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The woman's ruby eyes widen as she heard his haunting voice echo within the school halls. Her heart raced as she froze in place, standing inside her classroom just infront of the door frame, she was afraid to exit the room. School had come to an end for the day she was about to head out as the sun was already starting to setdown. Her body tensed whenever she heard his voice, it was as if death itself was calling to claim her soul. She actually would welcome that rather than it to be him.

She let out a sigh, relieved that it was just probably her mind playing tricks on her. "Get it together! He is just a student!" she reassured herself as she let out another sigh.

"He's a student with evidence that can destroy your life as you know it!" she mentally scolded herself. There was a reason to fear him. She took a step out carefully and looked out to her left only to see an empty hallway, she looked to her right to see nothing but another empty hall. She closed her eyes, placed her right hand on her chest and exhaled, relieved that he wasn't around she smiled a bit. "Thank goodness..." As she turned to slide the door shut she didn't notice the shadowy figure reaching out slowly towards her and leaned in to her and whispered.


The dark haired woman immediately spun around and started to smack the life out of the figure.

"Gah! Kurenai-sensei! It's me!"

The blond boy placed his hands infront of him to protect himself from the woman's slaps.

"I know it's you, that's why I'm hitting you"

She glared at him as he just shrugged it off and grinned sheepishly at her as if he knew she was joking. Kurenai, however was not.

"Aww C'mon sensei, that is no way to treat your students"

He teased as the red eyed woman just continued to glare at him which made him grin even more. He was having fun with her and he was enjoying it, Kurenai realized not to give him any more satisfaction and decided to return to a more civil manner.

"What do you want Naruto?"

She asked, still trying to maintain her calm composure. She saw the blond continue to grin at her and knew he was up to no good. Heck, everytime she saw that grin it would send shivers all through her body. His grin then changed into a small smirk.

"Oh Kurenai-sensei, you know what I want"

His smirk then went back to a grin as she got all tensed up.

"I-It's getting kinda late, c-can't it wait till tomorrow?"

She mentally cursed herself for sounding so weak. Infront of him no less! He was younger than her and she was stuttering like some shy school girl confessing to her crush in some cliche' scene she saw in a tv show.

"No" he told her sternly before changing his tone "Please sensei"

This caught the woman's attention, "He's begging?" usually he wouldn't beg for it.

"O-Okay... But m-make it quick"

She quickly turned to her classroom door and opened it, gesturing him to enter. With one quick look outside to see if anybody saw them she then closed the door shut and turn to Naruto, in which surprised her to see him seated in the front desk with his book opened and notes out.

"Wh-What are you doing?"

She asked him as if he had commited murder. Naruto nervously smiled as his sensei looked at him confused.

"Well you see exams are next week and I was kinda hoping sensei would help me study a bit...?"

Kurenai stared at her student before coming to her senses. "O-Of course!" she said as Naruto smiled even more.

"And here I thought we were going to do something else!" she wiped the nonexistant bead of sweat and picked up a book as she began her tutor session.

The session went by quick, even though at first Naruto would fail to understand something complicated as mathematics, Kurenai would do her best by explaining it in a way the blond would understand. In his case it would be ramen, using recipes as examples. She felt proud when the young man would breeze through every practice example she gave him. Kurenai had to admit, once Naruto learned something he stuck by it till he mastered it.

The woman closed the book in hand as she saw the blond finishing up his work. Her glossy red lips formed a small smile.

"Maybe I got the wrong idea about him and just wants more than to fool around"

She began to wonder if he wasn't always loud just to get attention maybe he wanted to be recognized as something more than a prankster? The way he cared about those around him. Maybe, just maybe, he wanted people to feel just as he felt. Kurenai's thoughts were broken when she felt two hands snake their way through her arms and grab a hold of her breast. Her eye twitched, she felt like smacking whatever perv would as much as dare to touch her that way but she knew she couldn't, at least not to him. Even though she had earlier.

"Hey Kurenai-sensei, what ya thinking about huh?"

There was that shiver again, only he was able to do that to her. She felt his hot breath hit her skin as he whispered from behind her still gropping her chest.

"Na-Naruto please... It's late"

She supress the urge to moan as he massage her breast through the clothing fabric. The blond pretended not to hear her and slipped a hand down her panties and started to rub her pussy.

"You're already this wet, Sensei?"

As he examined the liquid substance that dripped from his fingers, he unbuttoned her white blouse revealing her black and red lacy bra that held her large bust. Then slipping his fingers back inside her, he rested his head against her shoulder enjoying the moans she was giving him.

"Sensei loves it, doesn't she?"

