This is my all new fic! I hope you all enjoy the basic idea, I've never really put this much effort into a fic like this before! I'm interested to see where it leads me, because you've all known me long enough to know I don't lead the fics ;p So, here you go! The first chapter (because prologues throw me off way too badly) of JAIL BIRD!

Chapter 1

The moonlight shines through the broken blinds, spilling out into the wreckage of the large room. The winds drift slyly past a jagged hole in the window where glass was broken, crimson trailing in thick rivulets down the once clear expanse. Bodies lay strewn all over the once polished wooden floors of dark mahogany, the stink of rotting flesh tainting the room as their utter stillness leaves no doubt to their lack of life. The life's fluid that had traveled their veins now pools on the floor alongside scattered jewelry and bullet casings, paints the walls beside ripped paintings, and even drips steadily from the ceiling and light fixtures. All of them were inconsequential; just society's scum living it up on blood money and illegal favors… their final breaths cut short before they even realized it was, indeed, their last. The only sounds filling the room now, aside from the clatter of the broken blinds, is the pitter-patter of blood… and the soft, even breathing of a single teen seated within the midst of such an unholy massacre. His hair, usually so vibrant and orange, is soaked with the blood of the fallen. His amber eyes, steely and forever defiant, are closed in quiet contemplation. His lithe body, a feminine swimmer's build with naught but muscle, is coated in crimson that drips from every available surface in hopes of announcing its presence all the more. These people were the ones that took his older twin from him, left him a bit unhinged… were the ones murdered not half an hour ago when the moon hung high in the night sky by Ichigo Kurosaki. Their twisted expressions of shock and horror, for there was no time for screams, are glorious.

Ichigo's downward spiral began at eight years of age, when his mother was gunned down before him… the victim of mistaken identity in a gang hit. He ended up staying the weekends with his Aunt Yorouchi and Uncle Kisuke from then on, his twin ever glued to his hip. At twelve, however, that was forced to end.

The youth had been taken by a group of younger gang members looking to earn a few extra bucks from a famous doctor, as Isshin Kurosaki was steadily rising in fame from increasingly difficult surgeries completed successfully. They all knew he loved his family, but the girls were always beneath his ever watchful eye and Ichigo was the only one docile enough to take advantage of. Shiro only looked away a moment, just one second to glance at suspicious looking man that had been following the two, and Ichigo was gone.

As famous as Isshin was, however, it didn't help. The cops brushed it off as a runaway case, which led the older twin to take matters into his own hands. It was only to be expected, as Shiro and Ichigo hadn't been apart since their mother's womb… they were far too dependent on one another, what one lacked in personality the other made up for and it kept them safe. Those older teens, unfortunately, didn't take that into account. They touched what they shouldn't have in ways Ichigo was too young to encounter… and they died by Shiro's hands. All ten of them were torn apart by the infuriated twelve-year-old's bare hands, a small affair but brutal enough in presentation to be called a massacre… The cops were very interested then. The trial would've past without hassle, but those within the gang tagged the twins as members and Shiro was taken forcibly from his brighter twin… locked away in a prison for those lost to the world. So dependent on his twin is he, that Ichigo broke that night. He moved in completely with his aunt and uncle, locking himself away and taking on any challenge to keep his mind occupied. It wasn't long before challenges were few and far between, leaving the orangette's amber eyes to turn to thievery on ever climbing scales. Ichigo never kept anything, as the most inviting dare is getting everything back in its proper place when everyone's guard is up.

Now here he sits, too lost without his pale twin to go on and sitting among the product of his vengeance on those that stole Shiro. Ichigo is aware how it all came to this; how he could throw away everything in a single night of bloodlust… it was their fault after all. The door is knocked in brutally from the entrance hall, cops shouting and scattering as they make their rounds. The thick soles of their boots clunk heavily against wood floors, flashlight beams sweeping across the doorways before they make their usual hectic entrance. Gasps circulate as eyes take in the carnage, boots sticking to slick blood and a rookie slipping on the liquid before meeting the floor with a thump. Ichigo opens his almost gold eyes, those from the force back when Shiro was caught immediately aiming in caution. Carefully, as those gold orbs cool to amber, he shows his hands. The blood soaked teen of nineteen sets those dangerous hands against the floor, sliding them forward before lifting them and returning to his earlier position. The cellphone is pink and the cover is shimmering with bedazzled jewels, the phone of a rich bitch spoiled with payoffs and sex money.

