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Chapter 18

Ichigo and Shiro hurry into the cabin, searching for Grimmjow and eager to have a bit of group fun. The place is completely empty. Both twins skid to a halt, searching for anything out of place and coming up with nothing. Gin ambles into the house curiously, having noted the agitation of the felines outside.

"Where's Grimmjow?" Ichigo wonders.

"Hey! He left a note over here!" Shiro calls back.

Ichigo moves toward the kitchen area, eyeing the note set on the counter. According to the scrap of paper, Grimmjow left to deal with a skirmish on the border of this town. It says he should be back by dinnertime and not to worry. The twins shrug it off, heading into the bedroom to take a nap. That bubble grows larger within Ichigo, the younger copy unable to help but stop his progress.

"I need to head out and find Grimmjow," he sighs.

"The note said he'll be back later," Shiro waves off. "Don' worry 'bout 'im, he's a fuckin' animal in a fight. He can take care a himself."

"That may be, but I can't help worrying. Something isn't right, Shiro. My instincts are never wrong. I can't help but think this has to do with Grimmjow."

"Fine, but I'm goin' wit ya! No more runnin' 'bout on yer own, got it?"

Ichigo smiles and nods in agreement. The two head to the living room, grabbing Gin and dragging him back outside. The silver haired spy whines at this change, wanting nothing more than to get some more sleep after his early wake-up call. Unfortunately, he can't allow the twin terrors to run amok within the prison unsupervised.

Shiro and Ichigo are crouched in a dark alley, Gin leaning against the walls tiredly. They've been looking all day for Grimmjow, yet there hasn't been a single hint of his whereabouts. Now the group has finally tracked down the area Grimmjow was supposed to be stopping a scuffle in… there are no signs of a battle.

"What the fuck?" Ichigo murmurs. "What kind of gang battle doesn't show signs of a fight?"

"Not a very good one," Shiro comments in disappointment. "An' definitely not one worth Grimmy's attention."

"I asked 'bout it," Gin yawns. "None a Grimm's closest called fer the battle… no one knows who did. I'm thinkin' it might a been a trap set fer 'im… maybe Vega set 'im up."

"He better not have!" Ichigo snarls. "It'll be the last thing he ever fucking does!"

There's movement by the border, the twins ducking deeper into the shadows as they watch. The men walking about the warehouses are low level criminals, probably just thugs employed by Aizen. When they turn away from the alley, Ichigo and Shiro dart forward. Gin stutters in shock back in the darkness, yet can't join the twins without getting caught. The copies are hidden behind a stack of crates, listening to the conversation of those they now hunt.

"After all this time, I can't believe that animal was finally caught!" one comments.

"I know. I thought he was supposed to be badass or something, but Aizen's plan worked perfectly. It's a good thing he managed to lure that dumbass out like that."

"Where did he place him again?"

"In the center of the warehouse district Zommari was killed. Aizen didn't want to chance him getting found and didn't think that menace, Shiro, would head back to Zommari's area."

Ichigo and Shiro smirk in unison, both soaked in ill intent. They race back to Gin when the two exit the area, gripping the silver haired man's wrists to tug him in yet another direction. The two wait until they're well away from the warehouses of this town to spill everything to their second alpha.

"They what?" Gin gasps.

"It's true!" Ichigo states. "We know where he is, too! He's locked up in the middle of Zommari's district, in the warehouses."

"Go tell the others," Shiro urges. "We'll go on ahead an' try ta scope the place out. Don' worry 'bout us, we'll be fine."

Gin hesitates, yet relents at the determined looks on their faces. Once Gin is on his way, Ichigo drags Shiro to the nearest alley. He had the foresight to drag along his 'work' bag. The two change into black clothes, Ichigo tucking thin daggers and throwing stars everywhere. There's a belly pouch with all his darts and the blowgun on his waist. Shiro doesn't need anything more than the black clothing. Standing there, looking over one another, Ichigo's eyes light up with a wicked plan. They look exactly like one another, their usual differences hidden beneath cloth.

"I have a great idea," Ichigo grins impishly. "Listen…"

He whispers in Shiro's ear, the others golden orbs gleaming. He nods his head, a small smile stretching into an unhinged grin. Once they have a plan set, the twins rush off toward the docks Grimmjow is locked away in. Their identical cackles send shivers through those that hear them.