The blond grinned as he inserted two more fingers inside her, making her gasp. Her tight mini skirt was getting wet as he continued to push his fingers inside her wet pussy. With his free hand, he pulled her bra down revealing her perfect shaped double D-cup breast.

"I-I... Hate y-you"

She managed to say in between breathes, for some reason Naruto smiled even more when she spoke those words. He stopped his motions, pulled his hand out of her crotch and turned her to face him bringing her close.

"But wasn't it Sensei that wanted this in the first place?"

Looking away from his blue peircing eyes she saddely frowned. It was true it was because of her that this was all happening. If it weren't for that one drunken night, that one moment she left herself vulnerable, none of this would of happened. Naruto saw her eyes were filled with regret, for a moment he felt bad but shook the feeling off and smiled as he gently placed his hand on her chin and raised her head so she would look at him.

"Kurenai-sensei..." he grinned as she half pouted and half glared at him. He then leaned in to her lips as he caught her in a soft kiss. Red eyes widen at his forwardness but then slowly closed as she gave into the kiss. For a moment the kiss was sweet and loving as Kurenai wrapped her arms around his neck her breast pressed against his chest. This caused the young student to push her against the desk he was sitting on earlier. The woman gasped and said to him with her eyes half lidded.

"Naruto... I-I want it"

Kurenai slid her hand down to Naruto's neglected bulge and caressed it for a bit causing him to softly moan a bit. She then unzipped his pants and saw his large throbbing penis come out. Slowly inserting himself inside her wet pussy, Naruto and Kurenai both moaned as they felt each other connect.

"Na-Naruto!" she gasped out as he suddenly started to thrust, making her moan out loudly. The blond smiled as he took the image of his beautiful 'Sensei', her eyes were filled with lust while her body was on top of the desk, supporting herself on her elbows, her bra still loosely under her breast, her white blouse half buttoned and her mini skirt rolled up her waist. The image made him pound into her even more which made her moan very loud.

"Sensei, if you don't keep your voice down someone might hear us"

However at the moment she didn't seem to care as he was driving her crazy. Naruto reached for her mouth and leaned in to kiss her to keep her from making any much more noise. He cupped one of her breast and massaged it, he then placed his other hand on the back of her thigh and pulled her to him even more. A strand of saliva connected to their lips fell as Kurenai broke the kiss.

"I-I'm cumming!" she warned him, only for him to increase the pace as if he wasn't going to stop anytime soon. Her eyes widen as another loud moan escaped from her lips.

"Kurenai-sensei I'm also about to...!"

"Na-Naruto what are you doing?"

He just smiled at her as he pulled her closer to him.

"Today's a special day, sensei!"

Her eyes widen in realization as he was about to cum inside her.

"No! Naruto please, today's not a safe day for me!"

He ignored her pleads and just thrusted harder. Will a few more pumps, Kurenai screamed in ecstasy as she climaxed. Naruto soon followed as he came inside her painting her womb white. Tired and out of breath Kurenai slouched against Naruto's chest, she could feel him breathing roughly. She was startled when she felt him wrap him arms around her.


He heard her mumble as her face was buried in his chest. He chuckled at this, she was most likely upset. "Kurenai..." he called out to her, leaving out the suffix out of her name for the first time which surprised her. "Do you... I mean would you consider... Maybe..." he paused, not sure what way to ask her, Kurenai felt him tense up as he tried to tell her something. She looked up from his chest and raised and eye brow at him.


The blond began to feel his face heat up as he looked down at the woman in his arms. She stared with those beautiful red eyes that made him feel like he was getting to first base with a girl. Heck, he just had sex with her, where did all his confidence go?

"W-Would you... Go out o-on a date with me, this friday?"

This shocked the red eyed woman, not only was he stuttering but he actually asked her out on a date! "The nerve, that he actually has the decency to ask me out on a date after all the times he has violated, humiliated and raped me!" Kurenai's inner thoughts made Naruto all the more nervous as she was debating were to go out with him or not.

"The bastard! I hate him! Ihatehim! Ihatehim! Ihatehim!" she chanted in her head before noticing his stare, right then she looked at his worried eyes and smiled a bit. "On the other hand, he's been there for me ever since." Kurenai thought back before all this mess started. "The first day I met him, he was the first one to make me smile after my father passed away." Her thoughts remembered that day perfectly when he first entered her classroom and introduced himself, he gave the most stupidest grin she ever saw when he mentioned his goals in life which were to make his parents proud of him. In which later she found out that his parents had long passed away. Naruto was always wearing that stupid smile when she saw him which she had to admit, it made her feel her heart being wrapped in warmth that made her smile."Naruto was the one who helped Anko-chan and I, when our friendship was in falling apart. He was always there when Asuma and I..."

