. He seems to be calm now…hopefully it will stay that way for awhile. Catalina sighed. Where could Laron, Andrea and Neo be? They don't seem to be anywhere… She worried to herself.

Catalina never wrote a note to send to Neo, since she was in such a hurry to get away, and she expected to see Laron, Andrea and Neo at Laron's house. But of course, they weren't there, and Catalina couldn't figure out why.

Maybe I'll just wait here until they get back… Catalina suggested to herself. They shouldn't be too long back from…whatever is keeping them occupied.

Leon and Lisa walked back into the middle of the village. They couldn't find Catalina in Andrea's house, or anywhere in the village.

"Where could she be?" Leon asked worriedly.

"She could be anywhere…" Lisa looked around. "You don't think she could've…run away?"

"Catalina wouldn't run away from home…" Leon objected.

"According to you, Catalina doesn't do a lot of things," Lisa mumbled. "But you've been proven wrong, haven't you?"

Leon stayed silent. Lisa was right. Maybe his daughter wasn't so perfect like he thought after all. "And we need to meet this dreaded Black Mages in the sunflower field to 'end this once and for all'…"

"Maybe we should bring most of our White Mages with us; I think we're going to need them."

Leon nodded. He looked up to the sky. Catalina, wherever you are, please be safe…

Neo sat on the ground in his village not far from the sunflower field, with his head in his hands. He refused to look at anyone or to talk to anyone. He had been told he was found out. All the lies and secrets he had been keeping, were now all revealed. Neo felt terrible inside. He didn't mean for it all to happen. But Neo let it happen of his own accord.

It's all my fault… Neo blamed himself. Why did I let it happen? Why was I so foolish? He asked himself so many questions that it rattled his brain. It was bound to go wrong eventually…Now I wish none of it had ever happened…

Neo felt a soft hand on his shoulder. He didn't look up to see who it was though. He was too ashamed of himself.

"Neo…" A soft voice whispered.

Neo recognised the voice. He still didn't look up. "Go away, Nina…" Neo quietly sobbed.

"Neo, please…I just want to help…" Nina ignored her brother's pleads.

Neo sniffled. "What can you do now?" He sobbed with his head still in his hands. "I screwed up. I screwed everything up…"

Nina rubbed her brother's back. "There's still hope for you and Catalina…and your son."

Neo slowly took his head out of his hands. He took a sideward glance at Nina. "…what are you talking about?" Neo whispered.

"There's only way you and Catalina can be together…" Nina paused, feeling nervous and slightly saddened. "You have to run away from here."

Neo looked at her, bewildered she would suggest such an action. "No…I couldn't do that!" He cried.

"It's the only was you can be together with Catalina and your son, Neo." Nina's voice became crackly.

Neo looked down at the ground and thought about this for a moment. Maybe she's right…maybe it is the only way. Neo looked back up at Nina. He nodded.

Nina nodded back. "You can send me letters." She smiled saddened.

Neo nodded. "I guess…"

Nina held out her hand to Neo. Neo took it, and Nina helped Neo onto his feet.

Nina leaned in towards him, and whispered, "Pack what ever you need for your journey, and don't tell anyone where you're going."

Neo nodded. "Thank you, Nina…"

All of the White Mages were at the top end of the field, all murmuring and whispering about the current situation, while at the bottom end of the field, all the Black Mages were doing the same thing.

Leon stepped out of the crowd of White Mages and began walking to the middle of the field.

Seul had begun to do the same thing.

Everyone was tense. It was nerve-racking. Never before have the two villages made contact. They didn't talk to each other, they didn't go near each other, but now, that was all to change. Was the conflict between Black Mages and White Mages finally going to end? That question would be soon answered.

Soon, Seul and Leon had gotten to the middle of the field. They were both nervous, but they showed entirely different expressions on their face. They tried to look brave, and tried to show each other they were not going to give up so easily. The two leaders stood across from each other and their faces were inches apart.

"Ready to die?" Seul threatened Leon, with a very serious look on his face.

"Even if I do die, I'll be seeing you in the afterlife not long afterwards." Leon grinned at his comeback. "Hope you can handle the gods, Seul, since we have them on our side."

"Don't be too cocky, Leon, we have gods of our own to assist us."

Leon scoffed. "Good luck with your 'gods', Seul." He walked away from Seul.

"Same to you, Leon." Seul spat Leon's name in disgust, walking away from him also.

Leon and Seul stood with their perspective groups. They looked at each in disgust and hatred.

The sky turned from a once cheerful blue, to a miserable grey. Thunder was heard above the two groups, and lashes of rain began to pour down on them. It was like the summer had gone and it had turned into a dull, miserable autumn day.

The two groups had stared at each other for awhile, until finally, they both went running towards each other.

Everyone had their staffs in the air, and magic spells were being thrown and casted at each other. Black Magic spells like fire, ice, thunder, and any type of offensive magic lit up the sky with their magnificent colours. White Magic spells like Aero and Holy were used. The White Mages didn't have too much magic to actually hurt the Black Mages, so instead they used what strength they had to beat the opposing Mages with their staffs and hammers. It was every Mage for himself or herself.

Andrea and Laron had been caught up in the fight as well, and they so desperately tried to get out of it. It was horrifying. Blood was everywhere and they were injured Mages. Some didn't even look alive, as they lay on the ground, completely lifeless. But they still continued fighting. No matter how injured they were, they just continued fighting. Their hatred for each other grew stronger and stronger with each minute of just being in the presence of each other. The battle became heated over many hours, and neither of the Mages were going to give up so easily.

Soon enough, Laron and Andrea had escaped the huge conflict and ran back to Laron's house, hoping to get a bit of safety.