The docks are so quiet, still and misleading to those passing by. Ichigo and Shiro are carefully moving about beneath the wooden planks, leaping from beam to beam silently. They both catch hold of another beam, swinging themselves up to rest upon it before peering through a crack in the boards. The wood squeaks with the weight of someone walking above. The twins have traversed nearly the whole dock, taking note on how many people are settled where. It's obvious Aizen has guarded his prize with a lot of men… It could even be a trap. Although, the boys can't see how Aizen would think Shiro would rush after Grimmjow if he's in trouble.

"Any news yet?" a deep voice sighs.

"No, his gang hasn't moved yet," a lighter, more feminine, tone replies. "I wonder if they've learned of his capture yet."

"Does Aizen seriously think they'll all surrender just because he threatens the life of their leader? I just can't see that happening."

"It's not about their allegiance, it's about their end. All he wants is Shiro, Gin, and possibly Stark. Everyone else is worthless and too rebellious to trust."

Ichigo and Shiro look at one another, quiet growls rumbling from their chests as they retreat. They can't allow the others to be captured or killed, they'll end this now. There are five warehouses they need to worry about, four circling the middle and Grimmjow locked away there. From what they've learned, there are about twenty men in each warehouse… thirty in the middle one.

"What's the plan?" Shiro wonders.

"… I'm thinking we split up," Ichigo remarks. "Do not confront them; we want a distraction while we save Grimm. The last thing we need is to alert them to our presence before we're ready. We'll fight them on our terms."

"So… how we gonna confront 'em witout fightin'?"

"I remember you had quite the taste for fire, Shiro," Ichigo smirks meanly. "I'm thinking we blow the place!"

"I love ya so much," Shiro cackles quietly.

Ichigo doesn't want to destroy the buildings completely yet, they're not positive Grimmjow is in the middle one. Those they eavesdropped on could've been mistaken or lying. The twins dig around in Ichigo's bag, the stash of explosives usually his last resort when battling… he prefers quick and quiet. The part, each holding a bag of explosives. They wire the support beams in strategic areas, when they're destroyed the buildings will partially drop into the water. Once they're ready, Ichigo and Shiro sneak onto the docks. They enter an empty warehouse, keeping to the darkness as they observe everything within their targeted area.

"I can see someone in the office of the fifth warehouse," Ichigo mumbles. "Who do you think it is? I took out all of Aizen's big players, there's really no one left he'd trust to deal with this."

"It's a end game," Shiro sighs. "He'll be here himself ta watch his victory."

"We'll just have to keep in mind he's here. Now… let the chaos ensue."

"Hell yeah!"

Ichigo pulls out the controller, pushing the first button and watching the docks light up with fire. There's a loud creak, people screaming as they rush from the building, and the place collapses. They're drawn toward the second building, Shiro happily pressing the button for that one. One by one, those present are forced from their cover and the warehouses fall into the waters. They can't relocate to the buildings further away, as they'll be too spread apart to defend the fifth warehouse.

"What's going on out here?" someone shouts.

"We're under attack! All the surrounding buildings have been destroyed. Shall we spread further out, or keep a tight defense around the fifth?"

"Spread out and locate our attackers! Don't let them reach us unless they're Shiro and Gin!"

The twins stifle their laughter, watching as the majority of the troops are sent out into the vast district. Ichigo and Shiro move backward, debating whether to deal with the stragglers or rescue Grimmjow. After a short discussion, they agree that releasing Grimmjow would be best. His rage will likely take care of this mess… depending on his state, of course. Besides, Nnoitra will be upset if they don't leave something for him.

The two separate, heading to the middle warehouse. They slip in through the windows on two opposing sides, Ichigo dropping down silently by the fuse box. He brings his knife handle down on a fuse, blowing the whole thing and grinning when the lights go out. Much to his dismay, there are backup lights that shine a sickly green around them. In the middle of the room, wrapped in thick chains and hanging by his wrists, is Grimmjow. His head is hanging, his body covered in drying blood, and Ichigo can feel his rage battling to burst forth.

"Aizen, I've sent the others out into the district," a man calls. "They'll track down our attackers. With any lucky, dispersing them like this will catch Grimmjow's gang off guard."

"Very well. Continue with your guard."

Ichigo slides the blowgun from his belt, taking aim at a man further from him. With one sharp exhale, a poison tipped dart strikes his neck. The orange head immediately ducks and scurries into a dark corner. The attention is pulled to the man gagging on the poison, so Shiro takes the opportunity to attack from the other end of the warehouse. He rushes forward as the lights flicker, sliding to knock the nearest man down. He grips their ankle, kicking hard beneath their chin and breaking their neck. The snowy haired twin flips onto his feet and vanishes in the dark again.

"Shiro's here!" someone screams. "That little bastard is quick!"

