Authors note: Sorry again for the delay, I have no excuse other than absolute terror at writing this. I feel I've written myself in a corner and now I have to deliver the hot, steamy Rizzles goodness…. I hope you enjoy.

Jane drove slowly, deliberately, delighting in each sideways glance from Maura.

Slowing for yet another red light, she tapped her fingers on the steering wheel. "When?" Maura asked, reaching out and finding Jane's hand, their fingers intertwining perfectly.

"Today." Jane told her, squeezing her hand gently. "I found your letter…" the words hung in the air between them. "Why didn't you say anything?" Jane asked softly as she turned to look at Maura.

"I didn't want to lose you." Maura sighed, her heart heavy in her chest at even the thought. Jane smiled sadly, unclipping her seatbelt before leaning over to wipe the single tear with her thumb. Guiding Maura's face up, she studied rich hazel eyes.

"You could never lose me." Jane's usually husky voice dropped even lower as she closed the gap, her lips ghosting against Maura's as her hand gently cupped her cheek.

Maura's hands roamed slowly up Jane's back, her fingertips settling and caressing the nape of her neck, eliciting a warm moan. "Can I really?" she murmured.

Slowly Jane claimed Maura's lips, kissing her softly sending bolts of molten desire through the pair of them. Her tongue gingerly flicking against Maura's bottom lip and being answered as Maura opened her mouth slowly, her own tongue joining Jane's in a sensual, unhurried exploration.

Car horns behind them made both women jump. "Oh c'mon!" Jane shouted out the window as she slumped back into her seat, the light having changed. Slamming the car forward, she wondered idly if it would be wrong to uses her position in the police department to get the hell home as fast as possible. For all her bravado and teasing, she was as worked up and frustrated as Maura appeared to be. With her foot flat to the floor, she took every shortcut she knew and finally pulled up outside Maura's home.

Stepping from the car, she was at Maura's door before the doctor had even taken off her seat belt. Pulling the door open, she extended her hand, pulling her from the car and pushing the door closed behind her. Maura swallowed, her heartbeat hammering in her ears as Jane pushed her slowly back against the car, her hands brushing slowly down her side before settling on her hips as she leant in, capturing Maura's lips in another searing kiss, this one more urgent and dominant than the last.

Moaning into the kiss, Maura's hands found their nature place on Jane's rear, pulling the brunette into her, their bodies melting together as if they had always meant to. Pulling away, Jane rested her forehead on Maura's, her breath shallow and rapid.

"I…" she whispered.

"I know." Maura replied, grabbing Jane's hand and leading her towards the house.

Stepping into the cool house, Jane took a deep breath, her mind racing with possibilities and fears. As she hung up her jacket and slipped off her boots, she watched as Maura prepared a small snack for Bass, her eyes roaming freely over every last curve.

"Can I have a drink?" Jane asked, her mouth suddenly dry.

Maura looked up from chopping a tomato and, with a wry smile, gestured towards the fridge. "You can have whatever you want." She licked her lips hungrily as Jane swallowed noticeably, wiping her hands on her trousers before stepping into the main body of the house.

Jane crossed behind her, her hands brushing across Maura's rear and ending with a gentle slap as she passed, causing Maura to inhale sharply, dropping the knife she was holding with a deafening clatter on the cold marble of the worktop. Jane grinned as she reached for a glass, noting the shake in her own hands. 'What if I get it wrong?' she thought as she turned, grinning rakishly at the dark flush in Maura's cheeks.

"Hmm, you like that uh?" she noted, turning on the cold tap and filling the glass before adding a couple of cubes of ice and drinking deeply. When Maura didn't reply, she stepped in behind her, sweeping her long honey blonde hair from her neck slowly, her body rejoicing in the shudder of the shorter woman before her.

"Maura?" Jane's voice faltered slightly as she realised the reality of what she, what they were about to do. Pressing back into Jane, Maura moaned into the embrace, tilting her head to allow the detective better access to her neck.

"Yes Jane?" her voice was a rich, velvety river that gave away her increasing desire.

Jane dipped her head, inhaling the warm floral scent of Maura's favourite moisturiser before leaving a trail of fire inducing kisses along the creamy flesh. "It's just…" the closeness of the doctor, the smell of her and the gentle grinding she was doing into her groin took Jane's breath away. "I mean... I've…. And I want to…" she pulled Maura in closer, long fingers digging into the soft hips of her lover as she matched Maura's motion.

"What is it you want?" Maura breathed, her hands pulling Jane's lower, teasing them both as their intertwined fingers dipped closer to her ever increasing need.

"I…" Jane's whisper ended as her tongue flicked out, teasing the doctors earlobe before nipping gently at the warm flesh.

Maura spun in the embrace suddenly, catching Jane unawares and causing her to stumble. Hopping easily onto the countertop, she wrapped her legs around Jane, pulling her closely as she pressed herself into her. "Shhh." She whispered, capturing Jane's lips in a passionate kiss, her tongue exploring every inch of the Promised Land she found herself in. The warm taste of Jane flooding her senses.

