Hey guys! So, I really don't do a whole lot of one-shots because they're kind of out of my element, but I figure the best way to improve my writing is to just write all the time, even things that I'm not quite used to writing about. So I'm taking on a challenge I issued to myself. I'm going to try to write 100 ONE-SHOTS! That's right. Everything from angst to humor to family and everything in between. Starting with a creepy poem about Roger I wrote when I couldn't sleep. It's seriously weirding me out man.

Age Six

Roger was starved,
starved for love
as he played alone each day
His mommy worked
His daddy was gone
And his sister,
his sister he hated

At school when kids all laughed and played,
Roger just sulked and brooded
Someday he thought, someday soon
I'll show them all someday
At school, sometimes they fell and cried
And Roger found some comfort
I'll give them all something to cry about
He thought to himself with a smile
Yes, I'll give them something to cry about

Age 12

Roger was starved,
starved for power,
and in the hunters he found it
Second in command
Closest to Jack
Fastest, strongest, maddest
Yes, Roger was starved for power,
and in the hunters
he had found it

Age 12 1/2

Roger was starved
for two things really
Firstly food, but mostly attention
As Piggy talked and talked
He threw some rocks
and laughed his cruelest laugh
But it wasn't what he wanted
Just a push, some weight on the lever
A tumble, a crash, and lastly
his cruel, cruel laugh
He'd wanted attention and got it
Boy, had he gotten it

Age 12 1/2 (several hours later)

Roger was starved,
starved for blood
A craving he knew well
Deeply buried, scarcely concealed
but always, always there
The twins were finished, the boys asleep
But the hunger kept him up
A simple trip, he mused, that's all it took
But, oh how sick
and oh, how wrong
No one would know, how would they check?
He reasoned once again

This time he traveled
Down the cliff, to the mangled remains
And dipped one finger into the hot red pool
then stuck it in his mouth
Copper, he thought, no, iron
He silently pondered the taste
Disgusting, he finally decided
But it seemed, despite the taste
That for once, Roger was satisfied

Yea. Please don't send the doctors from the mental hospital after me, I promise you I'm quite sane. In my defense, that really creepy part at the end with the blood is all from a nightmare, so it's not quite as sick as it sounds. I think. Anyways, should I continue with these one-shots?

If I continue, the next will be humor. It's gonna be about Ralph's bachelor party and it'll be titled "In Which They All Get Drunk" You do the math. Haha, reviews are nice. If you have any suggestions for one-shots or poems to put in here, please tell me! Grazie!