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SG1/DW: A young archaeologist is caught inside a restricted area within Cheyenne Mountains. He makes a stunning claim of a secret chamber containing the power and knowledge of the Ancient One, road builder and healer.

The Saint Physician

Miniseries: Part VII

The Asphegue

It was a lovely day on the green hills overlooking the valley of the village of Vertige. The sun was high on the horizon and the skies were the bluest of blue. He was walking barefoot on the fresh, moistened by yesterday's drizzle, green grass. His thoughts were happy as he felt that way too. He had no care in the world, no burden to shoulder.

A dark shadow crossed the skies and then thunderclouds covered the view from horizon to horizon. A shockwave crossed the air and shook the ground once, twice. Unnatural wind occurred and looking up he saw the ugliest creature alive. It had a wide span of winds with webbed feet and a head of the worst nightmares – a demon with small horns. Its skin appeared to be mat grey hardened surface that resembled scales. Its claws were like long spears with jagged edges.

The demon's mouth opened and terrible flames of purplish nature flew with great velocity to the grounds below. Where they touched the ground became black, instantly burnt. The once beautiful lands were now nothing more than ash. The demon moved and the ash covered quickly everything in its path.

Villagers were screaming, children were running and crying. But there was no escape of the terrible flames. They surrounded the poor little beings. There was nowhere to run. The entire village was surrounded by the terrible purplish flames.

On the outskirts of the said village, a creature (also from the worst nightmares) dressed in a black suit observed. Its hollowed eyes glowed with something that could be characterized as joy. The creature was not concerned with someone seeing it as it would forget the moment it looks away. This creature was from a religious order or group and they called themselves the Silence, the sentinels of time.

This time around their plan to rid the universe of the most annoying creature will not be interrupted. It was alone on this world and there was no escape from the demon, the Asphegue, as the Ancients, the Old ones called. The Asphegue was an abstract given refuge in the blackness between the stars to maintain the balance of the time flows and delicate decisions. But now they had freed it to wreck havoc and destroy the self proclaimed creature baring the name: 'THE DOCTOR', the greatest enemy of the Silence.

He was on the green hill overlooking what used to be a peaceful land. The village was surrounded by the flames and he was too far away. He had become. He had given it all up but now they needed him. He had to save them. But it had been too long. The words were long forgotten. Nevertheless, he focused. The wish to help summoned memories long forgotten but the words themselves were still elusive hidden behind curtains of fog and blurriness.

And then out of the blue a familiar sound broke his concentration – vroom, vroom. A memory flooded in – something old, something new, something borrowed and the bluest of blue with light atop. He opened his eyes and saw it materialize at the edge of the village near the hottest flames.

It was a blue box with a sign saying: Police Box. Its front doors opened and in the aura of the light a shape appeared. His thoughts drifted to the only possibility though the people below must have thought – God must have sent an angel. But then if it was an angel, it was definitely oddly dressed – brown coat, white shirt, suspenders, and a red bowtie. But he knew better. It was no angel, no god, it was him, the man he used to be, the man he stopped to be so he can be happy again, and crying like a normal person, carrying.

His self reached into the pockets and took a small metal object that made an annoying buzzing sound. It was his favorite tool – the sonic screwdriver. This little object was what could drive away armies and it annoyed the crap out of anyone.

For the first time since its arrival the demon made an actual sound. In its voice, fear could be sensed. The sonic moved forward and its annoyance fell on the demon forcing it to kneel. But the demon looked away and the moment it did it forgot it has ever seen it. Its flames reaffirmed, the wings wide spread and the demon was back on its feet. The ground was struck again with terrible force. The angel fell struck down and it did not look as though it was going to stand up ever again. Its eyes were closed and its breathing shallow.

The creature Silence stepped forward and its expression depicted satisfaction. But it was not enough. It wanted the body of his enemy burnt. It turned to the Asphegue and commanded it to finish the job. Any creature burnt by the flames of the Asphegue is as though it had never existed.

The Asphegue turned to the laying man in red bowtie and unleashed its flames' fury. The flames had almost reached him. He, the man on the hills, wanted to be there and stop it. But he was not fading away, which meant it was not his younger self, it was his future self. But this time around there was no Teselecta to cheat with. He was going to see his own death. The flames reached him but nothing happened. The flames did not burn him. They did engulf his body but it did not burn.

The Silence creature's facial expression depicted an exclamation mark. It was witnessing the impossible and then it heard it – a voice in the air. It turned promptly to its source and caught a glimpse of white hair and blue eyes. The blue eyes closed and opened again. The Silence creature had moved out of sight and of memory or so it thought.

But the blue eyes found it again which earned another exclamation look. It was once more witnessing the impossible. No creature in the whole of creation has ever managed to overcome their natural defense, the ability to edit oneself from the memories of other creatures. The blue eyes were saying it loud and clear – I can see. I remember you! It was not possible.

Another thing caught the interest of the Silence creature. It was another voice. It was way more powerful, full of life and authority, and subtlety. It was soft and melodic but its force commanded power unlike any other. The Asphegue had caught it too and was retreating. The Silence creature sought it and found it. It was oddly dressed too – orange and black.