Jane pulled back first, passion dancing in her eyes. "You didn't shush me." She panted softly, her fingers dancing patterns across Maura's exposed back.

"I did." Maura told her plainly.

"Well don't" Jane pouted, offering a protruding lip which Maura claimed eagerly.

"What I want to say is…" Jane fought to continue, pulling away again. "I…." 'Why is this so hard?' she wondered, 'just say it!' "That is, I mean, I've not exactly…"

Maura grinned, her hands wrapping in dark, unruly hair. "Shut up Jane." She growled, pushing her away gently, allowing enough room to hop down from the counter. Jane watched as Maura slowly unzipped her dress, allowing it to fall to the ground with a hushed whisper, revealing a matching set of simple black underwear.

"I… wow."

"Do you want me Jane?" Maura purred, stalking towards the shaking detective and backing her against the sink. "So you want to touch me?" she ran her fingers over her chest, brushing briefly over her nipples as she watched Jane watch the southerly trail her hand took over her own body.

Jane nodded mutely. Watching exquisite fingers dancing over a firm stomach before pausing at the top of black silk, teasing the material slowly before reaching out and taking Jane's shaking hands in her own. "Then stop talking and take what you want." She pressed Jane's hand slowly beneath the lace, her eyes fluttering closed as Jane gasped, her long fingers shaking against the wetness she found there.

"Oh god Maura." Jane stared at her as her fingers moved slowly, exploring hot folds beneath soft curls. "You're….."

Maura pressed into her, her hips moving with their own agenda as she leant in, nipping and sucking at Jane's exposed neck and unintentionally leaving her mark. "I know." She gasped as Jane moved gentle circles over her clit, her own hand falling between them and guiding Jane gently.

"Let's go to bed."

Reluctantly, Maura pulled Jane's hand from where she'd dreamt so often to find it and smiled as Jane stared at the wetness that glistened on her fingers, her mouth moving but unable to form words. Grabbing her wrist, she pulled her fingers to her own lips, sucking each one slowly, her tongue playing across each sensitive fingertip. She pushed Jane from the room, pausing to throw the unprepared salad on Bass' tray and filling a glass with ice cubes before following.

Maura was more than a little surprised to find Jane already in her underwear when she reached the bedroom, her dress neatly laid across the back of the chair in the corner of the room.

"You're so beautiful." Maura whispered as she set the glass down and crossed the expanse between them, pulling the shaking detective to her for yet another kiss. Maura knew that no matter what else happened in her life, however long she lived, this moment would be emblazed across her memory forever. The feel of Jane's fingers as her short nails dragged across her back would mark her as permanently as any tattoo; a soul deep declaration of possession that could never be erased.

Jane moaned softly as Maura pushed her gently towards the bed, her knees buckling as they hit the soft surface. Smiling softly, Maura crawled up atop Jane, watching the passion dance in her eyes as their bodies melted together perfectly. Maura reached under Jane, unhooking her bra and pulling it slowly from her body, revealing pert, perfect breasts. Kissing down her neck, Maura paused as she felt Jane's heartbeat through her own lips, the soft hollow of her throat and slowly over warm olive skin.

She couldn't suppress the growl the rose in her throat as Jane wound her fingers in her hair, gripping tightly as her lips brushed over a painfully erect nipple. "Maura…" she whispered, a cry lost in the heavy pants that followed as Maura continued her descent, the musky smell of Jane's arousal pulling her down. She grinned as Jane's hands fell from her hair, grasping fistfuls of expensive Egyptian cotton, her own hands wrapping around Jane's thigh as she kissed along her panty line before nipping along the top of her thigh.

"Oh my. Jane." She marvelled, placing a delicate kiss over the soaked crotch of the simple cotton panties and eliciting another groan from the writhing brunette before kissing a more fervent path up to claim Jane's lips once more. She never broke the kiss as she reached out, pulling an ice cube from the glass and squeezing it in her fist.

"Tell me Jane." She breathed as she pulled back, meeting black eyes. "Tell me you want me."

Jane bit her lip, her eyes fluttering as Maura offered a fleeting glance over her soaked core. "I need you…" she whispered, not trusting her voice.

Rubbing the ice cube gently over Jane's lips, she smiled as Jane's tongue darted out for the moisture. It was the briefest of contact as Maura slid the cube slowly down her neck, the trail of water running errantly from the brunette as Maura circled Jane's nipple slowly, licking her lips as she watched the other woman writhe under her. The heat from their bodies melting the ice faster than she'd hoped, Maura sucked greedily on the iced nipple, the heat from her mouth after the cold causing Jane to press up into the warm release and growl low in her throat. Maura's tongue teased, flicking the cold nub before allowing her teeth to graze across it.

After paying homage to both breasts, Maura eased her way down Jane's lithe body, littering the warm olive skin with kisses as she descended, her fingers hooking into the top of Jane's panties and slipping them down long legs before dropping them to the floor.