Her thoughts stopped when she realized something about that night, her thoughts then brought her back where this all started.

Kurenai didn't know where she was going the only thing he knew was she was going far away from him. After finding out that her relationship with her boyfriend wasn't going anywhere and didn't want to take their relationship serious, she decided that he wasn't worth it and she dumped him. Storming out of his place after leaving him she decided to wash all her feelings away by drinking. She went to a bar where she usually hung out with Anko but was alone this time as Anko was out somewhere else. Incredibly late, Kurenai left the bar after midnight without being hit on, surprisingly.

"No... Good men...around here!" she thought out loud and hiccuped. As she wandered the streets she came infront of Ichiraku, a ramen stand which happened to be opened at this time.

She smiled a bit before entering the small stand. Once inside, she saw that it was empty no one seemed to be around. She called out, stumbling forward she made her way to a seat.

"Hey! Are there any good men here?" she yelled and then she giggled a bit.


The drunken woman look over the counter to see a familiar face staring at her.

"Naruto-kun? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at school?" she slurred out as she then smile seductively.

"Uhh there's no school today" he said as he blushed at the cleavage she was showing by leaning on the counter. "And well...I work here"

This raised Kurenai's eye brow a bit when she heard this.

"What? No student of mine is going to be skipping school!" she was obviously to drunk to notice that there was no class now or the fact that it was too late to even have school right now.

Kurenai crawled over the counter and tackled Naruto to the ground making him go "oof" as he fell.

"Sensei, that hurt are you-... Okay?"

The drunken woman laid on top of him as he stared at her cleavage bleeding out of her v-cut top with a growing blush.

"Na~ru~to-kun!" she happily chanted as she got ever so close to him. The blond just nervously laughed as tried to shake off the perverted thoughts. His eyes widen as his teachers lips met with his. The kiss was very awkward, part of it because it was Naruto's first kiss and part of it because Kurenai's drunken state.

"Mmm... Taste like strawberries"

Kurenai gave him a seductive look before going down to his pants. She pulled of his pants off in quick speed before she gasped in surprise.

"My, my I didn't know my student was well endowed down here"

She said as she took the meat in her hand, stroking it slowly.

"Sensei, what are you doing, this is wrong!"

Kurenai's eyes were saddend a bit at his words. "But don't you love your sensei?"

She then grinned as she lifted up her shirt revealing her perky tits and took his cock placing it between her breast.

"Because Sensei loves you"

She pressed her boobs around his cock and started to stroke him, earning a moan from her blond student.

"Oh yes, in fact Sensei has always wanted to do this with you. Naruto-kun is so sweet to his sensei and now she wants to repay him."

She licked the tip, flickering tongue around it. In seconds he came all over her tits and face making her sigh in satisfaction.

"That's a good boy. Now..."

She then proceeded to removing her pants off leaving only her black thong.

"Do me!"

She happily smiled as she spread her legs giving Naruto a full view of her pussy.

"Uhh what do I do?"

Kurenai continued to smile as she guided him.

"Stick your tongue and get a good taste of your Sensei"

Naruto did just that and stuck his tongue inside her. Moaning as he did, Kurenai grabbed his head an pushed him deeper to her. She screamed as he was doing a great job at it even though it was his first time.


She yelled as she climaxed. The blond was afraid he might of done something bad but felt oddly turned on by her screams and moans. "So this why Ero-sennin loves this so much" as he thought this, his penis started to to poke Kurenai's leg which didn't go unnoticed as she smiled at him.

"Naruto-kun, you just relax and let me do all the work"

She pushed him and laid him on the floor as she got on top of him. Positioning herself right under his cock she slowly lowered herself. She moaned as every inch entered her, she bit her lip as he stretched her insides.

"So... Big"

As she straddled him, Naruto couldn't help but to enjoy the view, looking up he saw a naked goddess riding him. He moaned in pleasure as she started to bounce up and down. The pleasure was out of this world, he felt like he had died and gone to heaven, if heaven was Kurenai Yuuhi.

They both moaned, feeling the waves of pleasure hitting them. Kurenai grinded her hips, Naruto not wanting to feel like he wasn't doing much started to push into her as well.

"Naruto-kun! I'm cumming!"

Seconds later, Kurenai climaxes leaving Naruto still hard. The ruby eyed woman smiles and begins to lick his cock before taking it all in her mouth. The blond watched as his teacher bopped her head up and down while she made loud slurping sounds.


He breathed out as he came ropes of semen in her mouth, making her smile as she licked her lips enjoying the taste.