The Doctor woke up in heavy sweat. The dream was more powerful now. But the nagging question returned with greater force – was it really a dream. His memories had almost fully recovered. The glimpse he had caught of white and blue was without any doubt Albert. His voice saved his life. But then another question bore – how did Albert get there, how he knew the Old words, how…And what was the glimpse of orange and black. It obviously knew a great deal too since the Asphegue was retreating.

Unfortunately the dream started to fade away and the details became foggier and foggier until they were nothing but a fluke. He tried to focus on it and summon it back but it did not obey his plea. He pushed the blanket aside and stood up. His focus returned and he remembered now where he was.

He was in the large cavern beneath the Altar chamber in the Cheyenne Mountains. Amy was stirring up next door. The smell of fresh coffee flew in through the door of his room left slightly ajar. The door was pushed open and a figure appeared in its frame.

"Good morning, Doctor," – It was Daniel Jackson, the resident hippy.

"Good morning, Daniel," – The Doctor replied yawning and stretching. He frowned slightly trying to push the memory back into his vision but it was gone. He took the offered coffee and took a sip. Sometimes the small pleasures were of the greatest benefit. It awoke his senses fully. There was much work to be done.

"Good morning, Doctor," – Amy greeted entering his room past Daniel, taking his cup right off his hands and taking a sip. "Not bad, American!" She said to Daniel who mastered a smile absolutely not offended by still existing bickering between Americans and British.

"Thank you, Missis Pond!" – Daniel replied instead.

"Yes, Missis Pond," – The Doctor exclaimed snatching his cup of coffee from her hands and muttering under breath: "My cup of coffee!" He exited the room, marched along the corridor and entered the office overlooking the large cavern. Amy and Daniel came in shortly after.

"Well, Doctor, what's next?" – Amy asked having focused her eyes onto him.

The Doctor did not reply. His thoughts were preoccupied with the impossible task of finding the dream and the memories associated with it. The other part of his brain was focused on finding the TARDIS. It was not here and he was definitely certain he had left it nearby. Sadly, the Americans had nothing with which he could track its signature, not to mention that even if they had he could run into his younger self and that always had bad consequences. It was rather frustrating.

The vortex manipulators he had built were still a bad way to travel into the time vortex. The best way remained the TARDIS. But where was his sweet, sexy thing, and who had taken her and more to the point how? He suspected Albert had done it but the good doctor knew not how to drive it. It was a rather curious puzzling mystery.

He asked Daniel to recall everything again about Albert's visit and everything he had done. Maybe there was something the hippy had missed though it was the third day they were retracing Albert's moves, and so far it had yielded at nothing.

And then out of the blue he heard her sound actually everyone did. The Doctor tracked it and soon reached the middle of the cavern where in splendid light she stood – his girl, the one and only, TARDIS. He went to her and gave her an embrace then rummaged through his pockets and took out the key opening the door and rushing in.

"Oh, you scrumptious beauty," And he ran around every piece of the console with such love and devotion. She was here for him. She was finally here and everything was going to be ok once more.

"Doctor! Doctor!" It was Amy's voice. "Where are you?"

But the Doctor did not respond he was preoccupied with the love of his life. It did not matter though Amy soon found him. She was also happy to be inside the TARDIS.

"Doctor! Mrs. Pond!" This time it was Daniel's voice.

"Amy, go get him." The Doctor said.

Amy went out and soon found Daniel around the Pandorica. "Dr. Jackson, this way," Daniel saw her and went to her. They walked side by side until Amy stopped before the blue box that Daniel was watching in stupor.

Was this the box that every part of the old writings mentioned? He had often wondered what could possibly motivate people to put a box as a symbol. He had wondered of the meaning but as it turns out the people of the old times were direct in their meaning. There was indeed no other way to describe it. It was a blue box. Still the question popped why such reverence?

He looked at it and atop he saw it written – Police Box. On the right side it was written how to open the box's door. Amy opened the door slightly ajar.

"Come on in!" She said with a wide smile.

Daniel proceeded carefully. He opened a bit more the door and ventured in but then his jaw was nailed to the floor for what his eyes were seeing was impossible. He stepped back out and then back in. It was not possible. He stepped out again and circled the rectangular shaped box several times and then he was back in but the result was the same.

The police box was bigger on the inside, much bigger. As it turned out later, it was not just limited to the control room. There were many, many rooms in it on many, many levels full of incredible things. He even got a glimpse of a swimming pool right next to the library. There were many times he got lost inside this thing and many times he went out to confirm the size had not changed at all.

"How's this possible?" Daniel turned to the Doctor.

"Why shouldn't it be?" The Doctor replied also with a broad smile like the all lit up Amy Pond.

"I meant what kind of technology allows it to be bigger on the inside then on the outside."

"Oh, it is a chameleon circuit. Once I arrived in the England in the 50s it disguised itself as a police box and the circuit got stuck on it ever since."

"I understand that part but not how it can be bigger in then the out. Is it some form of illusion?"


"Then what?"

