There was this tree house I had found some feet away from my house, it seemed deserted and it didn't look like anyone was using it. There were rickety steps leading the way up and the whole thing felt like it could easily fall anytime. The inside was small but big enough for two or less to fit, it smelled like fresh cut grass and it was empty but to me it felt like home.

I was alone most of the time and I had yet to make friends since I moved here but I was content to keep to myself. Here was somewhere I could come when I needed time alone it would be like my sanctuary away from home. From that day forward I kept coming back, I brought books with me and before long I had it fixed up to make it homey. It was mines and only mines.

That changed one day late in the afternoon in the summer, Charlie was going to take me somewhere so I got dressed up which is something I usually hate to do, I was a jeans and t-shirt girl it was comfort over couture. I had put on a blue sundress and actually curled my hair but instead of shoes I wore sneakers, I waited patiently for Charlie to come home from work but he had to stay late at work and cancelled, deep inside I felt rejection but I played it off like It didn't matter. I was kind of looking forward to spending time with him, with my mom it always seemed like she was too busy for me and this cancellation because of work felt like the same.

I thought I would call my mother and she would soothe me and let me vent to her but she wouldn't answer her phone, she was too busy for me again and with escaping tears I went to escape to my sanctuary but when I got there someone beat me there. As I slowly climbed the ladder I saw shoes lying in the entry way and when I got closer I saw someone lying fast asleep on the floor. I should be scared that s stranger was in my sanctuary but I was angry, angry at my mother and father and I used that that to deal with the stranger.

I walked forward and kicked him gently with my foot, he didn't move so I kicked him harder and then he jerked awake. I didn't give him time to fully open his eyes before I started yelling.

"You're trespassing get out before I call the police!" I yelled.

He rubbed his eyes and sat up and I could see him clearly now and I froze in place, it could have been that I was in the presence of a boy all alone or it could be how beautiful he looked. Maybe his green eyes or long lashes or maybe it was his voice when he spoke.

"What the hell!" he exclaimed.

He was young he his voice was deep and made me feel things I only read about.

"Who the hell are you!" he said to me squinting.

I was still frozen staring at him unabashed but when he said that I snapped out of it angry all over.

"You're in my tree house, who the hell are you!" I retorted.

He stood up all 6 ft. of him as he towered over me, he moved closer and we stared at each other in wonder

"You're Charlie swans daughter you look just like him" he finally spoke.

"Well you look much better than what I thought, I'm Edward Cullen- masen" he said.

I stared "Two last names?"

He shrugged

"I'm Bella"

He smiled "so you found the old tree house, it was here before your dad lived here and I've always came here but now it's his property and I usually sneak in here when he's at work"

I narrowed my eyes at him " well not it's my property and I want you out and if you sneak back here again I'll have my dad put you in jail" I said and sat in my chair ready to read.

He stared at then laughed out loud "you're feisty I like it and let's not get out of hand we can both share the tree house"

I glared at him "who said anything about sharing?"

"Well you always share with your friends"

I looked around "I don't see any of my friends here"

He laughed again "Except your new friend" he replied before finally leaving

That was the start of a friendship that grew into something more and finally died.

Charlie was so proud of me for going; he drove me to the airport smiling the whole way there. He told me that whatever happened that he'll always be there and I believed him.

The nervousness didn't start until the plane landed and I was strongly thinking of getting back on the plane but I would do this for Charlie and for me. I got my suitcase and slowly walked down to the waiting area, with each step my resolve would waver but I kept going.

I looked through the crowed for Alice, trying to spot her pixie hair and short stature but I finally saw her standing near the back. She saw me too and we stared for a few seconds before she moved forward.

"Bella?" she said and stopped.

I thought about all the things I could say and should say except in this moment it didn't matter, it was like old times after not seeing each other for a while. Missing your best friend while she was away and when she came back it was like she never left.

"It's me" I replied before walking towards her with open arms.

