"Shawn you always know I'm here for you" Cory said. He wasn't really sure how to help his best friend through this. They weren't all touchy-feely, they never talked about emotions this was more for Topanga or Angela but he didn't want to tell Shawn that.

"Thanks Cor" Shawn said sitting down on a chair in the waiting room, Cory sat next to him.

"Is it bad that my dad just had a heart attack and surgery and I am still so pissed off at him?" Shawn asked

"I don't know, I mean he hurt you but I think you two need to work things out" Cory said knowing how much it hurt his best friend that everyone left him.

"But how?" Shawn asked

"Talk to him, not me" Cory said getting up. He patted Shawn on the back and went to the cafeteria to get everyone coffee.


"Talk to him Shawn" Cory said again

Shawn sat there again wallowing in his thoughts. He wasn't sure what to do. He wanted to tell his dad how he really felt but wasn't sure that was the best thing to do.

"Shawn, what are you doing out here? Where's Cory?" Topanga asked

Shawn wiped a stray tear from his eye and stood up to go to Topanga.

"He went to the cafeteria"

"I thought he was here with you. And your dads asking about you" Topanga said

"He gave me his advice and went downstairs"

"Wh-" Topanga was cut off by Shawn

"What do you mean my dad was asking about me?" Shawn said not understanding

"He wanted to know if you were here and if you would come in and see him" Topanga said gently squeezing his hand. She knew that he was still furious with his dad and that his dad had never done right by him but she also knew he needed to go see him.

" Topanga said gently squeezing his hand. She knew that he was still furious with his dad and that his dad had never done right by him but she also knew he needed to go see him.

"Your lying" Shawn said

"Shawn I wouldn't lie about this, he was asking for you. You need to go see him and talk to him" Topanga said

"Everyone keeps saying that but no one understands" Shawn said getting up

"Shawn where're trying. You need to talk to him"

"I don't have anything to say to him other than yell at him" Shawn said

"Shawn why didn't you go see your dad yet?" Cory was back with some waters

"Topanga's fault" Shawn said

"Shawn" Topanga said

"Shawn, I'm not trying to tell you what to do but I think that you need to go talk to your dad, tell him how you feel and try and resolve some of this" Topanga said

"Shawn I was there with you every time he left you, you need to tell him how much that hurt" Cory said

"I don't" Shawn said pacing.

"Shawn trust me and Cory, I think it will make you feel better" Topanga

"Are you being nurse Topanga again?" Shawn asked remembering the time she took care of him and Jack when they were sick.

"Alright I'll go talk to him. Cor can I kick your parents and everyone else out?"

"Sure why not" Cory said

"Good luck Shawnie" Cory said giving him a hug

"Good luck, me and Cory will be right out here if you need us" Topanga said

"Thanks Cor, thanks Topanga" Shawn said giving Topanga a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

"Here take water for you and Jack" Cory said handing two waters to Shawn

"Thanks" Shawn said as he walked down the hall towards his dad's room.

Cory and Topanga stayed in the waiting room. Cory just sat there and held Topanga. She was trying to be strong for Shawn but she was having a hard time.

"Think he will be okay?" Topanga asked

"If he lives or if he dies?" Cory asked

"Either" Topanga said

"If he dies and Shawn doesn't get to tell him how he felt I think it will torture him but if he does tell him and he still dies I think that he will be just as upset because they didn't get that time together" Cory said

"What if he does live" Topanga said

"I hope Chet just won't pick up and leave again. That's Shawn's biggest fear that he will lose everyone he's close to and loves" Cory said

Shawn walked up to his dad's room and was debating whether or not to go in. Go in Shawn, you need to see your father, you need to know how he's doing. Come on Shawn it's not the difficult.

"Hey dad" Shawn said softly as he walked in

"Shawn, my boy" Chet boomed. Even though he was in the hospital he was still loud.

"How are you feeling dad?" Shawn asked trying to keep all his emotions in check.

"Been better. Did you get lost coming to the room?" Chet asked

"Dad, not now I was talking to Cory and Topanga" Shawn said

"Were going go out to the waiting room" Alan said. Eric, Mr. Feeny and Rachel followed Mr. Matthews and Mrs. Matthews

"If you need anything we will be outside" Mrs. Matthews said to Shawn

"Take care" Alan said

"Alan wait, come here"

"Yes Chet"

"Take care of my boys for me"

"Going somewhere Chet?" Alan said not understanding if he meant going to Las Vegas or dying

"Dad come on" Jack and Shawn said. Jack not wanting his dad to die and Shawn not wanting to get hurt again.

"Just promise me that you will look after my boys" Chet said

"Of course, always have always will" Alan said

"Thank you" Chet said

Alan, Amy, Eric, Rachel, and Mr. Feeny left the room so Jack and Shawn could spend time with their dad.