"Well," The Doctor sighed. "It is something you can't understand and it would take far too much time to explain."

"I see." Daniel did not enjoy these types of answers that tell you something and yet absolutely nothing. In many aspects the Doctor was like Oma and the rest of the cryptic Ancients. But then again the Ancients were not so keen on sharing the how of their technology either so they had to guess.

With this odd police box it was the same. If Daniel had to venture a guess it would be some form of miniaturization. But this did not explain how it was exactly achieved nor what kind of power source was this box using.

"It is good to be inside the TARDIS again, Doctor!" Amy shared.

"TARDIS?" Daniel asked raising an eyebrow.

"Time and Relative Dimension in Space," The Doctor answered. "It is my ship though not a space ship but rather a ship that travels through time and space."

Dimension, this gave Daniel another plausible explanation about the size. It was possible that some parts of the ship were actually occupying other dimensions hence it appears smaller than it actually is. Well, he was not that much of a specialist. He was certain Samantha could explain it better but over the years he had acquired a suitable understanding of other crazy things too.

He remembered also he had to call Jack so he ventured out of the strange box and called on the radio.


"Daniel," O'Neill replied.

"You should really come and see something."

"Sam and I will be down as soon as Mitchell returns."

"Daniel!" Daniel turned around and saw Vala.

"Vala! Come and see!"

"See what?"

"Just get in there it is self explanatory." And he pointed at the blue box.

Vala eyed him for a moment then said. "Daniel it is just a box!"

"Yeah, I know but it was on all the texts. Trust me just go in!"

"Alright," Vala shrugged and ventured in. Daniel waited patiently and a moment later Vala was out walking around the box. "What the hell…?" She exclaimed and returned in again. She repeated this move a few times before the inevitable truth sunk in. "What the hell…how?"

"I have no answer for you!" Daniel shrugged too.

"Oh, I can't wait for Sam to try it!" Vala exclaimed with a smile and then ventured in.

Daniel followed and saw her climb the stairs. "Vala, where are you going?"

"Exploring Daniel," She replied and disappeared onto the next level.

"Leave her be." The Doctor said. "She's harmless."

"You wouldn't think so if you had met her the first time around."

"Oh, come on, Daniel, she only briefly took over your ship. Big deal!"

"I'll remind you of that when she takes off with this one." Daniel retorted.

"She's welcome to try!" The Doctor smiled big time.

"Daniel!" It was O'Neill's voice. Daniel promptly left the TARDIS and headed to meet him and Sam. They had just entered into the cave. "Ah there you are. What did you want to show us?"

O'Neill had come with Sam and Cameron. "This way!" And Daniel led the way. He stopped before the blue police box. "Get in!"

"Jackson," Cam said. "There won't be enough space for all of us in there."

"You'd surprised!" Daniel replied. "Just get in!"

"Alright," Cam shrugged and ventured in alone. He bolted out shortly after shaking head and walking around the box. "Jackson, what the hell is this?"

"It's a police box, Cam!" Daniel replied with a victorious smile.

"Yeah right!" Cam exclaimed. "That's impossible!"

"What is?" O'Neill asked.

"Just get in, Jack, you'll find out!" Daniel encouraged.

O'Neill shrugging got in and his jaw fell off. He closed eyes blinked and opened them again but the view had not changed. There was a huge room inside with a central column much like the one the Doctor had built in Eureka but bigger with strange controls standing on a glass floor with other wires and wirings below. There were stairs on both sides, the closest one to him and on the farthest end opposite him. There were a few corridors outlets too.

He blinked again hard. Next to him, he saw Samantha blinking hard as well. She stayed only for a moment then ventured out probably to circle around this blue wooden box and then came back in.

"Astounding piece of technology," She said. "They have somehow managed to apply the M theory of dimensionality without the ill effects of compressing matter."

"Ah, what?" O'Neill exclaimed.

"Ah, the M theory of dimensionality, it is possible to shift atoms from our dimension into another and thus compress the size of an object without it losing integrity. The effect of compressing produces heat and could in theory reduce the size of anything around alongside the object you're making smaller."

"Right," O'Neill nodded but then asked. "What?"

"It is the ability to make you smaller without affecting your integrity. In simpler words we could you smaller sir but everything within would be proportionate to your size though you couldn't breathe normal molecules of air because they would be too big for your organism to handle."

"Right, I'd be a miniature."

"Yes, essentially,"

"Why did not say so?" And he eyed her the way he usually did when she engaged into too much scientific babble.

"But it is amazing." Sam continued. "They have managed to do it without any of the usual hiccups."

"The TARDIS is an eleven dimensional object, Colonel Carter." The Doctor shed some light.

"What?" Sam exclaimed processing the given hint. And then it hit her. The ship existed in parallel in eleven other dimensions thus explaining the perfect compression.

"It is called TARDIS." The Doctor came to her thought processing's aid. "Time and Relative Dimension in Space."

"Of course," Sam exclaimed.

"Of course, what?" Cam asked.

