The entire night had been pretty crazy with a few unexpected surprises and twist. One that Naruto hadn't seen coming was Anko confessing her feelings to him and now he didn't know what to do. She was staring at him, her eyes were filled with worry but Naruto just stared blankly still trying to process what had happened. Anko, his girlfriend's best friend, was in love with him? No, she hadn't exactly said that but the way she kissed him did show that she had strong feelings for him. If that was true then what was he to do? This was going to be a big problem. Anko stood staring at him, her eyes were waiting for a reaction, for him to speak anything really. When she could clearly see that he wasn't going to say a word and just remain frozen, Anko frowned and answered for him by punching him in the gut.

"Idiot! Say something!"

Anko's face was flustered at how much he had been staring and not at her chest but her eyes. She couldn't take it any longer and did what she usually did to the blond when he would make her feel all warm inside and her heart racing and what not.

"Ow! Ow! Oww! What was that for?"

The blond clutched his stomach, he didn't know why she was acting like this, first she kisses him and now she hits him? Was this what they call a Tsundere persona?

Anko crossed her arms and then looked away from the blond. She had expected this to go a bit differently but she guessed it was too much of a shock for the blond, Anko would need to ease him into it first.

"Our date isn't over!" she said only to get a questioning look from the blond, "You are taking me back to your place"

"Wha-What? Why my place?" the spiky headed blond ask and then it hit him, Anko wanted more than a kiss and if he knew the dango loving woman, which he did, then he knew it'd be a long and rough night.

"Hah!" he laughed nervously "We're still spying on Kurenai-sensei remember?" Naruto hoped that bringing up Kurenai would stop Anko's plans. The purple headed woman sighed, he was right, she couldn't just abandon her best friend.

"You're... Right" Anko then gave Naruto a spine tingling grin. Before the blond could react, Anko pulled the blond closer to her and kissed him once more, this time she forced her tongue inside his mouth and completely dominating him. She moaned not even caring about any audiences they might have. When she broke the kiss, Anko smiled at the frozen state Naruto was in. She had to give herself credit, she knew how to get her man.

"Was that enough for you Naru-chan or do you want more of Anko?" she whispered into his ear and nibbled on his earlobe a bit. The frozen blond shivered as her breath touched his skin. When he broke from his paralyzed state, Naruto shook his head at the purple haired woman.

"Will you stop doing that!"

Naruto was nervous, he didn't want Kurenai to suddenly walk in on them and find out that her secret boyfriend had been fooling around with her best friend. Cheating on her was a big no-no in Naruto's book especially with her best friend. He just had to let Anko know that he wasn't interested, no matter how hard she pushed her feelings to him.

"Anko there is something I need to tell you about Kurenai and-"

"What about me?" Naruto immediately snapped shut at Kurenai's appearance. He forced a nervous smile as Anko brighten up at her best friend.

"Kure-chan!" Anko engulfed the woman in a tight hug before giving an anxious smile of her own. "Naru-chan was just telling me about some secret feelings he has for you"

"What? That's not true!" While Kurenai already knew how he felt about her, she didn't mind playing along and enjoying teasing the blond.

"Oh is that so? Naruto-kun, I never knew you were into older women" both Kurenai and Anko giggled at the blond's flustered expression. Naruto just dug his hands in his pockets before pouting. Even though they were having their fun with him, Naruto couldn't help but smile, both Anko and Kurenai were happy. It wasn't long before he noticed that both women had shared the same feelings for him and that he could cause the end to their friendship. "Crap!"

Moments later the trio had left the restaurant, Anko and Kurenai were walking ahead as Naruto stayed in the back. The blond had been deep in thought ever since they had left the restaurant. He reached for his pocket and pulled out his cell phone, Naruto was surprised how late it was. Meanwhile Kurenai and Anko had been discussing a topic they had never usually brought up, well one Anko usually never liked to talk about. That topic being about boyfriends. Kurenai listened in on her friend as she described the guy she was in 'love' with, the red eyed woman couldn't help but to laugh at her friend, she seemed like she had been hit by cupid's arrow of love, it was rather cute how smitten Anko was.

