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Shawn has been feeling bad about himself. He is in a slump and can't seem to get out of it. Neither his two best friends, Cory, or Topanga can get him out of this slump and they have pulled him through a lot. Even his girlfriend Angela can't get through to him. Jack, Eric, and Rachel can't figure out what's bothering him and they live with him. Shawn has always been the rebel. Even though he was mischievous as a child he was always vulnerable and sensitive. He has a tough outer shell but inside he is a confused ball of emotions. He is tired of people leaving him and giving up on him. He just wants someone to understand him. He always wished he had the family life that Cory had. Yes, the Matthews treated him like their own son but it didn't fill the void of not having his own parents around. Shawn realized that it is coming close to the anniversary of the day his dad walked out and left him to find his mother. They have talked a few times but he is still so pissed at him and he doesn't understand why he never told him he had a brother. Another thing Shawn doesn't like. He has a brother but it's not like how Cory has Eric. They never shared a room, covered for each other, swapped advice or ganged up on their parents together. Jack was around now, he even lived with him but it wasn't the same. There were too many years to make up and too many hurt feelings. They came from different worlds: Jack from a rich family and Shawn from a trailer park. He still hated the nickname "trailer trash". Everything was starting to eat Shawn Hunter up and he was having a hard time dealing with it. He knew he could always turn to his friends, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews and even Mr. Feeny. He wanted to tell someone how hurt and upset he was but he didn't know who. Cory knew pretty much everything about it and even Topanga and Eric knew more about him and anyone else. He still didn't feel comfortable tell Angela all this, not yet. He always had this nagging feeling that someone was going to leave him or betray him. He wanted Jack to know what their father had done to him, what pain he had caused him but he wasn't sure he could trust him; he wasn't sure he could trust anyone.

Shawn was snapped out of his thoughts when he hear

"Shawn, yo Shawnie" Cory said to him

"Huh, what?" Shawn was confused and it took him a few seconds to realize that Cory was sitting next to him talking.

"Shawn you okay, you haven't been yourself lately. What's bugging you man?" Cory asked him

"Nothing, I'm fine Cor" Shawn replied trying to get his emotion in check

"Shawn, I'm your best friend I know that look and that voice. You're not fine, what's bugging you?"

"Nothing, Cory seriously, I'm just confused"

"I'm always here for you. Wanna grab a coffee before class" Cory asked

"What's the point of going to class no one thinks I can do anything right. Everyone thinks I'm a screw up" Shawn start to tell Cory this, his emotions raw but stopped himself in time.

"Shawn, your not a screw up, why would you think that?" Cory asked genuinely concerned for his best friend

"Nothing, drop it. I'm acting like a teenage girl" Shawn said regaining his composure before walking up to get coffee.

"Hey Shawn, Hey Cory" Jack replied. He too was in line for coffee

"Hey Jack" Cory said

"Hi Jack" Shawn mumbled

"Want me to treat you guys?" Jack offered. His step-dad was rich and money was never an issue for him unlike his brother Shawn

"Sure!" Cory exclaimed

"I can afford my own coffee Jack, I don't need your pity" Shawn spat pulling out his own wallet.

For as long as Cory knew Shawn he never asked for money. Mrs. Matthews would always send him home with left overs if he ate at their house but Shawn Hunter never begged or asked for anything.

"Sorry, just trying to be nice" Jack said

Cory could tell his best friend was uncomfortable with the suitation so he backed off.

"Thanks anyway Jack, maybe next time. I told Topanga I'd buy her one too" Cory said. He could tell Shawn relaxed a little at this.

"I don't mind" Jack said. He was just trying to help. He didn't notice what it was doing to his brother.

"Hey guys" Topanga came over and greated them

"Hey Topanga" Jack and Shawn said. Shawn was glad someone else was there to change the subject.

"Hey sweetie" Cory responded

Cory gave Topanga a kiss and Shawn said " Get a room, it's too early for PDA" it came out a little more meanly than he intended it to.

"Sorry" they both chorused

"Cory we can talk a little before class. We never spend time together because of our class schedules"

"Sure babe" Cory said getting the coffees from the counter and paying the cashier

Cory and Topanga went off to spend some time together. Now it was just Jack and Shawn

"Look Shawn, I don't know what's bugging you. I haven't known you that long but if I can help, let me. Please. I'm mad too that I didn't know I had a brother until I went to college. I wish things could have been different, but you don't need to shut me out of your life" Jack said. Now Jack and Shawn were sitting at a table drinking their coffee.

"I'm fine Jack" Shawn said. Jack didn't want to make him mad so he just dropped it.

"Look over by the pool tables?" Jack said

"Who's the old guy back at college?" Shawn asked

Jack and Shawn both went over to the pool tables only to realize that the old man was their father.

"Hey boys" Chet said pulling each one into a hug.

"Hi dad" Shawn said instantly putting up some walls.

"Hi dad" Jack greeted more cheerfully

"What are you doing here?" Jack asked

"Probably just passing through as usual" Shawn replied. He hated when his dad did this.

"No, I want to stick around and spend some time with my boys. I miss you" Chet answered

"Sticking around is what a month in your book?" Shawn said. Jack was confused as to why Shawn was acting like this. Wasn't he glad to see their father? Jack still didn't know everything that Chet out him through.

"No, around as in for good. I want to get to know my boys as young men" Chet said

"That's great!" Jack said

"We'll see how long that lasts" Shawn mumbled

Chet, Shawn and Jack went to find somewhere to eat and catch up.

Chet was glad to see his boys and Jack was glad to see his dad but all Shawn saw was another chance to get hurt.

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