"The ship exists in eleven parallel dimensions at the same time but not only in space but also time itself. And they somehow converge here thus maintain the illusion that it is bigger on the inside than the outside while all its parts occupy the same space in different dimensions. This is brilliant engineering."

"What?" O'Neill exclaimed again not understanding a word.

"Um," Sam sighed. "Imagine the size of Atlantis fitting inside the briefing room."

"That's hard to imagine!"

"Not really," Sam countered. "All parts of Atlantis separately exist in other dimensions occupying the same space which would be the briefing room as it is the place where they converge."

"Still not getting it!"

"Alright, you remember the time when in the SGC there were numerous SG1 teams. It was because the black hole had been redirected and fused to converge on our reality thus every team was coming through the same gate. These gates however exist in parallel of another one but on the same spot."

"Ah!" O'Neill exclaimed. This example made a bit more sense though it was still mightily confusing.

"Are you saying we exist now in several dimension while still being in this one?" Cam asked to clarify.

"Something like that,"

"Right," Cam said and looking at O'Neill rolled his eyes. "What is it with scientists and something and theoretically?"

"I wish I knew!" O'Neill replied shrugging.

"Well then we are all gathered." The Doctor interrupted. "The TARDIS is going to take us where we need to be."

"And that is?"

"Back on the planet, where the Asphegue will be. Now before we go I have to prepare you for one of the most dangerous creatures I have come across. They are called the Silence."

"The Silence, seriously?" O'Neill asked raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, they are dangerous, General." Amy said. "They have the nasty habit of editing themselves out of your memory."

"Come again?"

"The Silences are extraordinary." The Doctor said. "Their natural defense is so. They have the ability to erase themselves from the memory of those around them when you look away."

"So," Sam reasoned. "You look at them and see them and then you look away and it is as though you have never seen them. Is that right?"


"Oh, wow, that is um, one hell of a defensive mechanism."

"You'd be surprised. They have been on Earth for a long time but only here and almost everywhere."

"They have invaded Earth?" Cameron asked.

"Oh, no, they have manipulated it. The invasion was over thousands of years ago. It is difficult to speak of invasion when you can't remember." Amy explained.


"So how do we deal with them?" Daniel asked.

"Well, I'll show you!" The Doctor said and explained the procedure to deal with the ominous Silence. "Now that this is done it is time you learnt what I need of you. The Asphegue is a very ancient creature. Its flames never let them touch you,"

"Why not?"

"Whatever is touched by its flames is as though it has never existed hence do not let them touch you." The Doctor elaborated. "Your task will be very simply. You have to keep the Asphegue off balance. Now, this is not something easily achievable as the Silence no doubt will try to stop you but you must try."

"So what do we shoot it?" Cam asked.

"No, you will use flares. Bullets will not affect it."

"Are you sure?"

"What is it with Americans and shooting?" The Doctor asked rolling eyes while moving around the consoles.

O'Neill shrugged. "Well, you have your share of trigger happy buddies."

"True," The Doctor nodded with an approving smile. He certainly had his fair share of those – Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith and Rose's Mum and Dad, and of course last but not least River. Ah, those were the times. It brought a smile to him but that was also the past.

When everything was ready, the Doctor activated the console and the TARDIS was away with its usual vroom sound and shaking. His guests had to find their balance in order to stay upright. Amy was having the time of her life though.

After some time, the TARDIS landed on the hill overlooking the valley where the city of the Gem of Ayla used to be. The land there was still badly scorched. The Doctor had been right about one thing once anything had been touched by the flames of the Asphegue it was as though it had never existed even if it was before the time the Asphegue had arrived for the first time.

The Asphegue had not arrived yet. There was still a day before it appears again. There on the hill, River and Rory had come to greet them. They had done all that the Doctor had asked of them. It was now only a matter of time before the game is at foot. The last steps he had to make on his own. He had to face the Asphegue alone.

They were of course going to protest but it was the way it had to be. The timeline had to be maintained. They would all remain in the TARDIS other than Jack, Cameron, Daniel and Sam. They had to attract the attention of the Asphegue long enough for him to speak the ancient words. But there was one hiccup there. He still could not remember them. He attributed that to the early stage. When the time came he would know them, he hoped.

Many of his memories were still at a fritz. He had thought that with the return of the TARDIS he would remember everything but that has not happened yet. Was it possible the Asphegue had erased some of them? Was it possible that a part of him will never come back? He will never be the same if it is the case. He would not be fully a time lord. And if so then the Silence would win.

He still wondered how this has happened to begin with. Could the Silence have sabotaged the reintegration process? But if so they had to be on the TARDIS and she would have caught a glimpse of them and alerted him. But then maybe he did not remember even if she did. It was very frustrating. He was the last of the time lords.

And then an uninvited thought came to him. It was part of the dream that woke him up this morning. It was that glimpse of orange and black. It bore something familiar and something he could not quite place. He had had this feeling for a very long time. In the past he had thought it was the Master but then the nagging feeling had continued to pursue him long after the Master had gone back into the Time War.

But whatever it was meant to happen it will. There was no point to dwell on what could be though that was what his people do anyway. He was the one that could see many possibilities of what can and of what would be. It was the way of the Gallifreyan Time Lords.