Jane shivered against the sudden chill, her eyes fluttering open to meet the warm hazel of Maura's. Her mind ran faster than ever before as she watched Maura lick her lips hungrily from between her legs. Was this really happening?

Maura scratched her nails gently at first, down Jane's thigh, angry red welts appearing as Jane bucked up, her arousal plainly evident before her eyes. She placed a delicate kiss in the crook of her knee, nipping at the tender skin before moving on, giving Jane no time to anticipate what delight she may have in store, even with the obvious conclusion. Her fingers reached up, caressing Jane's breasts as she arched into the contact, her body begging for more than the teasing glances Maura was bestowing upon her.

Kissing the highest point of Jane's thigh, Maura looked up at her detective through hooded eyes, waiting for the thing she'd wanted more than this moment, more than the heavenly taste of Jane's desire on her lips, more than the feel of her hands over her hot skin.

"Please." Jane croaked weakly, her body screaming at her to make this happen as she arched forward, sliding herself pitifully towards the doctor.

Dipping her head, Maura finally gave in, her tongue slipping eagerly between deliciously slick folds and exploring this heavenly land with delicate precision as Jane twitched beneath her. Once more, long fingers wrapped in her hair as her tongue danced slowly over Jane's clit. She looked up from her vantage point, watching Jane as she slowly circled the nerve bundle causing Jane to turn her head, her mouth opening with unspoken words before taking a fistful of the pillow.

Scratching slowly down Jane's torso and pressing her into the bed, Maura paused, dipping her tongue into Jane's core and drawing a guttural moan before returning her attention higher. As Jane writhed, Maura worked her magic, her tongue seeming to be everywhere all at once. Fireworks burst behind Jane's eyes and she growled, deep in her throat as she felt her climax building somewhere deep inside her, a primal place that had waited forever for this exact moment.

Maura felt it too, should she care to focus enough on medical terminology, she could have told Jane exactly what was happening, although she would have to work harder to focus on anything other than the sweet sensuality of the brunette. Slipping her hand between them, Maura slid two fingers slowing into Jane, delighting in the muffled squeal that followed. Slowly at first, she pushed deep into Jane's soaked centre, revelling in the tight squeeze she received. Curling her fingers up slowly, finding that sweet spot and moaning into Jane, her lips vibrating gently against her clit, she was rewarded with the first shudders of Jane's imminent climax.

As the fist in her hair tightened, Maura moved faster, her fingers never ceasing and contradicting the torturous pleasure of her tongues seductive dance. As Jane's muffled cries made her flick her eyes up, Maura thrust harder into her centre, adding a third finger as Jane bucked and pulled her closer as her orgasm ripped through her soul before slamming into her body, every muscle contracting and releasing violently.

Maura slowed her fingers, riding out the wave with her lover as she buried her head in the pillow, her elated cries lost into the down. As the waves died down, Jane looked at her with heavy eyes. "Please, stay there." She groaned, pushing herself onto Maura's hand and moaning softly. "But kiss me."

Maura's fingers remained locked in place as Jane's body tried to relax, every miniscule motion sent her muscles locking again as she hung over the precipice of yet another climax. She moved deliberately as she moved up Jane's body and capturing her lips in a lazy kiss.

"Oh wow." Jane breathed softly, her body humming as her lips tingled from the kiss. She wriggled gently; allowing Maura to slide her fingers from her spent and consumed body.

Snuggling close, Maura buried her face into Jane's neck, kissing the pulse point and noting the hitch in her already increased pulse. The warm taste of Jane's sweat mingled with her own natural flavour made Maura's head spin. "Are you ok?" she purred softly, basking in Jane's high.

"Uh." Jane could only grunt, even her most basic of vocabulary lost to her as she waited for her eyes to refocus. Maura giggled softly, draping her leg over Jane as she ran her fingers lazily over her exposed chest.

Maura lay contently in Jane's arms for almost a half hour, watching her breath as her body continued to twitch and recover.

"Jane," Maura asked as Jane sighed happily. "Can I ask you something?"

Jane turned, her entire being feeling like lead as she grinned stupidly at the doctor. "Yeah." She yawned. She was shutting down, unable to process the physicality without sleep. "Why don't you make sounds?" she paused, her brows knitting together as she watched Jane battle with the truth.

"I just don't." Jane tried to deflect the question but with her usual reservations obliterated, even she didn't believe her reply.

"Please tell me?" Maura could feel her own body aching for sleep, despite her previous arousal, Jane's orgasm had drained her of everything she had. There was more than enough time for her to find release. "I could tell you wanted to, but you hid in a pillow."

Jane fidgeted, turning eventually to look Maura straight in the eye. She took another deep breath before smiling sadly, tears forming in rich brown eyes.

"Because I'm scared I'm dreaming." She admitted, "And I don't want to wake myself up and lose you."

Maura wiped the single tear away before she reached for Jane's hand, pressing it to her breast over her heart. "Do you feel this?" she whispered, waiting for Jane to acknowledge her question. "This is all for you." She captured the brunette's lips once more. "And you will never lose this Jane; it's always been right here waiting for you."