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Chapter One: Invasion of the Frog

Arthur Kirkland closed his emerald eyes happily, inhaling the thick, familiar scent of dark smoke spewing from the gleaming red train. All around him, girls and boys were hugging their families goodbye, but he'd left his Muggle parents far behind on the other side of the barrier to Platform 9¾, not looking back once as he returned to the Wizarding world—the world where he belonged.

For eleven long years, Arthur's life had been ordinarily, completely, boringly normal. So normal it was almost abnormal. But then the letter had come; that small letter addressed in spidery writing to "Mr. A. Kirkland, the top bunk in the smallest bedroom" with the red wax seal on the front had changed his life. Before he'd known what was happening, Arthur had been swept into a world that was the complete opposite of all he'd ever known, full of magic and mystery and people just like him. It was a thrilling thing. He'd never forget the wave of electricity that had flowed through his nerves when he'd found his wand, or the excitement of standing on Platform 9¾ for the first time, looking out at a thrillingly uncertain future.

Even to a wizard, it was amazing how the years could simply vanish in the blink of an eye. Now he was sixteen, in his second-to-last year here at the school. Where had the time gone?

Suddenly he was jolted out of his thoughts by a mocking pat to the head, whirling around to see his friend Gil standing behind him, with the little chick Gilbird sitting happily on his shoulder. Gilbert laughed.

"Long time no see, Artie!" he greeted with a wink, rumpling Arthur's already-messy blond hair. Gilbird cheeped in acknowledgment. "Muggles treating you well? Merlin, have you grown at all over the summer?"

Arthur threw a friendly punch at his crimson-eyed friend for the last comment, a grin tugging at the edges of his lips even as he tried to suppress it. "Gil, for your information I have grown, and they're my parents, so of course they're treating me well!"

Gilbert smirked. "Well, I've got to ask, just in case you'd ever like to run away with me..."

Arthur finally resigned to the grin, shaking his head. "How many times do I have to tell you no before it gets inside that thick skull of yours?"

"Aah... at least once more," Gil replied after a moment of mock contemplation. He shot the train a wary glance as the clanging of a bell burst into their conversation, picking up Arthur's trunk before he could protest.

"C'mon," Gil said. "We don't want to miss the train again, cause this time we don't have a flying car to borrow."

"True enough," Arthur grumbled good-naturedly, close on his friend's heels as they boarded the Hogwarts Express and started down the aisle, trying to find a compartment. Everywhere seemed packed this year, right down to the last car, but finally Gil poked his head inside one of the compartments to find Alfred and Matthew Williams. The fourth year Gryffindor twins were chatting happily, although Alfred was the one doing pretty much all of the talking, and both of them looked up when Gil cleared his throat pointedly.

"Anyone sitting there?" he asked, glancing at the two empty seats across from the twins.

Matthew smiled and shook his head. "C'mon in!" Alfred exclaimed in his usual over-boisterous way, nearly making Arthur jump even though they'd been friends for almost four years now. Merlin, that boy would never learn how to speak quietly, would he? Or even at a normal volume, for that matter.

Gil shoved Arthur's trunk into the overhead compartment, then flopped down beside his friend with a grin at the kid across from him. "So, Al, how was your summer?" Gilbert asked innocently.

"Aw, it was great!" Alfred burst out with nearly enough enthusiasm to pop Arthur's ears, and then he was off, talking about all the places they'd gone over break. Soon the train lurched into motion under their feet, and after a while Arthur simply tuned out Alfred's voice in favor of the comfortable clacking of the wheels beneath their feet. He sighed, settling back into the cushy seats and staring out the window as the speeding landscape outside gradually drifted from the grubby London train tracks to rolling prairies. The beginnings of a deep evergreen forest were just starting to appear on the horizon when Arthur stood, stretching and letting out a yawn. Alfred and Gilbert (Gilbird included) had taken to arguing happily over Quidditch teams and showed no signs of letting up as Arthur turned to the quiet Matthew.

"Want to see if we can find the food trolley?" he invited the smaller boy, whom he actually liked very much. Matthew was a good companion.

Mattie smiled and nodded, standing up also and following Arthur out into the corridor. They started off toward the front of the train, where the trolley was always parked, Arthur making light conversation and Mattie occasionally replying as the duo made their way through multiple cars on their quest for snacks. But suddenly a compartment door slid open and another boy stepped out into the corridor, blocking their path.

He had wavy, silver-blond hair just brushing his neck, and deep blue eyes that fixed Arthur with a smirking stare, though his lips betrayed no hint of the mockery.

"Bonjour, mon ami," the boy said in a perfectly smooth voice, heavy with French accent. That voice somehow irritated Arthur. Every syllable dripped charm like honey. "And what would your name be?"