We embraced tightly and before long we were both crying openly, she was still the same except her hair was longer. She was squeezing me tightly whispering about her sorry she was and how she missed me, I relished in the feeling of being missed and loved. We finally pulled away and walked hand in hand to the car outside. We didn't say a word as we drove but the silence was comforting, I wanted to speak but I didn't know what to say.

"You look great Bella, it's so good to see your face" she spoke.

I smiled at her compliment "and you Alice, I love your hair"

She laughed "I've always said I wanted hair like yours and I imagined when it came true but it wasn't the same without you"

There was silence and the moment I was dreading popped up, I didn't know how to broach the subject but if I didn't say it now I would never say it.

"So why did you leave?" I whispered.

There was a pause "Bella it was many things and I won't lie and say you weren't a part of it"

I nodded feeling tears start to gather, I always suspected much but hearing it makes it hurt worse.

"But Bella my reason wasn't because of you and I want to tell you everything but I need to know if you want to hear it now or after the wedding"

I was tired of waiting I wanted to know now before I met up with everyone.

"Now" I answered.

"Okay we can go somewhere to talk or do you want to go straight to my house? That's where all the girls are staying"

I paused it was be so good to see everyone but I wasn't ready yet and I wanted to talk about her specific reasons in private. We went to a little café and ordered cappuccinos, we drank in silence not knowing how to begin before she out down her cup and spoke.

"Forks was our home but that one memory tainted it and we wanted to get away, well I didn't know we were leaving until the end and I wanted to stay but they were my family and I had to go" she began.

That wasn't hard to hear as I thought because I figured as much, it made sense but I wanted to hear it from them. I didn't begrudge them that but the way they left without a goodbye or any indication that I meant something. That I was once a part of the family.

"And I wanted to say goodbye I really wanted to but" she trailed off.

"You didn't care or didn't think I would care because I didn't matter" I finished for her.

There we're angry tears and sad tears and there was the dejected feeling I felt when they first moved away. I was drowning in the misery suddenly I didn't care what they thought, I didn't want answers all they did was cause more pain. I should have never come I knew I would regret it.

"No Bella you're wrong I did care and I still do, you've always mattered to me. It was Carlisle he wanted to hurt you like you hurt him but I never blamed you at all and I'm so sorry if it felt that way!" Alice exclaimed crying along with me.

Her words hit me like bricks and the guilt seeped back in, there was the naked truth that I feared. Carlisle sweet loving Carlisle wanted to hurt me, it was too much but I let myself take it.

Alice came around and sat with me looking me in the eye "I wanted to call so much but I honestly didn't think you would want to talk to me. I debated about sending you a letter to explain but I didn't and I know I should have. I should have kept in touch with you Bella but I never forgot. We never forgot" she sniffled.

We were in each other's arms rocking back and forth crying openly but I didn't care it felt good to let everything out to clear the air. I could come to terms with Carlisle's decision because I blamed myself and me and Alice wouldn't just automatically go back to being friends but we could work on it. I would take any friendship I could get.

"I Forgive you little pixie" I said softly using my name for her.

She just held on and we sat there in silence until our tears stopped and quieted and then I felt bad because this was supposed to be a joyous occasion and here I was bringing Alice down.

"Thank you for being honest Alice"

She shook her head "Thank you for giving me a second chance"

We paid for the coffee and left the shop and I felt at least five pounds lighter, I wasn't even thinking but when we pulled up to apices house the butterflies descended and my guard was back up. Alice sensing my discomfort squeezed my hand lightly

"It's just Rose and Emmett's mother and a few other people that will be here" she said to assure me.

I nodded "Does rose know I'm here?" I asked.

She smiled "No it was a surprise I wanted to give her, I know she misses you and that promise you made to be maid of honor at each other's wedding she would want you here"

"I hope so"

"Bella listen don't be too hard on rose, it was easier for me you know that"

I Knew that and I've always knew that, it's what has kept me from hating her and hating him though I might hate him just a little. All I need if for them to forgive me but especially him and then from there I'll figure things out.

"Are you ready?" Alice asked taking my hand.

"As ready as I'll ever be"

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