"Where's his weapon?" a young rookie asks nervously.

"This is too much like last time," a seasoned vet sighs. "There's no mistaking that face, though I never expected this from such a mild mannered kid… That's Ichigo Kurosaki."

"So? Was he caught before?"

"No, he was a victim before. It was his twin brother that was shipped off to the prison island… murdered a large group of teen gangsters."

"A copycat murder?" the rookie suggests as all eyes lay heavily upon the orangette. "So… what was the weapon then? There are a lot of shell casings, but no gun that I can see on him."

"… Shiro Kurosaki used his bare hands," a woman remarks from the doorway as the rookie gawks in disbelief at the youth. "I'm here to talk down the boy."

Amber eyes glance her way, his body unmoving save for that tiny flicker. She's small and quite petite, her violet eyes almost anime large and her raven locks kept short. Ichigo knows her, as she grew up with the twins… she's a few years older, but they've known each other since the boys were eight. Rukia Kuchiki's brother, Byakuya Kuchiki, is the head of the police department and always despised the system for splitting the two up. Since he frequently watched the twins, he wasn't permitted to take part in the trial. Although he constantly told the judge Shiro was a good kid and the gang members were lying, his comments were brushed off as being bias… It was obvious the judge was paid off well, but no one could prove it.

"Ichigo, nii-sama will be very upset to hear of this," Rukia scolds. "What were you thinking?"

"… I can't do it anymore, Rukia," Ichigo comments in a raspy voice long since underused. "It's been seven years; I can't live without him anymore. I'd much rather be caged with him than hold freedom without him."

"And what's with the massacre? Had to go out like him on a grand scale?"

"… I just wanted to make sure they paid," he growls lowly. "I'm sick because of them. My twin is gone because of them. I lived seven years of hell and it's all their fault! They stole our lives… so I stole theirs."

"Ichigo… you could be sentenced to death for this," she whispers in shock.

"I know, that's why I called the police. Don't you understand? I was dependent on Shiro, Rukia. I can't live without him."

"You've done so for seven years."

Ichigo is quiet a moment, his eyes downcast as the police watch the exchange curiously. For being a murderer, they're quite aware of how civil the orangette is being. It's a rarity to come across killers like this without them having a mental problem.

"I haven't," the teen finally murmurs. "That night, when they forced us apart, I broke. Two days later, I was jumped by more members of that gang. They were older and Shiro wasn't there to protect me anymore… I passed out and woke to find them beaten up and unconscious. Uncle Kisuke checked me over and determined I'm so dependent on Shiro, that I created a second personality to mimic his while he's gone."

"What?" she gasps.

She's known the two needed one another, but never knew it was that bad. Although, glancing around at the scene far too similar to the first… it's apparent Ichigo could never have the stomach to do this. Knowing how overprotective Shiro could be, Rukia's almost positive the less hostile twin called for the safety of others more than his own desires. Shiro wouldn't hesitate to kill someone for looking at his baby twin wrong… as was proven when he tried to strangle the corrupt judge at his trial.

"Please, Rukia," Ichigo states with pleading and determined eyes. "Please… I don't want to hurt people anymore. Just lock me away. A death sentence is still better than losing my other half… I can't hug a personality."

It takes a long while, but eventually Rukia holds a hand out for the handcuffs. With a relief that breaks her heart, the docile boy she watched grow up lifts his hands gratefully to be carted off. He follows without a peep, the clattering blind echoing within the deadly silent room as he leaves. The sound of dripping life will forever be burned into his memory… but for once he doesn't mind it.

The trial isn't even a trial, as the evidence leaves no doubt to his guilt and the orangette even confesses. The judge, an old man named Yamamoto that watched Ichigo closely after Shiro's sentencing, knows something is wrong here. He calls a short recess though his judgment should be simple, taking Byakuya and Kisuke aside and into his office for a short chat.