Ichigo darts along the wall, flinging two thin blades forward and dropping a couple more men. The knives struck right in their eye sockets. He leaps behind the crates again as the other's open fire, grinning manically at the challenge presented. Shiro dives into the fray at the back of the group. He slams into one enemy's side, knocking him off balance. His finger still on the trigger, three of his comrades are shot. Shiro smirks smugly at that, wrenching the shooter's neck for the kill. In response, Ichigo grasps his longer blades and rushes forward. A bullet grazes his shoulder, his mind easily taken over by his other personality in the face of Ichigo's fear of guns. Dancing within the small group, Ichigo slices limbs and throats. He kicks one man away, running forward and slamming his blade into their chest as he flips over them. Seven die at the tip of his blade.

"Stop him!" Aizen snarls. "I want him taken down alive!"

Fifteen men down out of thirty, the twins cackle in unison at the thought. Everyone stills, fear turning their blood to ice. Though there's an echo in the room, they know that didn't come from a single Shiro. Aizen gasps at the realization, backing into the office uncertainly. One Shiro he's prepared for, the one he knows doesn't use weapons or traps. Two might be far more complicated… especially since one seems to favor the blade.

"Split up!" he snaps. "There're two of them! I want them both, do you hear me?"

Now that their rouse has been unveiled, the twins have lost their upper hand for now. Ichigo is backed into a wall, five more surrounding him. Shiro is in a similar situation on the other side of the building. The remaining five men circle Grimmjow's body, guns at the ready in case they should need to take action. Ichigo catches the sound of a footstep on water, his amber eyes noting the damp puddle stretching out before him. A water cooler was burst during the shootout, its contents covering the cement floor, and now his pursuers are slowly stepping into it. His back touches the sparking fuse box, the orangette slicing the wire and holding it before him.

"Don't move," he states in a tone identical to his twin's. "One more step and you die!"

"What are you gonna do? There are five of us, and you only have one cord," one laughs. "By the time the first falls, the rest of us will have already captured you."

Arrogant and celebrating early triumph, the men step closer. Ichigo slams the sparking wire into the puddle they all stand in, watching as the electricity zaps along their limbs. They fall, their bodies smoking in the aftermath of the assault, and Ichigo disappears into the shadows again. Shiro isn't as lucky, he has not broken water cooler or electric wires… but that's how he likes it. Five men are nothing to the wily fighter. He dives toward them, sweeping the feet from three and breaking the kneecap of a fourth. He rises onto his hands, slamming a foot into the last man's throat as he comes down to stand. Ichigo watches as his brother pulls down his mask with a manic grin, his old self bursting to the surface as he tears into those attacking him. Blood spatters everywhere, the hot liquid painting the floor. Shiro rises from the mess of bodies and blood, crimson upon his face and his golden eyes wide with insanity he long forgot. He holds his hands in front of him, cackling in an unhinged glee.

Aizen is gone, setting Ichigo on edge as he heads for Grimmjow. He gives the nearest guy a roundhouse, his hands grasping the long blades so they run along his forearms. One of them glides through a throat, the other twisting about to stab just below another's chin and severe their spin. The only thing that stops Ichigo's rampage is the metal barrel at the back of his head, a click stilling his movements.

"Tell me," Aizen comments. "Why would you be stupid enough to show up with only Shiro to back you up? Do you have a death wish?"

"No!" Shiro yells from a distance.

He hurries forward, bloodlust in his eyes. He's confronted by the three remaining thugs, tearing them down one by one as he continues to move forward. Finally, all that's left alive are Ichigo, Shiro, Aizen, and Grimmjow.

"I would keep my distance if I were you," the brunette says coolly to Shiro. "I would hate to have to kill such an asset."

"Ya even try it an' I'll fuckin' tear ya 'part!"

"Shiro, calm down," Ichigo states without worry. "I'll be fine."

"Oh will you? And how can you be so sure?" Aizen sneers.

Ichigo turns quickly, the brunette pulling the trigger. Ichigo's finger blocks the hammer from making contact, his other hand knocking the barrel upwards as Aizen pulls the gun away from his grasp. It's in Ichigo's face now, the other watching with half lidded orbs. He doesn't make another move to impede Aizen's threat, so the brunette doesn't pull the trigger again.

"Who are you?" he snarls.

Shiro pulls off his hood, using it to wipe the blood from his face. Ichigo removes his as well, setting determined amber onto the threat before him. Aizen is visibly shocked to see the mild-mannered twin before him. He steps away, uncertainly, never moving the gun from between the other's eyes.