"And well I might of been a little aggressive but I think he knows how I feel now" the purple haired woman smiled sheepishly and scratched her head in a very Naruto manner, she stole a glance at the blond from behind but he seemed busy on his phone. It wasn't until Kurenai laughed that she return her attention to the said woman.

"Wh-What?" Anko asked to which Kurenai shook her head.

"It's just I never thought the great Anko Mitarashi would ever fall head over heels for a guy. It is a guy right?" Anko pouted at Kurenai before putting her arms to her sides and glaring lightly at her best friend.

"Of course it's a guy! He's a strong, smart and-and good looking!" Kurenai came to a stop before placing one hand on her hip, she couldn't help but stare at Anko. A teasing smile then came to her lips as Anko's face started to get crimson red.

"Okay, I believe you" Kurenai started which made Anko smile in relief, "Now when can I meet him?" Immediately Anko put her arms in front of her and waved them nervously. She didn't want her to find out just yet.

"Not yet! I-I mean I still haven't..." Anko mumbled as she twirled her fingers together, Kurenai couldn't help but to smirk, it was rare to see Anko act like a lovesick schoolgirl.

"What was that I didn't hear that quite clearly?" Kurenai stuck out her ear out to get a good hearing. Anko frowned before crossing her arms in front of her.

"So that's how that feels like" The purple haired woman said to herself, it wasn't fun being at the other end of the teasing stick. Anko then glanced to her side and saw the blond. She had forgotten he was there, usually he would be loud enough to make his presence known. Had he heard everything?

"I'm waiting!" Kurenai hummed to which Anko sighed in defeat. Taking a deep breath she shut her eyes and tried to hide the embarrassing blush on her face.

"I still haven't gotten back his answer..." Anko nearly whispered, when she opened one eye she glanced at Naruto for any kind of reaction. She saw him looking at her now and not his phone he stared intently at her, Anko tried to figure out what that meant but no matter what it pissed her off.

"What the hell are you looking at Uzumaki?" Without warning Naruto found himself in a tight headlock by none other than Anko Mitarashi.

"Gahh! I wasn't doing anything! I give! I give!" Naruto tapped out but Anko wasn't letting go. In a way she was punishing him for not returning her feelings and in another way she wanted to hold the blond like she usually did.

"Hmm it is strange... You said he didn't give you an answer? You didn't scare him off did you?"

"I did not!" Anko shouted as she let go of the blond, dropping him on the ground "Well... Maybe I was a bit pushy"

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure sooner or later he'll show up" Kurenai said before fixing her ruby red eyes on Naruto, she smiled before remembering her relationship with the blond.

"Isn't that right Naruto-kun?" The blond nearly jumped as he stood up, this wasn't a question he wanted to answer. He looked at Kurenai as she stared at him, it was a look that he knew all too well. He couldn't lie to her but then again, looking at Anko she was also expecting an answer. Her eyes looked away as soon as he glanced at her. Was she afraid for rejection?

"Yeah" the blond smiled as best as he could but Kurenai caught his fake smile.

"Listen I have to head home now, you know homework and all. I'll see you guys later!" Before any of the women could say anything the blond had vanish. Kurenai was wondering what was troubling him. Anko probably knew why he was acting like that.

"Hehe, he must be jealous!" Anko said, hiding behind a small smile.


"Yeah after all it's not often he sees Kure-chan with her ex. What's up with that anyways?"

Kurenai's eyes widen, "You saw that?" Anko nodded. Now she realized the cause for Naruto's strange behavior. She knew that since their relationship was a secret a lot of guys would often try to hit on her so he was a bit protective of her. Kurenai sighed, having Naruto see her with an ex wasn't any different.

With Naruto

Once Naruto had gotten far enough the blond had stopped running and just walked slowly home. He was in a tough situation, other guys would kill to have two beautiful women such as Kurenai and Anko but Naruto didn't ask for this. He had been happy with Kurenai and Anko when they were all friends, it was a bond he cheerished but now both women had feelings for him. What was he to do?