Somewhere far away from the planet, a crate seven feet high had materialized in front of a cottage. On the porch, a woman of incredible beauty stood. She half expected it was her Doctor coming to her again though she did fear this moment. It would mean he had recovered all of his memories. He would not be the same. But then something was wrong as the crate before her wasn't her Doctor's TARDIS. His was a blue box not an orange black crate.

The crate creaked open and the strangest being came out of it. She was reminded of her Doctor but he was most certainly not him. It was a young man in a long black tuxedo with a white scarf, orange striped shirt with silver beads, black tie on orange balloons, white sneakers with orange ties, and a black bowler hat, again with orange stripes.

His smile was wilder and far more devious from that of her Doctor. His eyes twinkled like the night stars much like her Doctor. She knew at once he was a Time Lord. She knew he was trouble as he was very attractive.

His eyes scanned her from top to bottom and it brought an even wilder smile to his face but it was almost instantaneously replaced with deep sadness and regret. She did not like this at all it was never good when it begins like this.

"Hello!" He greeted. Even his voice was divine, soft and melodic.

"Hello!" She replied.

He reached her and took her hands into his. His eyes were locked into hers. She felt lighter at once then sensed she was drifting and her eyes closed. He lifted her and moved her inside the crate.

She opened her eyes and had to blink hard a lot of times. She had already been into the TARDIS but it was her Doctor's one. This TARDIS however was much different. It reminded her of space ship's bridge. Everything was so neat there was no chaos in there. And it was big, so big, and maybe even bigger than the Doctor's but just as perfectly disguised. Who would ever suspect to find such grandeur inside a harmless crate?

"I apologize for the way I brought you in." He said as he appeared from one of the walls.

"Who are you?" She asked though the question was really not necessary. She knew he was a Time Lord. Though her Doctor had told her he was the only one left.

"You already know the answer to that though I'm certain he still believes he is the only one left."

"Yes, he does."

"And that's the way it has to stay. He can never know about me."

"But why? He craves for his people. He mustn't be alone no one should."

"I know." He said softly. "But some things have their purpose. I have mine and he has his."


"Some things are indeed but others not so much." He said. "I imagine you know about the Time War."

"Yes, he told me of it though he doesn't remember everything."

"No, he doesn't. The reintegration did not work…"

"How do you know this?"

"I know because it was the only way to protect him."

"You did that?" She exclaimed shocked and outraged.

"Yes," He confirmed simply. "If he had remembered the proper way it would have meant his death. He would have rushed to a meeting with destiny without a second thought and he would have perished. He did not stand a chance against the Asphegue the first time and he would not have stood a chance the second had he rushed it. He had to do it gradually and that's when I stepped in."


"The Doctor has powerful enemies. The first time it did not work because he did not see the Silence. They upset his timing and he spoke too soon, and he lost the momentum. The damage the Asphegue has done is almost irreversible. The Asphegue is an abstract meant to protect the normal flow of time. And like everything else it has two sides – a dark side and a light side. The Doctor faced the dark side."

"You said almost irreversible?"

"Yes, almost," He whispered. "Sadly even the Asphegue is affected by the Silence. These foul creatures have caused much damage. But it is not too late to fix it. It never is."


"For that I will need your help!"

"My help?"

"Yes," He replied his eyes still fixed in hers.

She was pensive wondering how she can help. But her Doctor needed her so she pushed all hesitation aside. "What can I do to help?"

The time lord smiled. "Excellent." He moved to the control console and the TARDIS came to life. The crate outside vanished with the familiar vroom sound.

Back on the planet, the Doctor and his helpers were sitting together exchanging stories of past times. SG1 was with them too. They heard many and told many. It was an amazing night and it was taking everyone's minds away from the tomorrow's mission.

At one point, O'Neill left the group. He missed his tall, dark friend Teal'c. He had been killed by the Lucian Alliance when Mitchell had bluffed. This reminded him why SG1 was here. They were here to set things right. And if it worked Teal'c will be among them again. O'Neill simply could not deal with the fact that he was not around.

But the SGC had been destroyed as well and the world had finally learnt of the terrible secret the governments had been protecting for the past fifteen years. Maybe the time had come for them to reveal the Stargate Program. It was one thing to do it behind everyone's backs when they thought they couldn't handle it. But O'Neill had the belief the world can handle the truth.

Maybe it was because there was no more danger present other than the Lucian Alliance as all the major players were gone – the Goa'uld, the ORI and the wraith. He clearly remembered the story of the ascended Samantha and Daniel though. The Ancients were still around and they were possibly going to interfere into their lower plane. He could still see the glory of the majestic city built by the descendants of SG1 and crew of Destiny. It overshadowed the Ancients completely.

"Ah, maybe," O'Neill whispered. Maybe the time was ripe. They had to do it eventually but it seemed better sooner rather than later.


O'Neill turned around and faced Samantha. "Carter!"

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine thank you just thinking."