"Impossible," he murmurs. "How did you get here?"

"I murdered the gang that hurt me and Shiro," Ichigo waves off unimportantly. "I called the police on myself. If I hadn't, they never would've caught me."

"Is that so."

"Yep. I'm a thief by profession; they've never proven anything against me. I only get caught when I want to. That's no important right now, however. Right now, I should be telling you that it doesn't matter what you do right now," Ichigo smirks cockily.

"That's right," Shiro pipes up with a matching grin. "Ichi already got all the info he needed ta take ya down. He passed it on ta Byakuya, who'll take it ta the government officials. They'll look ta snuff ya out er lock ya up in a far more secure area. Yer freedom here just went down the fuckin' toilet thanks ta us."

Aizen growls in irritation, glaring at the bane of his existence. He didn't know who was killing off his most important men, didn't understand how they even knew who he kept closest to him, but now it's becoming clear. It started happening after he first captured Shiro in the fights… Yammy was killed, his precious gem was stolen, and a virus wiped out his computer. He didn't capture Shiro, he caught Ichigo. That explains why the other was speaking about their first meeting, why he kept insisting he wasn't Shiro. What had happened to the youth to twist him in such a manner?

"It's your fault, you know," Ichigo says quietly with a hint of venom. "If you had just left well enough alone, I never would've killed off your prized gang. I never would've ended up here, or murdered your men, or even passed on your plans for taking over the government with your criminal army. You should've left Shiro with me; you should've left us alone!"

"I apologize for you misfortune, but my plans are greater than the relationship of a couple petty twins," the brunette scoffs. "And now that I have Shiro with me, you'll be locked up just like this animal. If you don't do what I want, I'll punish your twin for your disobedience! I do hope you've become accustom to lying on your back, boy."

Ichigo scowls at the comment, raising an arm to block Shiro's advance. The copies stand beside one another, holding hands tightly to tell each other of their fear. Shiro notes that Ichigo isn't as afraid as himself, so the other must have some sort of plan. Just when he's about to make a break for it, dragging Ichigo behind him if need be, the vibrant twin speaks up.

"You'll have to kill me now," Ichigo remarks. "Because I can get out of any trap, rope, or chain. I can kill in a thousand different ways… you won't survive the first time you attempt to force me into sex. I can promise you that."

"An' I ain't doin' shit ya tell me ta!" Shiro growls out. "I'd rather die 'long side my baby twin!"

"… What a waste," the brunette sighs. "Oh well, at least I'll still be able to force Gin into my service. After all, he'll be so depressed about losing you… it'll be easy to guilt him into following me."

Shiro squeezes Ichigo's hand tighter, Aizen squeezing the trigger once more. It's pointed at the younger twin, the one that ruined everything the brunette has worked so hard for. The hammer comes down, the shot sounding… and the barrel blows up. Shiro's golden eyes are wide in shock, yet Ichigo is smirking smugly. He pulls a bobby pin from his hair, bending it before turning to the locks holding Grimmjow. As he picks the locks serenely, Aizen gathers his wits.

"What… what was that?" he gasps.

"I plugged up your gun barrel when you tried to shoot me the first time," Ichigo waves off. "When I pushed the barrel upward, you were so busy trying to get it away from me you didn't notice when I stuffed something inside it."

"Face it, man, yer not on his level," Shiro chuckles. "Nor are ya on mine. Ya like ta think ya are, but when we're tagether, ain't nothin' strong 'nough ta tear us 'part."

Grimmjow groans in pain when he's dropped from his bonds, Ichigo carefully holding him as they sink to the floor. In his rage, Aizen lashes out at Shiro with the destroyed weapon. The snowy haired twin yelps as he's struck upside the face. Before Ichigo can react, Aizen sends a blow his way as well. His vision blurs when he takes the strike to the side of the face, tears gathering in his eyes. One hand reaches for Shiro as the other shields his face from Aizen, the orangette uncertain exactly what to do next. Footsteps are rushing toward the warehouse, yet they're still out in the open. Their successful rescue is quickly going downhill thanks to their underestimation of Aizen's ire.

The doors are thrown open just as the brunette grabs orange locks. He yanks Ichigo's head upward, a free hand grabbing one of Ichigo's discarded blades. The youth closes his blurry eyes, smirking in a graceful defeat as the knife is drawn toward his throat. Killed with his own blade, how ironic. Before the metal slices through his delicate skin, however, a shot rings out and there's movement from Grimmjow. Aizen gasps in pain and shock, Ichigo quickly taking in what he can. A blade sticks from the man's eye, a thin strip of crimson drawn across his throat, and a bullet hole adorns his forehead.

