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Draco's jaw almost dropped when he spotted Hermione at the very back of the room, filing down her nails. He could hardly recognize her. To be honest he want even sure if that was her. Her once light brown curly hair was now pin straight, and dark brown. Her skin was perfectly tanned, and she had perfect white teeth, with pink lip gloss on. Her eyes had eyeliner, and eye shadow on them. But the thing that made her stand out was her eye color. They were a very bright green. Like nothing you've ever seen before. She looked up at him and smiled. Looks like her personality hasn't changed, Draco thought to himself.

'Sit in any empty seat you like. By the way, I'm Mr. Fletcher.' The teacher said with a warm smile. Draco scanned the room for an empty seat. Lucky enough there were 2 seats right beside each other for them. But they were at the front. Draco looked at Ginny, and then sat down. Ginny took a seat beside him.

'Okay class, which one of you can come up here and solve this equation. Never mind I'm going to pick. Tristan come on up.'

'Well that went well.' Draco said to Ginny at their lockers.

'Did you see Hermione? I hardly recognized her.' Ginny said putting her books in, and grabbing different ones.

'Yea, she looks a lot different. What's our next class. I have to try and get there early to get a seat beside her.' Draco asked.

'We have history.' Ginny replied and closed her locker. Draco sighed and closed his locker as well.

'Ginny? Draco?' A cheery voice asked from behind them. They turned around, and smiled. Standing there was Rose. 'You should have told me you came to this school.' Rose said hugging her friends. 'How was your first class?'

'It was great.' Ginny replied.

'So do you like it here?'

'So far so good.' Ginny said smiling.

'I can't believe this is your new school! What do you have next class?' Rose asked the two.

'History.' Draco said this time.

'Me too! Let's go!' Rose said enthusiastically and they began to walk together. After only a couple seconds of walking Rose got shoved from behind and her books went flying to the floor. You could hear girly laughter from behind, and then 3 girls walked by.

'Loser!' They said as they walked by. Draco glared at the backs of the girls and bent down to pick up Rose's books.

'Who was that?' He asked as he stood up and handed her books over.

'Thanks. Oh just these girls. Anyway let's get going.' Rose said quickly brushing the topic off. Ginny and Draco looked at each other and then looked at rose and raised their eyebrows. 'What? Let's go.' She said and began walking. Draco and Ginny sighed and followed. 'Here we are.' Rose said and pushed open a door. All of the seats were empty so Draco ran to the back and sat down in the wooden desk. Ginny said one seat ahead of him, and Rose sat beside her. About 5 minutes later a bell rang at students filed in, along with a teacher. The students all sat down but Draco didn't spot Hermione. 3 empty seats were beside Draco.

'Everyone open up your textbooks to page 237, we will pick up from where we left off.' A teacher said. Draco looked up at the teacher. She was a very tall skinny older lady; with fire engine red hear that fell to her shoulders. Glasses sat on her nose, at the very tip that made her look cross-eyed. Ginny turned around and whispered to Draco.

'Should we tell her we are new here?' Ginny asked. Draco shrugged then shook his head.

'Nah, lets just go along with it.' Draco said with a smile. Ginny agreed and turned back to her desk.

'Romulus is given the credit for founding Ancient Rome – so legend has it. Children in Roman schools were taught the story and it became almost set in stone. Romulus and Remus were twin brothers. They were abandoned by their parents as babies and put into a basket that was then placed into the River Tiber. The basket ran aground and the twins were discovered by a female wolf. The wolf nursed the babies for a short time before they were found by a shepherd. The shepherd then brought up the twins.' The teacher said reading aloud from the textbook. She was interrupted by a slammed door. Draco's eyes shot up to the door and he spotted Hermione followed by 2 other girls walking through it. Draco's jaw dropped when he saw Hermione's outfit. For a shirt she had on a very tight dark blue top. It had a zipper up the front in the middle, and some ruffles at the top. She had very short, very tight black shorts on. You could hear her walk around because she was wearing blue sparkly wedge sandals that made a "click-click-click" sound wherever she went. On her wrist were gold bangles and she had an aqua teardrop double row necklace on. Her hair fell to her waist. In Hermione's arm was a big black purse. 'You're late.' The teacher said looking up from the textbook.

'You're still old as hell I see.' Hermione shot back. Draco gasped. She stole a glance at him and glared. Draco got a sick feeling to his stomach.

'You will not talk to me like that Ms. Granger.' The teacher said. Hermione and her friends laughed.

'If I were you Mrs. Elmore I would keep your mouth shut and watch what you say to me. You wouldn't want me reporting you back to my daddy and mommy would you?' Hermione got right in the teachers face to say this. The teacher swallowed and shook her head. 'Didn't think so.' She laughed and took a seat right beside Draco. Hermione looked at him and caught her staring at him.

'You're the new kid right?' Hermione whispered to him. He nodded, and she smiled.

'You are quite the eye candy aren't you Drake?' Hermione said to him.

'It's Draco actually.'

'Do I look like I care?' Hermione replied pulling lip-gloss out of her bag. Draco started to worry. Maybe she was just in a bad mood today. Maybe it's just her time of the month. Draco thought to himself. 'So your cousins with that ginger?' Hermione whispered while putting on lip-gloss.

'Yea, her names Ginny by the way.' Draco replied.

'Okay Draco. Like I said before do I look like I care?' Hermione said, and then turned her attention to the teacher. Draco sighed and listened to the teacher as well.

'So how was your first half of the day?' Rose asked Ginny and Draco while walking towards the cafeteria for lunch.

'It was good I guess.' Draco replied. Ginny agreed.

'That's good. Did you make new friends?'

'I talked with Hermione Granger.' Draco told Rose. Rose's smile faded. 'What?'

'Nothing.' Rose replied.

'Well it's obviously something.' Ginny said, noticing as well. Draco nodded.

'I just think Hermione isn't really a friend you should be making.' Rose told them. Draco and Ginny glanced at each other.

'Why not?' Ginny asked. Rose pushed opened the doors to a crowded cafeteria. Ginny and Draco's jaws dropped.

'Nevermind, anyway here at this school there are cliques. You got your freshman.' Rose said pointing to a table filled with some teens. 'Preps, J.V jocks, Asian nerds, cool Asians, varsity jocks, unfriendly black hotties, girls who eat their feelings, girls who don't eat anything, desperate wannabes, burnouts, sexually active band geeks, the greatest people you will ever meet, and the worst.' Rose said pointing to a table where Hermione sat, and 2 other very pretty girls. 'Beware of the plastics.'

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