"This doesn't feel right," he sighs. "That boy has his problems, but he's a thief not a murderer."

"A thief that has yet to be caught or pinned to any heist," Kisuke comments proudly.

"I agree wholeheartedly," the tall raven murmurs as he ignores the blonde's comment. "Rukia had mentioned he wants to be with Shiro again."

"I'm afraid it's more serious than that," the blonde remarks suddenly somber.

They both look to him curiously, awaiting his explanation with baited breath. The blonde man is a genius that provides his extensive intellect to all manner of areas, his forte however lies within law enforcement… he's a detective, gang boss, and owner of the underground fights. He's the first person the force goes to for rumors and gossip, especially since his beautiful wife is a spy turned thief.

"I believe Ichigo didn't commit this mass murder. Though the evidence points to him and he plead guilty, I'm going to stick by that," he says firmly. "When Shiro was taken… You have to understand, those boys need each other like we need air. They're the absolute worst case of dependency I've ever seen… they still bathed together at the age of twelve! They couldn't even go to the bathroom without the other present… they were each other's shadows…"

"Please, continue," Yamamoto states.

"… When Shiro was taken from him, Ichigo stopped eating. He shied away from his family, wouldn't speak, couldn't function… it was as if his soul was stolen and not his twin. Thankfully, Yorouchi has a truly gifted hand at motherhood!"

The two men, knowing the exotic woman with violet hair, can only stare in disbelief at the comment. The dark skinned sadist most likely beat the kid up until he bent to her will. At the sight of their bland looks, Kisuke clears his throat and continues awkwardly.

"Anyway, once he started getting out again, that gang retaliated against the cause of their headache. Ichigo's only protection against these ill attacks was Shiro… who was locked away by a corrupt judge. He developed a failsafe personality that echoes Shiro's. It puts everyone's lives in danger as long as the two are apart."

"How is that?" Byakuya inquires curiously.

"When together, their opposing personalities act as one another's conscience. When apart, however, there's no one to stop Shiro's rampage or protect Ichigo's more passive nature from threats. With this failsafe personality, Ichigo is pushed to the back and 'Shiro' is left to do as he pleases."

With this new information Ichigo has yet to mention, it's clear what the best course of action would be. The recess is ended and the three males rejoin those in the courtroom, Yamamoto sitting in his high backed chair and silently cursing the judge before him at the sight of the innocent and broken life. If Aizen did as he swore when taking up this position, Ichigo wouldn't be fighting for his life in such a manner. The sentence is past, the joy and overwhelming relief within amber orbs sending pity and sadness through those present. After seven long years… Ichigo will be reunited with his other half.

The plane ride is uneventful, Rukia and Byakuya accompanying the orangette along with Kisuke and Yorouchi. Isshin was asked not to come, along with the younger twins, Karin and Yuzu. They weren't at the hearing under the teen's request as well, the youth not wanting to see the disappointed look he just knows he'll be on the receiving end of. He loves his family; however he and Shiro were never like them in all truthfulness… they were always different. Sometimes that difference isn't noticeable, but in others… it's so painfully obvious. Isshin always blamed himself, having started out in the poor neighborhoods that surround youths with violence and gangs. He's positive his past had corrupted his children at some point.

The prison he's been sentenced to is so far away there is no escape, the large island having been converted into a jail twenty-one years ago after a couple hoping to set up an expedition had turned up devoured by the local animals… If anyone can hold their own it would be the animals in human skin called inmates. Once he says goodbye to his family and friends, he's escorted past the monstrous gates that line the entire mass of island. His guard is silent, unarmed, and obviously tired. He doesn't know him, though he feels he should… Rukia had introduced him to many aspiring cops throughout their lives.

"Welcome to hell on earth," the guard states as he opens a large metal door. "Only animals survive here, kid, so I'm hoping you're tougher than you look."

