The Perks of Being a Red Blood

Alrighty, here's the deal. Plot bunnies are evil, Blue Bloods is awesome, and I don't know why it isn't a movie series yet.

This is a pilot right now, like a pilot TV episode. If it goes over well, I'll continue. If least I tried.

Yes, there's an OC. No, she's not a Blue Blood (hence the title). Yes, she's a conduit to a canon character. No, it's not a main canon character.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. Everything belongs to Melissa de la Cruz.

DISCLAIMER...AGAIN: For the following pilot, I will be using one of the "audio recordings" excerpts from the third book Revelations. I don't own it. It was written by Ms. de la Cruz. I've changed it a bit - just a little bit - to fit the story.

DISCLAIMER...ONCE MORE: The title I got from the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I don't own it, or the movie.

More about my OC: Well, you'll have to read to figure it out. ;)



Repository of History

Alright. Now she just had to find...

CONDUIT: Hazard-Perry, Oliver

POSITION: Van Alen family

Personal Report yet to be properly filed


Eloise Garrison knew she shouldn't be doing this. She was abusing her power as a Conduit and a librarian by doing this. But she didn't care. She had to know.

She brought the sound recording over to her laptop and popped it in. She put on her headphones, bracing herself for what she was about to hear.

Schuyler will tell you that I had no choice on the matter.

Her heart skipped a beat. She hadn't heard his voice in so long...

She chastised herself. She shouldn't be worrying about herself right now.

She believes that I love her because I have to, or because I had no choice, but she's wrong. She gives herself too much credit sometimes.

Well, that was true. Eloise didn't know Schuyler Van Alen very well, but she knew enough from Oliver.

I knew what we were doing, when we did the Caerimonia. I knew exactly what it meant.

Did he? Did he really? Did he realize that while he hurt himself emotionally, he hurt her, as well? She felt tears prick the corners of her eyes, forcing herself to continue to listen.

More importantly I knew she didn't feel the same way about me. I've known that for a very long time. Do you think I'm stupid?

That was exactly what she thought. They had known each other forever, a lot earlier than his life as Schuyler's Conduit. And he still didn't know that Eloise was in love with him. He was absolutely clueless.

So why did I do it?

She'd love to hear the answer.

I don't know. I wasn't going to. In my defense, I had told her no the first time.

He had? This was new. She hadn't realized he'd refused her at first.

We were sitting there in that hotel room, and she was sitting on my lap, and it felt nice, you know. Being so close to her. Yeah, I guess it felt great.

She felt a pain in her chest, and then the tears came. She didn't need to hear about how he loved her. She knew it already. He didn't exactly make it inconspicuous.

Then again, she thought, smiling bitterly, neither did she.

I don't want to get into it - I'm not a suck-and-tell kind of guy.

She cracked a small smile. Oliver never failed to insert some sort of humor into any situation.

She thinks I've been in love with her since we were kids, or since I first laid eyes on er, or some other romantic crap.

She frowned. So it wasn't true.

But it wasn't like that. We were friends. We got along. I liked the way she thinks. Liked the sound of her laugh. Liked how she dressed - in all those dark layers. What was she hiding from?

She couldn't deny it: Schuyler was a very mysterious person. She didn't try to draw attention to herself, but somehow it seemed to follow her around. Eloise couldn't hold that against her.

Did I think she was beautiful? I'm not blind, am I? Of course I thought she was beautiful.

Of course he did. Everyone thought she was beautiful, whether they liked it or not. She was gorgeous - and she hated her for it.

But it was more than that - I liked that she used to wear this ugly shade of blue eyeshadow - girls think guys don't notice stuff like makeup, but we do - and it would get all cakey and smudged at the end of the day. She would have these huge raccoon eyes, and she wouldn't even notice...I don't know. I was charmed.

He was right. Guys didn't notice that sort of least, the "normal" guys didn't. She knew Oliver noticed it. She'd heard him rave about it enough. Like right then. She found herself hating Schuyler even more.

But I didn't feel that way about her back then. Not even in eighth grade when we had to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance together and she asked me to be her date, and we spent the evening sitting in a corner making fun of everyone. We didn't dance once, and she wore this hideous, baggy dress. No, I wasn't in love with her then.

She remembered that dance. That was the night she really noticed him, wearing a bright blue tuxedo and a frilly tie. She had thought he'd never looked more handsome. She had politely conversed her date, but she found herself longing to join Oliver and Schuyler, maybe even ask him to dance. But she hadn't been brave enough.

That was her problem. She was afraid of rejection. Ever since the Valentine's dance in sixth grade, when Johnny Walker fell out of his chair in shock when she'd asked him to dance with her. His friends had laughed, and he'd gone to the nurse's office. He glared at her for the rest of the school year, blaming her for the temporary bump on his head.

She was so immersed in her memories that she almost missed what the recording said next.

I fell in love with her when she found out she was a vampire. Just a few months ago.

What? It hadn't been that long ago?

When she accepted her heritage and didn't flinch from her destiny. Because you know who she's supposed to be, right?

She didn't need to be reminded. Everyone knew what she was.

I mean, Gabrielle's daughter. Heavy stuff.

No duh.

She's so strong it scares me. I wasn't lying when I told her that. duh.

So, yeah - again, you're asking me why I did it.

Yes, she was still curious. If he knew the consequences, why would he succumb to that?

Why I let her take my blood, let her mark me was her own. Do that whole "familiar" thing. All that jazz.

The tears were coming again. She hated how he put it. She hated the effects of the Sacred Kiss, especially when she thought of Oliver. He'd be Schuyler's forever, always bound to her blood. Sure, she was selfish; she wasn't going to deny it. She hated that her chances with him had been all but destroyed. But Oliver wasn't allowed to live his life now; it revolved around Schuyler now.

