One last story to say my farewell.

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Morning Ritual

"Alright, Jazz, come on."

Jasper sighed as he closed his book, placing it on the nightstand. Pulling himself from the bed, he walked toward the bathroom, dragging his feet slightly. His sat down in the vanity chair in front of the mirror, his large frame settling awkwardly on the small seat.

Alice began to lightly run the brush through his hair, beginning a morning ritual that had started years ago. Hygiene had never been a top priority for him. As a human he had only bathed about once a month, and brushed his hair out once a week for church.

Alice had refused to let him leave the house without brushing his hair so she had taken it upon herself to do it for him every morning. She moved around him, easily brushing out the tangles, and came to a stop in front of him. She stood up on her toes as she ran the brush through his hair, pushing it all back from his face. She leaned in slightly, the action bringing her chest closer to his face and causing him to grin.

"You should be topless," he declared as he watched her chest rise and fall with her breathing.

Confused, Alice stopped brushing. "What?"

"You should be topless," he stated again, with a grin.

Alice rolled her eyes as she turned, setting the brush on the counter and opening a container of hair gel.

"I suppose-" She smeared the white gel on her hands and began to apply it to his hair. "-that I should also give you lap dance while I'm at it?"

"Well, if you're offering." He grinned cheekily.


"So where are we on the topless thing?" he questioned, looking up at her hopefully.

"I'm not going to be topless while I brush your hair."

"Why? I'd enjoy it so much more."

"Because, I'd be going from topless, to naked, to on my back with you between my legs."

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

Alice shook her head with a small laugh as she continued at her task. "We have to get to school," she stated as she finished his hair, looking it over with a satisfied smile. "There. You're all done. Now come on! We're going to be late." She turned, leaving the bathroom without another word.

"It still would have been better if you'd have been topless," Jasper grumbled as he pulled himself to his feet and trudged out of the room for another day of school.

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