"Mmm so good..."

After their little exercise, Naruto decided to close the shop before anybody would walk in on them. As he locked the door and looked to see if anybody was around, he turned the lights off before happily returning to his teacher to continue their sex adventures, little did Kurenai know, a security video camera had caught everything on tape.


The concern blond lightly shook the woman in his arms, breaking her thoughts. She noticed the look Naruto was giving her, it was part worry, part fear and was that a little part, love? Her lips made a smile, he was cute when he was like that, which now she knew the answer to his question. As she sat on top of the desk, she crossed her arms around her chest, closed her eyes and dropped her smile.

"Uzumaki, Naruto..."

She began as she felt the blond tense up when she said his name. He knew this wasn't going to be good, the tone she took was serious and well, scary.

"Not only have you blackmailed me into being your servant these last past couple of months. You have also touched my body without my consent repeatedly."

The blond flinched, being scolded like this wasn't something new to him, except this time he actually felt bad this time. Kurenai saw the guilty look Naruto had when she opened her eyes. She gave a small smirk before continuing.

"Rape is a serious offence and I can have you arrested and sent to prison"

Although she knew she wouldn't actually do that, she just wanted to punish the boy in anyway she could to get back at him.


Kurenai then wrapped her arms around the scared blond, catching him by surprise. The downcast blond looked at his teacher, to his surprise he saw something he never seen before.

"Uzumaki Naruto knows how to get a woman like no other man. Even if it is blackmailing her to win her love."

She had this most cheerful grin Naruto has ever seen on the woman he calls sensei. As he opens his mouth to talk he is hushed by one of Kurenai's delicate fingers. She smiled.

"I would love to go out on a date with you, Naruto"

She placed her lips against his and gave him a loving kiss. The blond was lost but his eyes calmly closed as she kissed him. The warm feeling inside him made him incredibly happy and took the chance by celebrating by embracing the woman tightly and spinning her around. Kurenai was startled a bit but then giggled at the blond's enthusiastic hug. As he placed her on her feet, he engulfed her in a deep kiss. When they broke for some much needed air, Naruto couldn't help but to grin. Kurenai, seeing him give her that stupid grin she hate to love, couldn't help herself but to grin back at him. As the two properly fixed themselves, they both exited the classroom together side by side. They made their way down the staircase into the front of the school and stopped when Kurenai held his hand as she had something to say. For a moment she stared at her hand holding his and lightly blushed at his warmth.

"I want you to give it to me"

She said confusing the blond. He raised a brow before speaking.

"Don't ya think it's kind of bad doing it in public?"

Kurenai shook her head. He clearly didn't catch what she meant.

"No, I mean I want the tape"

Realizing what she meant his mouth made the 'O' shape and then he nervously grinned.

"I destroyed that thing a long time ago"

For a moment the woman just stood there, still holding his hand before she shook in what seemed to be anger to Naruto. All this time she was forced into having sexual relationship with the boy because he blackmailed her with a taped of Naruto and her having sex in a noddle shop while she was drunk. Her eyebrow twitched.

"I didn't want it to fall into the wrong hands so I burned it before anyone else could see it"

So he was never really going to show it to anyone in the first place. How silly of her to think that he would actually ruin someone's life like that. She relaxed a bit after a while and then smiled. "Typical Naruto..."

"Well I guess that means no more sex, right?"

She let go of his hand and began to walk away.

"N-No Kurenai-sensei, that's not fair- We're still going out r-right?"

As he stuttered, he ran after her. She felt the blond running towards her and smiled. Quickly turning around she caught the blond in a kiss, not worried about being caught kissing a student, she deepend the kiss. As their tongues fought for dominance, she moan into the kiss. Breaking off the kiss to catch some air, only having a trail of saliva connecting their lips, she wrapped her arms around his neck and lovingly looked into his eyes.

"Does that answer your question Naruto-kun?"

Naruto could only nod as she still had him lost in that kiss. She smiled to herself. "Yes now it's my turn to be in control!" she mentally thought to herself. She leaned into his ear and whispered.

"How about we continue this at my place?"

Again Naruto only nodded and she smiled and took his hand into hers. As they made their way towards Kurenai's apartment. Naruto with a goofy grin asked.

"Does this mean we're boyfriend and girlfriend, sensei?"

"Well you have to stop calling me sensei if I'm going to be your girlfriend"

They smile at each other and he nodded. Then she frowned and realized that relationship was going to get complicated as teacher and student they are gonna have to keep everything a secret. Kurenai smiled again though, as she looked to the blond, she was willing to risk it as long as he was by her side. She was not going to lose him because to her, he was one of a kind.

The end.

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