The rest of SG1 soon joined him too. They couldn't stay away from each other for a long time. They were so far in the past but the important thing was that they were together. Their vision of the universe had been altered, changed forever. They have all seen other creatures, other aliens that were not so humanoid rather more alien. And tomorrow they were about to face another, the mother of all strangeness – an abstract, the mighty Asphegue.

"The past and present, huh?" Cameron noted.

"Present what?" O'Neill looked at him.

"SG1, sir,"

"Yeah, almost," O'Neill said reminding of who was missing and why they were doing it. "Speaking of which, Colonel, what did the Lucian want from you?"

"Oh, that," Cameron sighed. "Well, let's say she wants to secure her future as leader of the Lucian Alliance."

"The maneuvering would be very tricky, Cam." Sam said. "We basically have to avoid ourselves a great deal."

"Would someone explain it plainly?" O'Neill asked.

Cameron sighed and obliged. What Leila Terni wanted from them was complicated to say the least but she had been right too that SG1 was most knowledgeable of all that has transpired during that period of time.

"Aw, right," O'Neill said. "Carter, can it be done?"

"Possibly," Sam replied.

"Yeah, but I don't see why we should?" Daniel exclaimed. "I mean if the timeline is restored and all the bad things averted why we should help them."

"I imagine because it was meant to be." Cam said.

"We don't know that."

"Yeah, we don't. But who is to say it never happened that way anyway? Maybe it is the way the timeline was supposed to be."

"Cam, even if so, how would she know how it is supposed to be?"

"I don't know." Cam replied pensively. "But she seemed positively certain and no she wasn't making it up. I could see it in her eyes. She genuinely believed it is the way to be. I don't know how to explain it but I can feel it."

"Wouldn't that be of some misplaced attraction feelings?" Daniel asked.

"Very funny, and no," Cam snapped.

"Ouch defensive,"

"You would be too if talking to 'you know who' in that other timeline." Cam countered. He had hinted at the timeline Teal'c was holding on not telling them until recently when he did share what had occurred.

Daniel of course did not appreciate that hint as it was below the belt. Not that he ever imagined the possibility of ending falling for Vala but still. Vala on the other hand was now blushing and looking the other way making Cameron smile victoriously.

"Well then," O'Neill cleared his throat. "It is decided. Once this crazy Doctor fixes the main mess you'd proceed with Terni's demand."

"Yes, sir,"

"Good then goodnight,"

"Good night, sir,"

The next day, everyone woke up early. The Doctor made the final preparations before they left the planet only to reappear at the exact needed time.

The Silence had appeared at the foot of the village. They were finally ready to release the Asphegue and with its help to rid the universe of the most dangerous creature ever – the Doctor. He had managed to evade them the first time around when the universe exploded and then the second time when he had to die at that lake in Utah. The Doctor had cheated at the latter but not this time. This time it will be different. There is no escape from the Asphegue.

Of course the damn creature, this abstract was not easily controlled either. It had put a fight too but they were victorious in the end. It was a testament of their power. It was not easy to influence an abstract. They had to bring the entire order to do so but it has paid off. It was far more preferable than being exterminated by that vermin race, the human race. The Doctor had done much damage to them since 1969. But now it was the time to pay.

Up on the hill the TARDIS disappeared out of sight. At this time the mighty abstract the Asphegue ascended from its heavenly prison and landed gracefully before the Silence. Its powerful flames scorched again the ground. But the Silence noticed the lack of people and stood perplexed. Has the Asphegue already been here? For nothing survives its flames and once burnt disappears forever.

Nevertheless, the Asphegue continued his assault. Now the buildings started to disappear and ruins appeared in their stead. The Silence observed with satisfaction and waited for the time when the pesky time lord would arrive. It should be around now. And the Silence was not entirely wrong but the Doctor had been very clever about it this time around. He had landed the TARDIS but kept it cloaked. The door opened slightly ajar and SG1 was smuggled out. They used the flares to distract the abstract.

The Asphegue noticed them almost immediately and turned at them. What SG1 did not know was the effect this creature had on mortals and thus they froze in terror unable to move even a muscle. They did remember however what happens if its flames hit them and that only increased their terror. The Doctor realized his mistake almost immediately but it was too late to intervene now. He had to put the TARDIS behind the Asphegue as he needed the space.

Sam and Vala snapped out of the terror state and moved to a different position so to attract the Asphegue's attention away from their teammates. They fired the flares and the abstract turned to them. The Silence also noticed the uninvited guests and was positively getting angry. This interference was not part of their plan and was distracting the abstract thus the Silence changed position and ordered the Asphegue to ignore the little bugs. There will be a time to deal with them later on.

Sam and Vala promptly noticed a red flash on their hands and pressed it. It appeared they had their first encounter with these Silences creatures. It was really odd to hear their own voices whilst they did not remember recording the messages in the first place. Sam had truly believed neither Amy nor the Doctor regarding these foul creatures until now. She sought the sight of these things and spotted one close to the Asphegue.

"Vala," She called without losing it out of sight. "Ten o'clock!"

"What? It is not ten o'clock."

"Ten o'clock!" Sam gestured and Vala understood this time. She looked in that direction and spotted it.