Ichigo's eyes almost pop out of his head, the sight before him is just… indescribable. This place is obviously not a typical prison, as there are no halls or exercise yards, no guard towers or roaming sentries, no prison cells or orange jumpsuits. It's all open, huge fields of wildflowers and forest in the distance before mountains brush past them. The wind is cool upon his skin, the sun warmly kissing his face, and he could almost trick himself into thinking he's been granted passage to the most wonderful paradise on earth. Breathing in, his inhuman senses pick up a slight hint of smoke and a touch of blood… it's been a long time since the fight or murder, though.

"Here, these are the keys to your apartment," the guard sighs. "Everything you need should be there. The phone has a direct line to the guardhouse in case you need anything, there are jobs out there… but newbies tend to end up in prostitution. You're a pretty young thing, you'll do well. Once you manage to make enough money, you can move from the district you've been placed in, but only if you contact us first. We still have to keep tabs on you guys, after all."

"Oi! I'm not a prostitute, I'm a thief!" Ichigo snaps displeased.

"Lucky you… this is where you maniacs are free to be whoever or… whatever… you happen to be," the man drawls. "This means that unless you've got some sort of protection from the resident bad asses, your ass is likely to be abused in all manner of ways."

"Whatever," he bristles. "Where can I find Shiro Kurosaki?"

The guard visibly flinches at the name, his skin taking on a pallor as his features twist in fear. Obviously, Shiro hasn't changed much. It takes a long while for the man to calm himself, but the orangette has always been a patient person.

"He's living in the desert section, but prowls the meadow and forest districts… he's looking to relocate. You don't want to fuck with him though, he's seriously bad news."

"I know," Ichigo smiles overjoyed. "He's my big brother!"

Ichigo saunters off, leaving the guard in complete shock. His keys have a tag attached with his name and address, telling him he lives in Mid-district. Written beneath that in smaller type and within parenthesis is 'the red district'… obviously having to do with the prostitution comment. Frowning, he opens the map given to him. Mid-district is smack dab in the middle of the island, the terrain looking to be barren and the town seemingly small. It's surrounded by all the other types of terrain… forest, meadow, desert, mountain, and even a huge lake with a town built on the mediocre island at its center. He studies the map, folding it and tucking it away once he's done. He won't need it anymore, but's it's always good to be prepared. The first town he comes to is full of people, the gates guarded by a lazy brunette and a stoic raven that looks just this side of emo. Ichigo doesn't care for guards of any type, the orangette's entire career making it a point to avoid them, so he takes a running leap at the huge stone wall and alternates between that and a sturdy tree beside it until he's over. It's child's play to him really, the teen having gone through far more challenging climbs. Leaping down and effortlessly walking away, he doesn't notice the lazy brunette watching in a subtle interest. As Ichigo makes his way deeper into the town, he realizes it's not much different from walking through his old home. There are apartment buildings, shops, restaurants, and gyms… but no vehicles and few bars. He catches sight of a movie theater on the corner, litter blowing in the gentle breeze, and a club just down the street. Crime seems to be a huge thing here, graffiti painting every building and buzzing alarms still screaming as though turning them off is a hassle.

"What the hell?" he wonders aloud. "Do they seriously get robbed that often? Why have the damn thing hooked up in the first place?"

With a light shrug of his shoulders, he moves on. He notes this section must be used for brawls, as he's already past a good dozen, and tries to keep away from anyone looking for a challenger. The last thing he needs at this moment is to go into his bloodthirsty mode, the very thought drawing an unpleasant shiver from him. He glances to the side and catches sight of a gorgeous man with teal locks styled messily, the youth coming to an abrupt halt to just stare at the other. He's perfect, rippling muscle and Adonis-like features, and the orangette finds he wants that man. Shaking his head violently to dislodge the thought, he continues forward with a grumble. Ichigo is just passing a dingy street littered with fighters, when someone tackles him unforgivingly.

*Great, I'm gonna die my first day, * he thinks in irritation.

Sooooooo... You like? I hope you do! Things start out pretty ordinary, I won't lie, but I'm hoping to delve deeper into the crime part ;p After all, gangs can only go so long before their leaders crave a little more territory!