She felt that hot anger rising within her again.

I don't even know why I bother with these reports. Who's listening to them, anyway?

Eloise was. She hated how he always assumed no one cared. She did. She always had.

She always would.

Anyway, I guess the truth of the matter was, I didn't want her to have to do it with someone else.

Well, that made sense. Schuyler didn't have any other friends to perform it on.

I didn't want to share. that's how it was. He really thought he could keep her from everyone else, could he?

She was already so different from me, changing already. She is different. She's going to live forever, while I'm only going to get to go around once.

She felt the anger slowly ebb away, filling her up with pity, understanding.

I wanted to hold on.

She nodded, forgetting she was listening to a recording and not sitting face-to-face with her friend.

Because yeah, I do love her.

And it all came crashing back into her face.

I loved her when she came to me that night at The Bank. When she was looking for me and was so relieved to see me. When she accepted everything I told her, and she didn't even freak out that much when I told her I already knew. That I was her Conduit.

He had kept so much from her...why? Would he have told all that to Schuyler? Was she automatically better because she was a Blue Blood?

That's why, when I'm done with this recording, I'm taking the next plane out of the city to Rio.


Yeah, Bliss told me what was going on. Do you think I would let her go there alone? You're kidding, right?

She'd hoped he was...but, sadly, she had a sinking feel he was telling the truth.

But if you think I'm walking into this blind, you're wrong. I knew being her familiar wouldn't change anything.

She blinked, surprised. He'd known that? And...he had gone through with it, anyway?

I knew that even if she knew I was in love with her, it wouldn't change how she felt about me.

A new batch of unwanted tears had started.

I knew I would lose her in the end.

Oh, Oliver...

That had to be one of the sweetest things she'd ever heard.

What do I think of Jack Force? I don't. I don't think much of him.

Well, so much for touching. She had a feeling what Oliver was about to say wouldn't be very flattering on Jack's part.

Just another guy who think's he's God's gift to Earth.

It was true. Mimi certainly acted that way, and Jack...well...was a little harder to read, but was probably just as bad as his twin.

In his case, probably literally.

She bit back a giggle.

But, you know - he's irrelevant to me. He just doesn't factor in. Even if they end up together, which I high doubt given the strength of that particular bond - Mimi is no joke, I wouldn't mess around with Azrael - but even if Schuyler still loves him, or thinks she does, it doesn't matter.

So that's what this was all about. Oliver was still jealous of Jack. That wasn't a secret.

Because Jack is going to leave her one day. I know he will. He's too much for Schuyler. They're wrong for each other. Anyone can see that.

Oliver's tone of voice sounded It frightened her.

And when he leaves her, I'll be there.

He had to be joking. He wasn't serious.

However long it takes, I'll still be there for her.

He meant as a friend...he couldn't throw his life away for one girl.


That bastard.

So I guess Schuyler's wrong. I guess I'm a pretty romantic guy after all.

The audio stopped after that. Eloise ripped the headphones off her head, trying not to cry any more than she already had.

There was no way she could change his mind. Schuyler had claimed him, and she didn't even appreciate how kind he was, how sweet...and cute...

She quickly stood up, turning off her MacBook. She pulled out her cellphone, pressing the number 2 on her speed dial.

"Lucy? Could you cover for me for a few days?...I'm going to Rio."

Eloise wasn't a genius when it came to technology. She still hadn't figured out the right way to turn off her laptop. Which is why, in a rush to get back home to pack, instead of powering it off, she had pressed the "play" button on the sound recording she'd forgotten to put back. Which is why she didn't hear the second part of the recording.

You want to know about Eloise Garrison? What about her? Schuyler said something, didn't she? I keep telling her to forget it...

Well, here's the deal: I've known Ellie all my life...longer than Schuyler, actually. She's been my friend since we were two years old. Our families have always been close, being Conduits and all.

Of course, we had to go separate ways, eventually. She's the Conduit of Lucy Forbes, who runs in Mimi Force's crowd. So of course I can't talk to her as much as I used to. But we'll find time once in a while to catch up.

Um...what else do you want to know? You know, Schuyler really shouldn't be making her out to be my girlfriend. Because she's not. Schuyler has it in her head that we'd be perfect together or something.

Personally, I don't see it. I mean, she's really short - shorter than Schuyler. I'm almost a whole foot taller than her. Which isn't a bad thing, I guess...

And she loves to read; she spends more time with her nose in a book than talking to actual people. She's right at home in the Repository...that's the only time I really get to see her. When we're doing research here, I mean. We usually spend our shifts cataloging books and talking about anything and everything...

And, you know, she's got really pretty hair. Not as pretty as Schuyler's, of course,'s this really dark copper color, not as red as Bliss's, but not as brown as mine. And she's got this really cute band of freckles on her nose. And her eyes...granted, they're not as gorgeous as Schuyler's. But they're this nice shade of sea-glass blue. that I think about it...she's actually a very pretty girl. I mean, compared to Schuyler, there's no choice for me. But...I think...maybe if I wasn't in love with Schuyler...not to say that I don't enjoy it, because I do! But I guess I can see where she's coming from...I think I could see myself with Ellie. I think it could work.

Although that'd be impossible, at this point. But maybe if things weren't the way they were...maybe I'd be interested.

I'm not saying I am. I'm saying maybe.

And I wouldn't change the way things are right now. I'm perfectly fine.

But I think I should probably check up on Ellie. I haven't seen her in a while...

Shit. You just heard all that, didn't you?

Damn it.