"Ugh, that's ugly." She commented and it happened to be true. The Silences were indeed not only foul creatures but very ugly.

The Silence in question had noticed them already but it wasn't concerned. They would soon forget seeing it. But it had miscalculated the Doctor's gift. Vala had picked up her gun and shot the Silence dead. They had given the order of their own execution since the moon landing in nineteen sixty nine.

Another Silence had appeared near the Asphegue and resumed giving it orders. This time it was Sam that shot it. Another one appeared almost immediately but then the rest of SG1 shot each of them that kept appearing. The Doctor's gift was turning to be one hell of a curse even in the past. Some of the other Silences changed strategy and ordered the Asphegue to get rid of the humans first.

The flames of the abstract scorched the ground where they used to be moments ago. SG1 had to run for their lives for these foul creatures had began targeting them with the resident monstrosity and were hoping that the Doctor will soon make his appearances as outrunning this thing has proven very difficult.

The Doctor had indeed welcomed the distraction SG1 was creating and the TARDIS materialized soon enough. He exited the TARDIS with his faithful sonic screwdriver in hand and directed it at the Asphegue. The latter noticed the presence of the annoying device and promptly turned at the new threat source.

"Hello! The Doctor will see you now! Geronimo!"

The Doctor suddenly stopped. Part of the dream had become reality though not fully. He did say that the last time and the true memory resurfaced. He suddenly realized that most of his dream was an actual dream that his mind has made to protect him of the truth. But this one was real.

The Asphegue shook the grounds and he was pinned to the ground. His body ached of the impact. His screwdriver had flown away. At this very moment, Amy and River were standing before him with open hands as though to protect him of the Asphegue's flames which was incredibly foolish.

"Get away!" The Doctor said with some difficulty and pain. But the two did not budge even one centimeter and he realized with delay that they could not. They had frozen in terror such was the effect of the Asphegue.

The Asphegue's fire reaffirmed. Its wings deployed and terrible wind swept through the grounds throwing the two protecting the Doctor away. This was the end, his end. It was inevitable and the Silence behind the abstract could almost taste victory. The Asphegue projected its powerful flames at the Doctor's position. The Doctor closed his eyes and expected the inevitable erasure from time itself.

But though the flames reached him and engulfed him he did not burn. On the contrary the sensation was oddly familiar and warm. It got even weirder when he distinctly heard a familiar voice. It was her voice. It was the voice of the woman he had been with, the woman who pushed him to find himself. It was indeed very odd.

And then the Silence, SG1 and the Doctor heard it – another voice in the air. The Doctor looked up through the dark flames and saw it again the glimpse of white hair and blue eyes, and his heart jumped into his throat. It was Albert Einstein. He was standing just around the corner enunciating the words of Old slowly and cautiously but with adamant determination he had not seen in the good doctor ever.

The Silence creature's facial expression depicted an exclamation mark. It was witnessing the impossible. The Silence had moved out of sight and of memory or so it thought. But the blue eyes found it again which earned another exclamation look. It was once more witnessing the impossible. No creature in the whole of creation has ever managed to overcome their natural defense, the ability to edit oneself from the memories of other creatures. The blue eyes were saying it loud and clear – I can see. I remember you! It was not possible.

Another thing caught the interest of the Silence. It was another voice. It was way more powerful, full of life and authority, and subtlety. It was soft and melodic but its force commanded power unlike any other. The Asphegue had caught it too and was retreating. The Silence creature sought it and found it. It was oddly dressed too – orange and black. But this was not to be the end. The Silence reaffirmed their control over the Asphegue.

Its flames were not directed at this intruder. The flames had almost reached him when the impossible happened. Another figure moved before the intruder. It was a woman of incredible beauty, unnatural beauty.

"It is your time," The intruder said to her. She looked at him and finally remembered who she was.

"Time lords," This was all she whispered so only the one before her could hear her but she was grateful to be reunited with her other part. The Asphegue before the others was the dark side and she was the light. She had her doubts when he asked her to come along. When he started in his cryptic way to tell her what to do she had a flash of past times and now she remembered it all.

The untimely interruption of the words of Old had created the instability that had shattered the flow but not only was the flow affected. The Asphegue was affected as well and it separated in two parts. And by thus it also scattered the memory of the time lord inside the endless maze – time itself.

It was unfair though. She had had such wonderful time with the time lord named the Doctor that it was hard to give it all up. But balance had to be restored as the other time lord had said. Sadly we can't have everything.

And then a sudden sound that reminded of a trumpet and a flute filled the air. The Doctor bent in two. He felt as though his head was going to explode. But his entire body was covered in yellow orange light made of tiny particles.

"It is time to be whole again, my lord Doctor." The other time lord whispered in the air. "Soon we shall meet again on the fields of Trenzalore."

The yellow orange light excited and with a pulse disappeared. The Doctor stood up. The light in his eyes had returned and he remembered now everything. The damn Silence had interrupted the words of Old and created the disruption. His eyes sought the woman and understood who and what she was.

