Crawling In My Skin

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The sunlight faded in through the loose fabric making a trail of white across the room directly on the red head's face. He stirred in his sleep from the invading light until finally he opened his chocolate eyes. He aggressively rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and stood up. Usually his father would have woken him up by now with a kick to the face, but occasionally the teen would wake up on his own. He preferred to start the day like this instead of starting out the day with a throbbing pain in his face.

He got out of his night clothes quickly. He easily slid the cotton shirt off his slim body and then tossing it to the side. By doing so exposed his six pack to the world. He put on a graphic t-shirt and slid into a pair of skinny jeans. Yawning he opened the door and headed down the stairs ready for breakfast. As he entered the kitchen he saw his two younger sisters, Yuzu and Karin, eating toast and fruit.

" Hi, Ichigo! Did you sleep well?" asked Yuzu being as perky as ever.

" Slept fine Yuzu. Where's dad?" he asked as he grabbed an apple.

" He left to get groceries."

Ichigo nodded. He bit into the juicy apple savoring its taste. He hadn't noticed until then that his throat had been dry, but as he swallowed the apple bits his throat was thoroughly lubricated [1]. As he finished the apple he ran outside hurrying over to Unahara's shop. Renji had called for him to be there. He didn't know why. Renji had only told him to meet him at Unahara's shop early the next morning.

He entered Unahara's shop only to run into the red head. He was dressed in his shinigami attire and his zanpakuto was ready. Renji blinked a few times before he realized Ichigo had run into him. His eyes narrowed as he looked up and down at the teen who was casually dressed.

" Ichigo, why are you dressed in that? We have work to do!" yelled Renji.

" Hey! Don't get mad at me! You didn't tell me we had work to do! I had no idea what you were planning!"

Renji was about to say something negative about Ichigo, but realized it wasn't the time for their brotherly bickering. Instead he handed Ichigo a soul candy and walked calmly outside. Ichigo took the pill and was immediately in his shinigami attire as well. He dragged his lifeless body over to where Renji's Gigai lay as well. Walking outside Ichigo got Zangetsu ready. Renji was waiting for the teen impatiently. When Ichigo came outside he explained their mission.

" We are to travel to Hueco Mundo and check the level of hollows. Yamamoto has grown suspicious of the growing number so, we are to go to Hueco Mundo and check the amount of hollows [2]."

Ichigo nodded as Renji prepared the air for the rip they were about to make. In order to get to Hueco Mundo you had to rip a hole in the universe since it was a whole different world [3]. Ichigo and Renji stepped through the small hole Renji had made. Renji closed up the hole and turned to face Hueco Mundo. It was basically a never-ending desert. Renji and Ichigo were immediately attacked by some low level hollows, but they quickly disposed of them.

After, running around Hueco Mundo for a few hours checking the number and level of the hollows they faced Ichigo became bored. They were so many low level hollows around that could easily be defeated plus the heat was tiring. Renji was calculating a few things in his head and didn't seem to notice the high level hollow approaching them. Ichigo's boredom was cured as he got excited to fight this hollow, but right as he was about to attack the hollow it ran right past Ichigo and Renji.

Renji still didn't seem to notice and continued his calculating. Ichigo on the other hand was tempted to follow the hollow out of boredom and curiosity. Silently sneaking away from Renji, Ichigo flash stepped towards the hollow. It continued to run, but not because of Ichigo. It ran for quite some time and Ichigo was slowly losing interest until above the sand dunes a castle appeared. Ichigo stopped dead in his tracks admiring the piece of architecture.

It was based on the three main towers. Two stood on either side of the main large one. It was made of bricks which clearly showed off their age. There were plenty of cracks along the castle and even places where the bricks were missing. There was a large wooden door in the center of the large third tower. It was covered in blood and other bodily fluids that Ichigo didn't want to think about.

The hollow ran right through the door and fled into the castle. Ichigo gulped and decided he would go into this castle. No one knew about this castle from the looks of it and it would be awesome to discover it. He flash stepped to the entrance and looked over the door again. Gathering up as much courage as he could he slowly opened the door. It made a small creaking noise as it swung open.

Inside the hallway was dimly lit with only a few torches here and there. Ichigo traveled along the long hallway thinking it would never end, but as these thoughts filled his head the hallway ended with another large wooden door. This one however was not covered in blood, but looked new. Again gathering up his courage he slowly opened the door.

Inside was a large room covered with red satin and golden decorations. However, where ever you looked they were bones and blood. In one corner a pile of guts lay. All of this together created an awful stench that Ichigo could barely stand. His eyes watered at the fumes.

In the middle of the room a large throne was seated. It was covered in the blood and guts as well, but even though it was covered in this its red satin and multi-colored jewels clearly shone through. Seating in the humongous throne was a gigantic hollow. He had a horse-like skull with a long nose and huge nostrils. Its eyes were a bright yellow and it had long hair that was white with black tips. The rest of its body resembled a skeleton except for the black combat boots it wore on its feet.

It, like the rest of the room, was covered in blood and guts. It was laughing hysterically and didn't notice Ichigo until it stopped. Its yellow eyes stared at Ichigo as if he could see Ichigo's soul. Ichigo began to sweat under its intense gaze. Then, a smirk appeared on its face and then it burst out laughing again. Ichigo felt mocked and his face turned red in anger.

" What is so damn funny?" yelled Ichigo.

The beast continued to laugh until it was reduced to small chuckles.

" The thing that is so funny is that I haven't seen a shinigami in my castle for at least 1,000 years. Most are too scared to enter so, I take it you are very brave or mentally retarded." Said the beast before laughing again.

Ichigo's face turned a bright red from anger. Before he could lash out though the beast seized its laughing and stared at Ichigo very seriously.

" I hope you know what you are in for. I am the Hollow King and I do not tolerate shinigami entering my castle so, what form of torture would you prefer?" the Hollow King asked in a deep and threatening voice.

[1] Yeah I can see you all giggling, but really this was a test. If you laughed you are immature. If you didn't and thought I have a good vocabulary you are very mature and most likely British. ;)

[2] This is a fanfic so, I can make up any mission I want. =p

[3] I haven't gotten to the part where they travel to Hueco Mundo so, I don't really know the specific requirements to get to Hueco Mundo so yeah. XD

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