"… What the hell?" Ichigo mumbles.

"Are you okay?" Grimmjow murmurs beside him.

There's a bloody knife in his hand, the other discarded one Ichigo used. The people entering the building aren't Aizen's men, but the backup Gin promised. The silver haired male is smiling widely, yet it's tight in his overly pissed mood. A matching blade to the one in Aizen's eye is in his other hand. Behind him is Stark, the brunette's gun smoking from the recent shot.

"Ya were only 'sposed ta scope the fuckin' place out!" Gin shouts in anger. "What the fuck were ya thinkin' goin' up 'gainst an army on yer own! Yer so not leavin' the fuckin' house fer a month!"

"… Not a fuckin' month?" Shiro sniggers from the floor.

Gin kicks his side in irritation, the other whining as he retreats to Ichigo's side. He wraps his younger half in his arms, resting his chin on Ichigo's shoulder with a grin. Grimmjow forces himself to sit up, Stark kneeling to help out as best he can.

"You two are in so much trouble," he growls out to hide the pain.

"It was a trap," Ichigo points out as his sight focuses. "They wanted your gang to show up, they wanted to capture Shiro and Gin. We took action. I know we said we'd only spy on them, but we couldn't let you guys walk into such a well-planned trap."

"We blew shit up!" Shiro chips happily. "Ya should a seen all of 'em runnin' 'bout like idiots!"

"A MONTH!" Gin shouts again.

He grabs the twins, Ichigo tossed over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and Shiro being dragged by the back of his collar. Stark carefully lifts Grimmjow, supporting his weight as they exit the warehouse. Smoke still clouds the sky after the explosions, incapacitated and dead bodies scattered about the docks. The rest of Grimmjow's gang is fighting those left over when they catch sight of their leader. All action stops at the sight of the freed man.

"Aizen is dead," Stark calls out. "If you wish to continue this pointless fight, we will be forced to put you down. I suggest you all help the wounded to the hospital and heal. What happens tomorrow remains to be seen, I would think Grimmjow would hold lingering hostility toward you all. It would be best if you rest up for his wrath."

Hesitation fills the air, yet the enemy quickly retreats to help those wounded. With the nullification of Aizen's plans, Grimmjow's gang heads to the nearest of their homes. That would be Ulquiorra's, the raven unlocking the door to his apartment and allowing access to the others. Szayel is already there, having been left behind to ready any area he needs for healing. Grimmjow is the first to be taken care of, though he protests vehemently when he notes Ichigo and Shiro are injured. Ilfort bandages Ichigo's graze, not deep enough for stitches, and the works on the boys' injured faces.

"Now what?" Grimmjow sighs.

"… I was sent here for something other than a crime," Ichigo murmurs sadly. "They'll probably want to remove me from the island."

There's silence as Grimmjow watches Ichigo carefully. It doesn't seem as though the youth wants to leave him. No one says anything for a long while, the gloom from Ichigo filling the room and touching them all. A cellphone starts buzzing, Ichigo looking about curiously before finding it in his bag. From the background on it, Yorouchi must've slipped it into his bag during their meeting.

"Hello?" Ichigo answers.

"Hey, baby!" Yorouchi says happily. "I've gotten your orders from my employers! You're a go for Aizen's assassination!"

"… Uh… that's great," the younger twin says nervously. "Shiro and I… sort of already dealt with him. He was trying to draw Grimmjow's group into a trap to gain custody of Gin and Shiro."

"Well… the man has ambition," she sighs. "I'll pass on the message. As for you and Shiro… Yamamoto is going through all the files of Aizen's cases. Eventually, you two will be allowed to return home. My employers would like to keep you on their payroll, though."

"That's fine, but I don't want to leave," Ichigo murmurs. "I like it here, I'm not held back by society's norms. I can be myself without fear of hurting another. Besides, I love Grimmjow. I love being with Shiro and Gin."

Yorouchi doesn't answer for a long time, eventually agreeing to allow Ichigo to stay for now. They'll go through loses first, gauge the threat of the island, and then see what the best course of action would be. Ichigo isn't worried, he'll stay on her employer's payroll yet he's happy with the family he has here. Even if they want to take him from here, they'll have to do so with him kicking and screaming. He tosses the phone back into his bag, lying back in Gin's embrace upon the couch they sit on. Shiro is already asleep on the silver haired man's other side. With a content smile, the orange head watches Grimmjow sleep on the couch across from them. This is where he belongs.

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