It was not fair, the Doctor thought. This woman was perfect for him in every aspect more perfect than even River. The air brought a voice, a hushed voice he could not quite recognize but which said: 'There is a price to be paid – Bye, bye Pond. Soon it shall come to pass and there is nothing you can do but move forwards. Do not fight it! Pain follows us everywhere."

The Doctor sought the source of this voice but found nothing. He only heard a familiar sound or so he thought – vroom, vroom. He looked around but noticed it was not his TARDIS that made it. But then a thought rushed to his mind – it wasn't possible. He was the only time lord left, the last of the Time Lords or was he.

The woman was no more as the Silence observed. It had turned into the most impossible thing the Asphegue itself. It was not possible the Silence reasoned. The two parts collided and the Asphegue vanished. The scorched ground was scorched no more. It was green once more, freshly drizzled. The ruins were swiftly replaced by their original buildings full of life.

The Silence could not believe it. The inhabitants were back and they saw them. The Silence cursed. Once more the Doctor had evaded justice and sadly the day of truth was fast approaching now. The day of the fields of Trenzalore was coming and the day the oldest question in the universe shall be answered – Doctor Who. Victory had been so close and yet so far away.

It wondered who the orange black dressed man was for it was he who upset the balance in favor of the Doctor. His knowledge outweighed theirs and that was impossible. They were the Sentinels of Time. No one knew more than them. But it did not have the time to ponder as SG1 and the rest of the people opened fire. Most of the Silence had to escape before they were wiped out.

"Doctor!" River exclaimed and jumped in his embrace. She had noticed the light returning in his eyes. He let her have her time before pulling away. His eyes were still fixed on where the beautiful woman had been moments ago. "Will you be alright?"

"Yeah," The Doctor replied with a whisper. Then he sobered up and returned to his usual amicable self. "Well then job well done, Carter."

"Thank you," Sam replied. "Not bad yourself, Time Lord."

"Ah, that's nothing,"

"So is everything back to normal?" O'Neill asked.

"More or less, yes,"

"More or less?"

"Well since the Asphegue had never hit this place, in the future the Lucian Alliance had never come to P4W and hence they had never had the reason to be there in the first place other than buying lovely trinkets and goods from the people of this planet, they had never had the chance to encounter and capture your team therefore the only thing remaining is still their plan to blow you up by overloading the gate with the help of the lovely lieutenant Samuels that you had recruited in the past. Does this answer your question?" The Doctor smiled wide at O'Neill's exclamation mark facial reaction.

"Yes, it does." Cam replied instead of the general.

"Does this mean Teal'c is alright too?" Daniel asked just to be sure.

"Daniel since none of the described events has taken place the answer is yes he is perfectly fine and in the base."

"So the only thing remaining is to fulfill Terni's wishes." Cam reasoned.

"Not it doesn't." Sam countered.

"Actually, yes it does." The Doctor said. "The timeline must be maintained. It has always happened. It has to be full circle."

"Well, I suppose you could drop us by and then back to the present." Cam suggested.

"Absolutely," The Doctor said and snapped his fingers. The door of the TARDIS opened and they ventured in. The Doctor suddenly remembered Albert. He rushed to where he had seen him last and found him asleep. He shook head and asked River to help him out. "Well then off we go!"

The TARDIS departed P4W-613 or as it was subsequently called the Gem of Asphegue never to return there again. The Doctor left SG1 to fulfill their end of the bargain with Commander Leila Terni and then returned them to their original time. He then left for Stormcage to deposit River and back to Wales to leave the Ponds.

Back at the SGC, General O'Neill had lieutenant Samuels followed and when the time came she was caught in the act. A message had been subsequently delivered to Commander Terni and she did not like it at all. Once again the Tauri had spoiled their attack plans. But then again there was another part in the message that she took full advantage of and in the next few days it secured her absolute control over the Lucian Alliance.

The Doctor left Albert at Eureka and then resumed his wandering around the universe but he had not forgotten the warning of the eerie voice – bye, bye Pond. He though wondered who it was for – River or Amy. He knew River's time was coming to an abrupt end. He was there after all in the library of silence. But he also knew only time will show what it is to be.

Back at the SGC, General O'Neill was contemplating on the future they had seen. Was it going to come true or not? Were the ascended Ancients going to interfere? Only time will tell if it is going to pass.

Daniel Jackson was having a similar contemplation but it was about a part of the text he had read. Once they returned he sought the sublevel and found it but there was no mention of a blue box or anything else. But there was only one paragraph - 'two were they from the eternal tower. One always running was and the other hidden among the distant stars on the Destiny looking after those who sleep.' So there was another time lord and he was on the Ancient vessel Destiny.

"When the time is right, greatness shall fall upon you, Daniel Jackson."

Daniel looked startled around but there was no one other than the fading voice repeating these words and the odd sound of vroom vroom.

"Who are you?" Daniel asked though he really did not expect an answer for the voice had faded away.

"Patronus Gallifrey," The voice replied nonetheless. "The genius of Rodney McKay is yet to come and so is the greatness of the human race as the fifth and greatest of all races, the descendants of the first ones – the Time Lords of Gallifrey."

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