"I'm Arthur. Arthur Kirkland," Arthur replied shortly. For some reason he didn't like this boy at all. He made no move to hold out his hand.

The boy was now lounging against the wall, his eyes still alight with that infuriatingly superior smirk. "Aah, Kirkland. Muggle name, isn't it?"

"Yes," Arthur replied through gritted teeth. Matthew was looking nervously between the two of them, his mind clearly racing at a thousand miles a minute to find a way out of this before it turned into a full-fledged fight. The air crackled with a loathing tension.

The boy was still lounging against the wall, making Arthur even angrier with the way that nonchalant gaze made him feel like this new boy knew every secret about him, saw everything he'd ever done just by looking at his face. "I'm Francis," the boy said calmly, as though he hadn't a care in the world.

Arthur's hands itched to strangle him now. "If you wouldn't mind, Francis," he hissed, "we'd like to get past. You happen to be blocking the way."

The other boy looked around, playing innocent. "Oui, of course," he said, standing aside gracefully.

Arthur strode past, deliberately glaring at the door ahead. The Frenchman's silky voice followed him into the next car.

"Au revoir, Arthur," it laughed, before he slammed the door pointedly and just kept on walking.

Arthur looked up as a hand tapped his shoulder, a smile spreading across his face when he saw who it was. "Patrick!" he greeted at an almost Alfred-worthy volume, jumping up to hug the red-haired boy, his fellow Ravenclaw and closest friend, whom he hadn't been able to find on the train. Patrick grinned, patting his back until Arthur finally released him from the bone-crushing hug.

"Nice to see you too, mate," he laughed, sitting down next to Arthur and massaging his ribs. "I haven't seen you all summer!"

Arthur shrugged, still grinning widely. His green eyes were alight and sparkling with happiness at seeing his friend again. "We really just stayed home and relaxed," he replied. "Pretty much a normal Muggle vacation. What did you do?"

Patrick was just about to reply when the doors to the Great Hall swung open and a herd of rather scared-looking first years began filing in; the older students almost immediately fell into an anticipatory silence. All eyes shifted to the front of the hall, where there stood a single, rather grubby hat. It was an ordinary hat, nothing that would be expected to do what it did next.


Arthur laughed quietly as the first years jumped nearly two feet into the air, completely shocked, and exchanged an amused glance with Patrick before turning back to enjoy the show.

"Oooooh, you may not think I'm pretty

I'm rather worn, at that

But there's a brain inside my head

For I'm the Sorting Hat

When Hogwarts and I were young and new

Four founders chose your place

But once they were all dead and gone

A problem they would face

For who was to choose your house

Once they had been erased?

Gryffindor liked bravery

the boldest were the best

So come and try me on

and put your courage to the test

Ravenclaw thought wise ones stood out

far beyond the others

If you belong in Ravenclaw

I'll sort you without bother

To Hufflepuff hard workers were

worthy of recognition

By splitting them off from the rest

She made a hard decision

With Slytherin they mattered

if they hungered for great power

With that, my song draws to a close

Before the late night hour

So step right up

don't be afraid

to put me on your head

Sir Gryffindor left me behind

So I could choose instead!"

After a moment of ringing silence, the Hall broke into a rain of applause. As soon as the noise died down, Professor McGonagall stepped up, unfurling a scroll of parchment, and called the first name.

"Jacob, Aaron."

A dark-haired boy trudged nervously up to the stool, taking his seat and tentatively put on the hat. It fell straight down over the boy's eyes, staying there for a moment as though deep in thought.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" the hat finally bellowed, to be greeted with whistles and applause from the Hufflepuff table as the boy pulled off the hat, happily jogging over to join his fellow classmates.

Finally, after many more names and Arthur cheering himself hoarse right along with all the other Ravenclaws, the Sorting came to an end, and the headmaster rose to speak.

Dumbledore always gave off an air of extraordinary energy, regardless of the long silver hair and beard that showed his age. The headmaster's eyes twinkled like the sun glistening on a pool of clear blue water as he addressed the students with a smile tugging at his lips.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts!" he greeted, arms spread wide. "I am glad to see every one of our students returning, and also glad to inform you that we have another new student joining us this year."

Arthur and Patrick exchanged looks of interest.

The headmaster smiled, looking over to the Slytherin table. "Francis Bonnefoy, could you please step forward?"

Arthur's eyes narrowed.

Sure enough, that frog had stood from the Slytherin table and was walking toward the front of the hall, seeming completely immune to the dreamy stares of all the girls, following him up the steps to where Dumbledore stood.

"Mr. Bonnefoy moved here from France early this summer," Dumbledore said, smiling at the boy. "He will be staying here at Hogwarts for the remaining two years of his schooling. Slytherin house has graciously accepted him into their ranks."

It made Arthur burn with anger, and he settled for glaring into the table until the feast began.

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