"I'll just have to let Anko know I'm not interested"

But he knew it wouldn't be that simple, he had remembered the look she gave him. It wasn't something he had ever seen on the pirple haired woman. She looked vulnerable for the first time and when she had looked at Naruto with those pleading eyes of hers, he couldn't help but be lost at words. The blond sighed, it would be difficult but that was his choice no matter what. When Naruto arrived to his appartment he found it strange like something was off, it smelled fresh and clean?

"I was wondering when you'd come home..." Naruto's heart skipped a beat at the familiar voice, he knew that tone as well. He gulped before the living room light clicked on an lighting up the dark room.

"Naruto" It was almost midnight and the blond was just getting home, this was unacceptable in Tsunade's eyes. The busty blonde woman tapped her finger as she had her arms crossed. "Where have you been?"

Tsunade more or less demanded from the blond. She knew he was a troublemaker when he was little but now that he was older she could only fear what he has become. Was he in a gang terrorizing the neighborhoods? Tsunade narrowed her eyes at the trembling blond; no there was no way he'd be in a gang. She made sure of it when he was young even if she wasn't around she treated him like her son.

"I was out with some friends" Of course Naruto left out the part out that they were actually older women that were completely infatuated by him. If Tsunade found out she'd find these women and make them wish they never even remember the blond's name but not only that she'd punish Naruto as well. Tsunade nodded and took his word for the moment after all there was a reason why she came to see the blond.

"Sit" she said, Naruto didn't need to be told twice the blond quickly jumped to the seat next to Tsunade. He only had one couch so there wasn't much room, he lived on a tight budget that's why he decided to get a part time job. Jiraiya and Tsunade paid for his appartment and food but still the blond like to make his own money. Tsunade sighed, she was still bossing him around and Naruto was always annoyed by her strict rules it was no wonder he wanted to get away from them and live on his own. However Tsunade was going to change that, maybe this news would change how he feels about her.

Naruto fidgeted in his seat he wondered why Tsunade would show out of nowhere in his home without calling ahead. Was she here to take him? There was no way he was moving out! Not without a fight. "I came here to tell you that you are moving out-"

"No! Never! I told you before I'm never moving away like you and Ero-sennin!" Naruto had nearly jumped out of his seat but he was right, she had come to get him after all so it was only natural for him to act this way.

"Naruto..." she started with a ominous tone before sighing once again, "Just hear me out you brat!" Tsunade then pulled Naruto into a headlock much like Anko did, "I'm only saying this because living here is like living in a dump! You're not leaving your friends and school just this crappy place!"

Naruto raised his eyebrows as his eyes widen. He couldn't help but blush how he was being smothered by Tsunade's breast. Once the blonde woman realized she was suffocating him with her chest she released him and blush lightly at how embarrassingly she had been holding him.

"Wait really? The blond asked not even noticing Tsunade's flustered expression. The blonde woman cleared her throat before nodding. "Yes, together we'll be moving into a much more spacious house that is much more closer to your school"

"Alright- wait! What do you mean together?" The blond stopped his early celebration and asked the blonde woman exactly what she meant.

"Oh I'm getting ahead of myself. I have been offered a new job and it's required me to relocate here" Tsunade smiled at Naruto knowing it would be a perfect chance to bond.

"So I'm going to be living with you? Together?" the blond asked dreading her response. Tsunade could only smile and nod, not even noticing Naruto's staggered facial expression.

"Great!" he said hoping it wouldn't disappoint the woman about how he really felt. "Could this get any worse?"

"Oh by the way what's the name of your school again?" Tsunade asked as she stood up and stretched her arms, she was done for the day and was ready for bed. Naruto rose a curious brow before answering.

"Konoha High school... Why you ask?"

The blonde woman turned to him before giving him a grin, it was rare to see Tsunade smile like that. What surprised him even more was when she leaned and gave him a kiss on the forehead like she did with her younger brother.

"From next week I will be you're school's new head nurse!"

With that said she smile once more before heading to his room. Naruto sat there as he tried to process this new information. So to understand this Tsunade, his adoptive mother was going to be not only living under the same roof as him but also in the same school as well? Naruto couldn't help but face palmed himself at his luck. He just had to question it.

"By the way you are sleeping on the couch!" Tsunade had shouted from the other room.