The two had entered Laron's house and were checking over each other in case they had wounds or scratches.

"Are you okay?" Andrea asked worriedly, as she looked around for any wounds or scratches he could have received during the Mage-on-Mage conflict.

"I'm fine." Laron replied, dusting himself off. "More importantly, are you okay?"

Andrea nodded. She looked around. As soon as she looked around, something had caught her eye. Andrea saw a note on a little table just by the front door. She walked over to it and picked it up.

"What is it, Andrea?" Laron asked curiously.

Andrea read over the contents of the note. She looked up at the door again. "We need to show everyone this letter."

"What?!" Laron exclaimed, looking at Andrea with wide eyes. "Are you crazy, Andrea?! We'll get killed!"

"Not if I convince them to stop and listen." Andrea had already made to the door and exited it, with Laron following close behind.

Leon and Seul were fighting each other off with their staffs, still determined to win. Seul tried to hit Leon with his staff, but Leon blocked it, and began trying to push Seul away from him.

"Ready to give up?" Seul growled through gritted teeth.

"Never!" Leon growled.


Leon and Seul stopped growling at each other and looked for the source of the voice, their staffs still up against each other. Every Mage had stopped fighting, and silence took over the battlefield.

"I have a note from Catalina and Neo." Andrea shouted across the field so everyone could hear her. She walked down into the middle – with Laron close behind her.

All of the Mages stood still and looked at Andrea, ready to listen to what she was about to read out from the note.

Seul and Leon stepped away from each other, and stood still also, ready to listen to Andrea.

"Andrea and Laron," Andrea began. "We are afraid to say, we have run away from here, to start anew, and forget our past here. Our villages will never come to accept us together, or our son, Claude, with his combined powers of Black Magic and White Magic. Ever since the beginning, Black Mages and White Mages have seemed to have hated each other, and each one had a story. Our story of our conflict? We have hated each other for many reasons. We have different teachings from each other, a totally different type of attire than each other and…well; we have both had something taken away from us. That something is family."

Everyone looked at each other, feeling crestfallen as well as guilty and ashamed.

"My parents' lives were taken by the White Mages, and Catalina's mother's life was taken by the Black Mages themselves as revenge. My parents and Catalina's mother were seen as dangerous, as if they would do something to harm us. But they didn't want to do that. All they wanted to do was to have peace among the all of the Mages. But our own blind hatred wouldn't let that happen. The White Mages and the Black Mages have only brought this hatred for each other upon themselves. We had all grown up to hate each other, and it was perfectly normal. Until, my sister and I had ventured out into the field, and we met Catalina."

Laron stood there, listening attentively. All of these Mages were finally hearing Neo and Catalina's side of the story.

"I knew I had changed my attitude when I met Catalina. She didn't seem like the kind of girl who wanted me dead. And her attitude was the same towards me. Ever since then, we promised to see each other again, and eleven years later, here we are, in this mess we both made. We thought we could make it work. We thought we could keep it all a secret. But we couldn't. And now it's out. I hope you understand, but we just can't live without each other, and our son needs us both if he's going to understand his powers when he is older and the history between Catalina and I. I hope to hear from you again, Neo and Catalina."

Everyone stood there speechless. Neo had summed everything up. And it was all true.

The Black Mages looked over to the White Mages, in which the White Mages done the same. For once, they didn't give them looks of hatred and spite; they exchanged each other looks of remorse and regret.

Seul looked at Leon, who looked back at Seul. He held his hand out. "How about we put this arguing behind us and start anew?"

Leon looked at Seul's hand. He looked back up at his face. Leon opened his arms, welcoming Seul into a hug, which he gladly accepted.

Andrea and Laron looked at each other and grinned.

"I agree we put this all behind us." Leon whispered to Seul.

"I have a suggestion for you." Seul began. He stopped hugging Leon and looked at him. "How about we merge our villages? So we can learn from each other and live together and peace? Like Neo and Catalina would have wanted."

Leon smiled and nodded. "Let's forget our past, and start anew."

"And that's how Black Mages and White Mages came to be friendlier with each other," An old man sat in a chair in front of a few children sitting on the floor, finishing a tale he had just told. "And eventually Red Magic went into practise."

"Really?" The kids sat in awe at the tale the old man told. "What about Neo and Catalina? And Claude? Did they all live happily ever after?"

The old man laughed. "Of course they did!"

"What about that jerk, Alex?" One of the children asked.

"Well, he died in the battle." Laron explained. "He didn't even get resurrected after the battle, and so his punishment was to be sent to the fiery depths of hell for his sins."

A door opened, and a young man dressed in red walked in. "Are you telling that same tale again, Uncle Laron?"

"Of course he is! It's like the best tale ever!" One of the children exaggerated.

"Maybe just as good as a tale about Claude?"

"There's a tale about Claude?!" Another child asked, clearly amazed.

"Of course there is!" The man chuckled. "But that's another one for another day."

"Aww…" The children groaned.

"Now, go on, children, your mothers must be looking for you."

The children sighed as they walked out the door.

The man turned to the old man. "I still can't believe my parents changed history between White Mages and Black Mages…"

"Get used to it, Claude," Laron replied. "Because that tale will be around for a long while, and someday, more people will be telling tales about you."

Claude shrugged his shoulders. "I guess." He looked to the door again. "I think I have to get going, my mother's probably looking for me as well!"

Laron laughed. "Go, before she has a fit."

Claude smiled. He made his way towards the door.

"And Claude?"

Claude turned his head and looked at Laron. "Yes, Uncle?"

"Please keep Madison and Mackenzie in line. You know what they're like when it comes to this time of night."

Claude grinned. "Will do, Uncle."

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