"So dad" Shawn said trying to fill the awkward silence

Jack and Shawn noticed that Chet kept falling asleep so they just sat there and sat some more and talked about nothing.

"Isn't Angela coming?" Jack asked

"She has night classes all night. She said she would get here when she could" Shawn said

"Sorry bud, I know you wish she was here" Jack said

"Thanks man, I got Cory and Topanga and I guess you" Shawn said. The last part made both of them smile.

Jack went to get some snacks for him and Shawn.

"Hey dad still sleeping" Jack asked as he came back in with a few bags.

"Yea, what does it look like he's doing" Shawn said

"You could have just said yes, no need to get mad at me" Jack said

"Jack give me a break just once ok" Shawn said

"What are you talking about Shawn?"

"You don't get it, you have no idea what I'm going through" Shawn said his temper and emotions quickly rising

"He's my dad too Shawn, I'm just as scared and worried as you"

"No it's not the same"

"Enlighten me" Jack said

"You were never the screw up child, you had a perfect life" Shawn said

"What do you always talk about this screw up child; you're not a screw up. Is there another brother I don't know about?"

"Yea Jack I am the screw up, why do you always think he was leaving me and getting drunk?" Shawn said. He felt a tear slip but he didn't even care at this point.

"Because alcoholism is a disease, he didn't know what he was doing. Shawn you're not a screw up. You need to get that out of your mind" Jack said calming a little bit.

"But I am a screw up. I never tried in high school, everyone expects me to screw up" Shawn said

"No one waits for you to screw up Shawn, yea maybe you could've tried harder but your grades are good not. You're finally getting your head on straight, you were never a screw up just a little missed guided" Jack said meaning every word

When Shawn didn't say anything Jack started talking again.

"Maybe this is good, after he gets better maybe he will stay with us. Maybe he will realize that he likes being with us and it's better that going around the country" Jack said

"You don't know him like I do, he won't stay. If I thought of all the times he could have stayed and left I'd be a rich man"

"You don't know that he won't leave" Jack said not wanting to believe his brother

"Jack you don't know him like I do. He can't stay in one place for too long"

"Shawn, I think I know my father too" Jack said

"No Jack not like I do. You never had to worry about him coming home drunk and yelling at you for stupid ass shit. You never had to worry about coming home after school at like 4 and him being asleep on the sofa of floor. You never waited up at night wondering if he was ever going to come home. You also never had to worry he left because you did something to upset him. You never had to worry about not having dinner, not having clothes or not having money. You never had the pain of him leaving and coming back and leaving again. I use to think and I still think that he left because I embarrassed him and because I always screwed up" As Shawn said this he could keep his emotions in check anymore and he let the tears fall.

"Shawn" Chet said

"Oh god dad, you're awake" Shawn said

"Shawn is that what I really did to you. Did I really hurt you that badly?" Chet asked

"Yea dad, I always thought that you couldn't stand to be with me, that I wasn't good enough for you" Shawn said letting a few more tears slip as he walked close to the bed.

"Shawn, I never thought I was good enough for you. I thought that you were embarrassed by me. I'm sorry I didn't do right by you" Chet said

"I'm sorry I didn't do right by either of you. Jack I'm sorry that I made your mother leave. I never wanted to hurt either of you. Shawn, I'm sorry I always left you. I wish I had done right by you and not left. I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sorry I've hurt both of you" Chet said

"Thanks dad" Shawn said giving him a hug. Shawn's face was red from crying but now they were tears of happiness his dad just had to get better now.

"Thanks dad" Jack said also giving Chet a hug

"Jack don't you have a birthday coming up tomorrow?" Chet asked

"Yea, I don't even care at this point" Jack said walking up behind Shawn

"Here you go" Chet said getting a wrapped box out of the side table next to him.

"Thanks dad" Jack said

"Don't mention it. I'm glad I will be here for this birthday. And I promise after I get out of this place I'm not going anywhere. I want to spend time with my boys, I mean young men. Now we can be a real family and do all the stuff real families do" Chet said. For once he was perfectly happy where he was.

"Go ahead boy open you gift" Chet said

"Thanks dad" Jack said

As Jack was about to open his present Chet took a huge breath and gasped for air.

"Dad, dad answer me" Shawn yelled

"Jack go get help" Shawn yelled

"Help, I need a doctor" Jack yelled

"Dad, don't do this to me, dad I need you. Things were just going to get better. Dad please" Shawn said he was hugging him and crying on his shoulder.

Doctors and nurses came rushing in and Jack and Shawn were forced out of the room.

"Jack, what's going to happen to dad" Shawn asked. He looked like a lost little kid in a park

"I don't know buddy" Jack said